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The DrugScope conference 2014
DrugScope conference 2014

Access all areas: equality and diversity in drug and alcohol treatment- new challenges for services?
Wednesday 12th November 2014. NCVO HQ 8 All Saints St, London N1 9RL. Book now.


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Alcohol Concern’s Annual Conference: ‘Facing our alcohol problem - taking back our health and high streets’ is being held during Alcohol Awareness Week in London on 19 November. We have a packed agenda covering all the major issues of interest in the alcohol field today and a fantastic line up of speakers. Book here.



Young and homeless conference

19 November 2014 | London 

This conference will look at how to prevent youth homelessness alongside approaches to housing, health and employment support that can really make a difference


No return to the streets conference

11 December 2014 | London 

Homeless Link is hosting this national conference that will explore new responses to reducing rough sleeping and supporting move on, alongside innovative practice in a residential setting




Addaction Conference

4th National Recovery Conference

Glasgow, 10-11th November


"An unmissable opportunity to explore better ways to support people through recovery"




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UK news

Policy paper: New psychoactive substances review: report of the expert panel

This report (PDF) looks into the effectiveness and issues of the UK’s current legislative and operational response to NPS and the ongoing challenges | Home Office and The Rt Hon Norman Baker MP, UK

Policy paper: New psychoactive substances in England: a review of the evidence

Home Office evidence review (2014) on new psychoactive substances in England, which informed the new psychoactive substances review by an expert panel | Home Office and The Rt Hon Norman Baker MP, UK

Policy paper: Response to expert panel report on the new psychoactive substances review

Government's response to the recommendations and advice made by the expert panel reviewing the UK’s response to new psychoactive substances | Home Office and The Rt Hon Norman Baker MP, UK

Written statement to Parliament: Drugs policy

This written ministerial statement was laid on 30 October 2014 in the House of Commons by Norman Baker and in the House of Lords by Lords Bates of Banbaurgh | Home Office and The Rt Hon Norman Baker MP, UK

Policy paper: Drugs: international comparators

Report on the 2013 to 2014 international comparators study of approaches to drug-related issues by the UK and other countries. This is a supporting document to the 2010 drug strategy | Home Office and The Rt Hon Norman Baker MP, UK

Statistics - national statistics: Seizures of drugs in England and Wales, financial year ending 2014

This statistical release presents figures for drug seizures made in 2013/14 in England and Wales by the police (including the British Transport Police) and Border Force. The data relate to all drugs controlled under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 (MDA), which divides drugs into 3 categories – classes A, B and C | Home Office, UK

Substance misuse statistics

These reports include statistics from the Welsh National Database for Substance Misuse and additional substance misuse related information available from routinely published sources in Wales | Welsh Government, UK

Cocaine and ketamine seizures rise, official figures show

New data suggests developing patterns in drug use as cocaine seizures reach 3.4 tonnes in 2013-14 and amount of ketamine confiscated leaps by 45 per cent | Telegraph, UK

Guidance on restricting the supply of nitrous oxide for recreational use

Provides information on nitrous oxide, also known as ‘laughing gas’, and suggests some enforcement options for restricting its sale for recreational use | Home Office and The Rt Hon Norman Baker MP, UK

Drugs policy: End 'robotic rhetoric' says minister

The "genie is out of the bottle" on drugs policy, MPs were told as they backed calls for a review of 40-year-old laws. | BBC, UK

[ Also from the BBC on this story:

No link between tough penalties and drug use - report

Minister wants drug abuse to be treated as health issue

UK drugs policy: What you need to know

Decriminalising drugs 'halved Portugal's heroin problem'

The Netherlands - where people openly smoke marijuana

Mother warns over legal highs after son's death

Drug laws: The government can't hide from the evidence

Drugs a 'huge issue for government', charity says]


Row erupts in government over UK’s drug control policy

Commenting on the NPS review, Harry Shapiro, Director of Communications and Information, at DrugScope, said: “While interest in this review has focused on the potential legislative options, it is imperative that the broad range of recommendations made by the expert panel are taken forward, ensuring people know about the risks of these substances and can access appropriate help and support if they experience harm or develop problems.” | OnMedica, UK

Government’s drug laws survey was suppressed, Lib Dem minister says

Norman Baker says Tory colleagues did not like evidence in survey concluding that tough drug law enforcement did not lead to lower drug use | Guardian, UK

Drug laws around the world - does anyone get it right?

As a split emerges in the Government over Britain's future drug policy we look at the different approaches to drug control taken around the world | Telegraph, UK

UK smart drug survey reveals student use is not as prevalent as claimed

In the first comprehensive survey of UK student use of smart drugs - those drugs thought to enhance cognitive function and performance - researchers at King’s College London and the London School of Economics (LSE) have revealed that despite anecdotal reports of high usage in UK universities, a majority of students surveyed were not aware of them or were uninterested in their use | Health Canal, UK

‘Urgent action’ needed to halt alcohol abuse in armed forces

Between 6 and 7 per cent of troops who have seen combat suffer from PTSD | Independent, UK

Alcohol calorie content: Labels needed, says RSPH

Alcohol should have a calorie content label in order to reduce obesity, according to public health doctors | BBC, UK


International news

Fighting America’s heroin epidemic

Channel 4 News went to Vermont, to find out what it’s like living in a small-town state, fighting a big addiction problem | Channel 4, UK

India's Kerala High Court upholds alcohol ban

The Kerala High Court has upheld the state government's decision to ban the sale and consumption of alcohol to tackle the state's drink problem | BBC, UK

Afghan authorities destroy 20 tonnes of drugs – video

Authorities in Afghanistan have seized and destroyed more than 20 tonnes of drugs in the capital city, Kabul. The confiscated items included raw opium, hashish and chemicals to convert opium into heroin. The drugs were covered in petrol before being burnt. The country is known for being the world's biggest supplier of opium, providing about 90% of the global output | Guardian, UK

Alcohol problems 'often missed' in elderly

Alcohol problems often go unrecognised in older people, a leading GP has warned | Irish Health, Ireland

Plain packaging will hit tobacco brands - Moodys

Tobacco profit growth in Europe will be more subdued than predicted as smokers switch to cheaper brands and tighter regulations turn people away from lighting up, according to Moody's Investors Service | Irish Independent, Ireland



Blogs, comment and opinion

The mind-bending politics of drugs

Perhaps the only thing more mind-bending than drugs is the politics of drugs | Conservative Home, UK

Martha Fernback’s tragic experience proves the need for drug reform

Let’s be honest about the damage caused by drug laws that fail to protect and can proliferate criminality | Guardian CIF, UK

The Sun and the Guardian agree on need for a change in drugs policy

Oh yes they do - and the Independent agrees too | Guardian Blog, UK

Nick Clegg: We should to go to war on drugs, not on addicts

It is clear we are not winning | Independent, UK

Prohibition is not working: the case for sanity in the war on drugs

Over $100bn a year is spent worldwide fighting the war on drugs. For what end? | New Statesman, UK

Should you worry about marijuana edibles in your kid's Halloween treats?

Law enforcement is warning parents about the dangers of cannabis-infused sweets. But it might just be a lot of huffing and puffing | Guardian CIF, UK

What about a regulated market for psychoactive substances?

Over the last couple of weeks, much has been written about Spice, a synthetic herbal-based substance that has reportedly resulted in a number of Russian deaths | VICE, USA