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The DrugScope conference 2014
DrugScope conference 2014

Access all areas: equality and diversity in drug and alcohol treatment- new challenges for services?
Wednesday 12th November 2014. NCVO HQ 8 All Saints St, London N1 9RL. Book now.


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Alcohol Concern’s Annual Conference: ‘Facing our alcohol problem - taking back our health and high streets’ is being held during Alcohol Awareness Week in London on 19 November. We have a packed agenda covering all the major issues of interest in the alcohol field today and a fantastic line up of speakers. Book here.




Addaction Conference

4th National Recovery Conference

Glasgow, 10-11th November


"An unmissable opportunity to explore better ways to support people through recovery"




 Sheffield Alcohol Support Service


4th national Recovery in the Community Conference

bringing together everyone involved, interested and inspired by addiction recovery, 7th October, Sheffield





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SMMGP conference

SMMGP 9th National Primary Care Development Conference
Date: Thu 23 Oct 2014




1st October 2014

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UK news

Average Briton spends £50,000 on alcohol over course of lifetime

Drinkers in London spend sizably more than in other parts of the country | Independent, UK

We spend more on drugs and prostitutes than alcohol and tobacco

First official figures show an enormous amount is spent on illegal activities | Telegraph, UK

Painkillers: the opiates of the masses?

The increasing use of powerful opioid drugs to manage chronic pain is leading to addiction and long-term harm. Should we keep taking the tablets? | Telegraph, UK

Minimum unit price '50 times more effective' than alcohol floor price

Introducing minimum pricing for alcohol would be up to 50 times more effective than current government policy, according to health researchers | BBC, UK

Alcohol Consumption, life course transitions and health in later life (PDF)

A new report explores influences on older adult's drinking as an area of increasing significance within an ageing population. Researchers from Keele University and University College London looked at evidence to help improve understanding of drinking in later life and to inform possible interventions and guidelines | Keele University & UCL, UK

See also Alcohol and older people: report explores life factors and health influences | Alcohol Policy UK, UK

Alcohol-related mental health problems are a huge issue for older people

Tony Rao, a community psychiatrist, spends his days managing vulnerable older people who may be at risk of self-harm | Guardian, UK

Stoptober and Sober October: what are they and how do I sign up?

As we enter an October of abstinence, what are the latest campaigns all about - and how do we sign up? | Telegraph, UK

For psychosocial therapists, being moderately good seems best

Latest instalment of the on-line course explores evidence that being *exceptionally* good at implementing a counselling programme or *exceptionally* good at making clients feel positive about you does not mean your patients do best. Why does being *moderately* good seem most effective? | Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK

Essex police apologise for failing to investigate drug-related death

Graham Philpott, whose son Trevor died in 2011, took action under Human Rights Act and received out-of-court settlement | Guardian, UK

Breaking Bad murder plot: Daughter saw herself as 'Mexican drug warlord'

A woman who allegedly tried to poison her mother said she imagined herself as a character in a version of Breaking Bad as she researched deadly drugs | Telegraph, UK


International news

Energy drinks ‘iron blow’ to teen girls

Rising levels of iron deficiency among teenage girls could be linked to an increase in the amount of energy drinks they consume, it has been claimed | Irish Examiner, Ireland

Inside Stockholm's new 'no alcohol' nightclub

Around 900 people packed into Stockholm's Södra Theatre on Friday night to experience Sweden's controversial new alcohol-free night club. The Local's Maddy Savage joined the party | Local, Sweden


Blogs, comment and opinion

FactCheck: how many benefits claimants are addicts?

Iain Duncan Smith announced this week that benefits claimants will get their money loaded onto pre-paid cards so they aren’t tempted to squander the cash on drugs, alcohol and gambling | Chanel 4 Blog, UK

Cytisine and varenicline for smoking cessation

Globally, tobacco smoking is one of the leading causes of preventable death. Nearly one-fifth of adults in the UK regularly smoke cigarettes. Although this number is on the decline, costs of smoking to the NHS are upwards of £3 billion every year | Mental Elf Blog, UK

Big Tobacco is cool with scary e-cigarette warnings because no one reads them anyway

In a drastic, and decidedly uncharacteristic move, tobacco companies are independently slapping stark warnings onto e-cigarette packages.The labels, which are similar to the kind big tobacco companies have historically battled to keep from off traditional cigarette packs, are also often far more foreboding | Washington Post Blog, USA

The war on drugs

It’s common for legislators to use the word “war” to define some kind of legislative initiative. President Lyndon B. Johnson declared a “War on Poverty” in 1964, for example, while President George W. Bush declared a “War on Terror” in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks |, USA