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The 2015 New Directions in the Study of Alcohol Group annual conference takes place in London on 21 & 22nd May



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UK news

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Statistics - national statistics: Police powers and procedures England and Wales year ending 31 March 2014

Including statistics on Stop and Search | Home Office, UK

Alcohol and other drug use: the roles and capabilities of social workers (PDF)

The aim of this document is to set out the roles and capabilities of social workers in relation to substance use. The document is not a guide to substances and their effects, nor does it provide detailed information on how to identify, assess and respond to substance use. What it does is set out the roles of social workers, the capabilities required for fulfilling those roles, and cross references these roles and capabilities to the Professional Capabilities Framework | Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

Why are so many people using laughing gas?

Liverpool footballer Raheem Sterling found himself on the front pages of the tabloids this week after he was pictured inhaling what seems to be nitrous oxide, otherwise known as laughing gas | Telegraph, UK

E-cigarettes are popular with teenagers - but few of those who try them become regular users

Two surveys apparently allay fears that they are acting as a gateway to traditional smoking, although researchers believe it is 'something that needs monitoring' | Independent, UK

One woman's journey from convicted drug dealer to entrepreneur

Tracy Mackness tells Sharon Wright how she turned her life around, and why she is helping other young people do the same | Guardian, UK

Election goes to pot as party political broadcast calls for drug law reform

This is the UK's first-ever party political broadcast focusing solely on drugs law reform. The four-and-a-half minute film made by the Cannabis is Safer Than Alcohol party airs on Thursday on UTV. It focuses on the medicinal qualities of cannabis, which patients say prevents seizures, relieves nausea and eases pain | Guardian, UK

Podcasts from Durham seminar now available

Please click here for the podcasts from our Durham seminar: ‘New Drugs: Drug Markets in Transition’, held on 26th March at Van Mildert College, Durham University | New Drug Seminars, UK

Sentencing reform for drug trafficking in England and Wales

Internationally, laws and sentencing practices tend to treat drug supply offences very harshly, often with the stated aim of deterrence. International drug trafficking is subject to the longest penalties, from 8-30 years, and up to the death penalty | IDPC, UK

Recovery café takes community award

Addaction Scotland’s Early Years  Manager, Christine McCauley, and her colleagues at East Dunbartonshire Recovery Café were celebrating when they were named winners of the engagement category in their local Strengthening Communities awards | Addaction, UK

Skunk cannabis investigation: Woman arrested in Birmingham

A 24-year-old woman arrested in England as part of an ongoing international investigation into the supply of 'skunk' cannabis has been brought to Belfast for questioning | BBC, UK

Ipswich 'Superman' drugs deaths: Two men will not face charges

Two men, arrested as part of an inquiry into "Superman" drugs deaths in Suffolk, will not face court action | BBC, UK



International news

Powdered alcohol could be banned in US states before it hits shelves

Federal government approved Palcohol in March | Independent, UK

Indonesia bans alcohol sales in small shops

A new law banning the sale of alcohol in small shops has come into force in Indonesia | BBC, UK

Marijuana advocate Snoop Dogg 'invests' in weed app Eaze

Iconic gangster rapper Snoop Dogg is reportedly profiting off his passion for marijuana by investing in medicinal weed app, Eaze | IBTimes, UK

Medical marijuana has been legalised in Georgia

Georgia’s governor signs bill legalising marijuana oil, but it is not known how patients will obtain drug | Independent, UK

Arrests for amphetamine use on the rise in NSW, crime statistics show

In the past year, number of arrests for possession have increased by 36.3% and arrests for dealing by 27.6% | Guardian, UK

Fiann Fáil to launch drugs plan today

The party said the Government has been responsible for drastic cuts to drugs taskforces, as well as the Garda Drugs Unit | Irish Examiner, Ireland

Opioid Relapse Rates Decline In Extended-Release Naltrexone Study

Without effective relapse prevention treatments, opioid-dependent inmates are more likely to slip back into bad habits after being released from jail | Forbes, USA

Penn Medicine pain management study reveals patient confusion about opioid addiction

Findings illustrate need for improved communication of opioid risks and pain management in emergency departments | MNT, USA

Smoking methamphetamine creating more addicts with severe health problems

Smoking the drug ice or crystal methamphetamine, rather than snorting or injecting, is becoming increasingly popular and the intense high is creating more addicts with severe health problems, a national science media briefing has heard |, Australia

Opposition calls for co-ordinated government response to ice

ACT Opposition Leader Jeremy Hanson has called on Chief Minister Andrew Barr to deliver a whole-of-government response to the scourge of the drug "ice" | Age, Australia



Blogs, comment and opinion

Comprehensive approach to improving schools-based alcohol and drug education needed, says Mentor

In this guest post Jamila Boughelaf, Project Manager at Mentor, looks at the current position of drug and alcohol education in schools and what Mentor are doing to improve standards | Alcohol Policy UK, UK

It's Not Only Value for Money But Also Social Value That Counts With Public Services

Election campaigning has begun in earnest and so has the political point scoring. And the most contentious issue for debate is as always how this country runs its public services. Labour insists we roll back from a privatisation agenda especially on the NHS | Huffington Post Blog, UK

Primary pupils more likely to try e-cigarettes – but no evidence it’s a gateway to smoking

The tobacco industry kills about 5m smokers a year, plus another 600,000 non-smokers. With the health risks involved, it’s perhaps unsurprising that e-cigarettes that release nicotine in vapour form are increasingly being promoted as an alternative | Conversation, UK

What is Codependency?

The precise history of the term “codependency” is unknown, but it is first thought to have been used in the late 1970s at treatment centres in Minnesota, the birthplace of the Twelve Steps model of addiction treatment | Castle Craig Blog, UK

My friend Beauty almost turned her life around. Now she's in Rikers – and lost in a hopelessly broken system

Beauty returned home to Oklahoma in December to seek refuge from the streets of the Bronx. A month later she was forcibly brought back, and today she remains trapped in an inflexible and overwhelmed legal system | Guardian, UK

Starving you back to work: Why Tory policy of cutting benefits if you refuse treatment is vile

The Tory manifesto it out. Like many others I was immediately drawn to page 28, where David Cameron explains how he will ‘help you back into work if you have a long-term yet treatable condition‘. But their spellchecker must be on the blink because they obviously don’t mean ‘help’, they mean ‘threaten’ | Psychiatry SHO Blog, UK

Protection or Harm? Suppressing Substance-Use Data

What if it were impossible to closely study a disease affecting 1 in 11 Americans over 11 years of age — a disease that's associated with more than 60,000 deaths in the United States each year | NEJM, USA

On Marijuana, Obama, Christie, and a Nor Cal Judge All Agree: Legalization Is a bad idea

With presidential campaign politics upon us, it's hard to find areas of agreement among key leaders | Huffington Post Blog, USA

Needle and syringe program opportunity lost for the ACT

Concerns have been expressed with this month's Deed of Agreement between the Community and Public Sector Union and ACT government which sets out the process for engaging with staff at the Alexander Maconochie Centre in developing a needle and syringe program | Age Comment, Australia

Opioids may not be the most harmful pain drugs after all…

We have seen plenty of media reporting of the harm done by “overprescribing” of opioid drugs for chronic pain... but perhaps this hype is misleading. A new paper from a Melbourne research group suggests we may be looking in the wrong spot for the worst harms | Conversation, Australia