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NNEF Meeting – 5th December 

The National Needle Exchange Forum (NNEF) 2014 All Day Meeting will be held in High Wycombe. It is free to attend, and is targeted at needle exchange workers, people who use drugs and advocates across the country.




No return to the streets conference

11 December 2014 | London 

Homeless Link is hosting this national conference that will explore new responses to reducing rough sleeping and supporting move on, alongside innovative practice in a residential setting



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26th November 2014

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UK news

Statistical bulletin: Adult Smoking Habits in Great Britain, 2013

The proportion of the GB adult population who smoke cigarettes has fallen by more than a half in the last 40 years, from 46% in 1974 to 19% in 2013. Not only have fewer people taken up smoking, but more of those who did smoke have quit | ONS, UK

E-cigarette 'lure' fears might be unfounded

The concern electronic cigarettes are a gateway to smoking might be unfounded, the first official UK figures suggest | BBC, UK

Voices from the Frontline launches in Westminster - Storify

Voices from the Frontline, a new project led by @meamcoalition, is involving people with multiple needs and those who support them in policymaking. On Monday 24 November, we invited participants in the project for afternoon tea to share their experiences. Here's how it went... | Sam Thomas, UK

Scottish Schools Adolescent Lifestyle and Substance Use Survey (SALSUS)

The Scottish Schools Adolescent Lifestyle and Substance Use Survey (SALSUS) is part of an important and long established series of national surveys on smoking, drinking and drug use. The survey is conducted on a biennial basis, targeting secondary school pupils in local authority and independent schools | ISD Scotland, UK

Drop in alcohol use among young

The number of young people smoking, drinking alcohol and using drugs are at the lowest levels ever recorded, according to new figures | Herald, UK

Scottish alcohol treatment system has three times the capacity of the English

Evidence that in 2012 Scotland’s treatment caseload equated to 1 in 4 of the country’s alcohol-dependent adults, over three times the 1 in 14 ratio in England, partly reflecting extra funding accompanying the 2009 national alcohol strategy | Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK

Recorded Crime in Scotland, 2013-14

This bulletin presents statistics on crimes and offences recorded and cleared up by the police in Scotland in 2013-14. Statistics on crimes and offences recorded by the police provide a measure of the volume of crime with which the police are faced | Scottish Government, UK

Most Police Scotland stop-and-searches unsuccessful

The majority of stop-and-searches conducted by Police Scotland failed to recover any illegal items, according to data obtained by BBC Scotland | BBC, UK

Pubs 'no longer all about alcohol', says All Bar One-owner

Mitchells & Butlers, the UK's biggest managed pubs and restaurants group, says soft drinks now outsell alcohol at some of its brands | Telegraph, UK

London: LGBT club drug clinic gets new contract

A London drug clinic, which runs an LGBT support service, has been awarded a new funding contract | Pink News, UK

One man's journey from respectability to 'cocaine king'

When Martin Evans pulled up on his Harley Davidson outside a local pub in Pontarddulais brandishing a box of chocolates for his mother, drinkers were stunned | BBC, UK

Torfaen drugs gang leader Ashley Beaumont jailed 10 years

The leader of a drugs gang who used a sports supplements shop as cover for a criminal enterprise which turned over £84,000 a month has been jailed for more than 10 years | BBC, UK

What the future? Drugs. BBC Radio iPlayer

Britain, in a desperate attempt to look fashionable, legalises marijuana. Soon her majesty the Queen lights up the first ceremonial joint on the balcony of Buckingham Palace | BBC Radio, UK



International news

Smoke ban for cars with child passengers

It will shortly be illegal for adults in Ireland to smoke in cars where children are passengers, with fines of around €80 to be imposed for breaking the law | Independent, Ireland

Alcohol must be 'top public health priority'

Raising awareness and developing a common evidence base are crucial to reducing alcohol-related harm, write Gauden Galea and Lars Møller | Parliament Magazine, Belgium

Drugnet Europe 88

In this issue: Lisbon Addictions 2015: call for abstracts | Best practice: from guidelines to quality standards | Financing drug policy in Europe in the wake of the economic recession | Preventing opioid deaths — legal issues around the provision of naloxone | New EMCDDA products and services | EMCDDA, Portugal

A Day In The Life Of D.C.'s Needle Exchangers

On a frigid November morning, Maurice Abbey-Bey is at the HIPS office in Northeast D.C. filling up paper bags of supplies. He loads up syringes, needles, tourniquets, bandages and cookers, which are used to cook heroin in. Folks who do harm reduction work like this are trying to get IV drug users to stop using dirty spoons and use the cookers instead | WAMU, USA

Prescription painkiller Oxycodone blamed for more than 600 Australian deaths

New Monash University research reveals the number of deaths involving Oxycodone increased sevenfold between 2001 and 2011 | Australian, Australia

New offence to see more jail for drug dealers supplying narcotics that kill customers

Drug dealers who sell a ­narcotic that kills their customer will face more jail time under a tough new offence to be introduced into State Parliament on Wednesday | Australian, Australia

Nine out of 10 problem drinkers aren't alcoholics, study says

You might think that people who throw back five or more drinks in a single outing or who down 15 or more drinks in a week are likely to be alcoholics. But a new study finds that the overwhelming majority of them are not | Age, Australia



Blogs, comment and opinion

Why the UK’s drug strategy should remain a Home Office responsibility

Handing the reins to the Department of Health might seem a liberal-minded approach, but it could mean less is spent on treatment | Guardian, UK

Voices from the frontline – survivors of complex services

You think you’ve heard it all, and then you hear this: “I was homeless when I went into hospital. They discharged me onto the streets one winter evening in my wheelchair. I was readmitted three days later with hypothermia.” | Shared Lives Blog, UK

Smoking, drinking and eating: public health should not be all about the individual

Diseases linked to smoking tobacco, a lack of exercise, drinking alcohol and eating unhealthily are on the rise, even though we have more information than ever before on the risks involved. All indications are that these so-called “lifestyle” diseases are defeating efforts to persuade people to make the right choices; maybe it’s time for a different approach | Conversation, UK

Letters: Boris should take a leaf out of Amsterdam's book

Learning from Amsterdam's drugs policies; living beyond our means; sexism in the police force; and getting fed up of EU rules and regulations | Telegraph, UK

The Tories need to win over young people who are 'relaxed about drugs, sex and alcohol', says Damian Green

'Those who think that Russell Brand speaks for a generation should ask them their views', says the former Home Office minister | Telegraph, UK

'Ground Zero': Tracking Heroin From Colombia to America's Streets

Colombian police and officials from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, along with a crew from NBC News that they had invited along, climbed out of the helicopter and made their way down a rough, muddy trail, huffing and puffing in thin air | NBC News, USA

Providing Drug Treatment Under Threat of a Felony Charge

Proposition 47, which California voters passed by a large margin last month, converts simple drug possession from a felony to a misdemeanor. Opponents of the law maintain that the threat of a felony and the prison time that goes with it are necessary to pressure drug offenders seek addiction treatment |, USA

Has LSD matured? The return of paychedelic R&D

In February 2014, Scientific American surprised readers with an editorial that called for an end to the ban on psychedelic drug research and criticized drug regulators for limiting access to such psychedelic drugs as LSD (Lysergic acid-diethylamide), ecstasy (MDMA), and psilocybin | Points: The blog of the alcohol and drugs history society, USA

Ten of the Weirdest Drug Laws in America

Drunken horse riding, tripping surfers and people who inhale bus fumes for pleasure: The makers of America's drug laws really did try to cover all eventualities |, USA