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18th December 2014

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UK news

Sex, Drugs & Toilet Rolls - video

Katy MacLeod talking about novel psychoactive substances at HIT Hot Topics 2014 | Jon Derricott, UK

The dangerous chemicals contained in legal highs that are available at pocket-money prices

It's a well-used statement from drugs charities, that Legal Highs are available too easily and too cheaply | ITV, UK

KanaVape cannabis e-cigarette to go on sale in the UK

KanaVape's inventors say it is legal because it does not contain THC | Independent, UK

Online drug treatment course now complete

Dip in to the weekly ‘bites’ commentaries which led students through the seminal and key studies, reviews, and guidance in each of the 25 cells of a matrix mapping the world of treatment research, prompting them to use the research to reflect on issues reaching to the heart of treatment | Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK

Smoking in cars carrying children set to become illegal in England next year

Subject to vote by MPs and peers, ban will criminalise smoking by parents, carers or other adults in a car with under-18s | Guardian, UK

Car smoke ban 'to start in October'

Smoking in cars with children will be banned in England, under new laws put forward by the government | BBC, UK

Smoking car 'almost as harmful as smoking indoors'

Smoking in cars with children will be banned in England, under new laws put forward by the government | BBC, UK

E-cigarettes - a burning issue for the NHS

The move from tobacco to quitting can be helped by e-cigarettes according to a new scientific review | ITV, UK

Global naloxone accessibility survey

Thousands of people die unnecessarily from opioid overdose every year. From this survey IDHDP hopes to understand more about where the life saving drug naloxone is and isn’t available as well as its level of accessibility | IDHP, UK

Millisle drugs find: Man arrested after £400,000 of cannabis is seized

A 57-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the discovery of cannabis plants worth an estimated £400,000 in Millisle, County Down | BBC, UK

Guernsey postal drug importer sent to prison

A man has been sentenced to two and half years in prison by Guernsey's Royal Court after admitting importing drugs by post | BBC, UK


International news

A photo report on Swiss drug policy: Health, safety, public, order

Switzerland’s 4 pillars drug strategy (treatment, harm reduction, prevention and law enforcement) has reduced drug-related crime, increased stability, eliminated open drug scenes, resulted in less young initiations into heroin use, improved quality of life and general health of drug users | IDPC, UK

Michigan mother charged with child abuse after giving sons marijuana

Woman claims her 10-year-old son suffers from emotional issues and her 12-year-old from ADHD but neither are qualifying conditions under state guidelines | Guardian, UK

Obama commutes prison sentences of eight drug convicts under new policy

First reductions of harsh punishments imposed under outdated guidelines | Guardian, UK

'12 Pubs' is just an excuse for another alcoholic binge

It's that time of year again when our pubs are jammed full of gurning office workers wearing garish woolly jumpers, downing pints and shots of vile liquors by the bucket-load, all in the name of seasonal good cheer | Independent, Ireland

Legal move to provide heroin use sites

A leading addiction service has sought the expertise of the Bar Council to draft proposed laws which would allow addicts to legally inject heroin in a medical setting | Irish Examiner, Ireland

Congress quietly ends federal government's ban on medical marijuana

Tucked deep inside the 1,603-page federal spending measure is a provision that effectively ends the federal government's prohibition on medical marijuana and signals a major shift in drug policy | LA Times, USA


Blogs, comment and opinion

StreetLink is two years old this month

Post by Paul Anders, DrugScope Senior Policy Officer. Prior to joining DrugScope in 2012, much of my working life had been spent in homelessness services of one sort or another | DrugScope, UK

Is Alcohol Abuse part of Being British?

The UK has the reputation of a country with an alcohol problem. Widespread violence after weekend alcohol abuse binges have become a stereotype of British society. A recent British Council survey showed that 27 per cent of people abroad think that British people “drink too much alcohol”. But is this just a myth? | Castle Craig Blog, UK

First lesson for new inquiry into ice: we've lost the war on drugs

The appointment of prohibitionist Kay Hull to lead an inquiry into ice use in Australia is another example of the Abbott government’s ham fisted approach to policy | Guardian, UK

Plain cigarette packaging: is the government stalling as election approaches?

We are still waiting to hear whether the UK government will rule in that all tobacco products should be placed in standardised packaging. | Conversation, UK

Electronic cigarettes and health: Vapour trail

The latest investigation of vaping suggests it can help you quit smoking | Economist, UK

Are You Outraged by the Drug War Yet?

This holiday season, a time when I am normally filled with thoughts of light and hope, I find myself reflecting on the horrors of our failed war on drugs. I'm thinking about all the families torn apart by the drug war -- all the families who won't be spending time together this holiday season | Huffington Post Blog, USA

Cocaine and sudden death

Although many times we played on our blog the theme of cocaine, we focused more on psychiatric and consumer aspects rather than on their cardiovascular lesions, which can even lead to sudden death | Amplia-Mente, Spain