The DrugScope conference 2014
DrugScope conference 2014

Access all areas: equality and diversity in drug and alcohol treatment- new challenges for services?
Tuesday 12th November 2014. NCVO HQ 8 All Saints St, London N1 9RL. Book now.


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NHS Highland National Harm Reduction Conference


NHS Highland National Harm Reduction Conference:


23rd September 2014, Macdonald Aviemore resort






The 5th International Conference of the European Society for Prevention Research (EUSPR), Palma de Mallorca, Majorca on 16-18 October 2014, “Is an ounce of prevention still worth a pound of cure? The economics and value of prevention”




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UKRF events


Creating narratives for the Recovery Movement:
the Good, the True & the Beautiful

9.00-Late Friday 26th September 2014
The Athena Centre, Queen Street, Leicester LE1 1QD


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SMMGP conference


SMMGP 9th National Primary Care Development Conference:
"Treating Alcohol and Drug Problems in Primary Care - You know it makes sense"

23 Oct 2014
McDonald Burlington Hotel, Birmingham





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Join Scottish Families for CRAFT Masterclass: 22 Sept 2014, Edinburgh
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28th July 2014

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Official data confirms LGB drug use much higher than heterosexuals

Yesterday the Home Office released the latest official figures on drug use in England & Wales. For the first time in five years they have been analysed by sexual orientation, giving us a rare comparison at how use differs for lesbian, gay and bisexual people | London Friend, UK

Research and analysis: Impact assessment opinion: Standardised packaging of tobacco products

Evaluation of the Department of Health impact assessment for Standardised packaging of tobacco products | Regulatory Policy Committee, UK

Drinking sensibly, never doing drugs – is this the age of the young puritan?

With government figures suggesting that alcohol abuse and drug-taking among the young has fallen dramatically, we ask two young people whether a cultural revolution has taken place | Observer, UK

Vaping is ever more popular, but is it a smoking cure or a new hazard?

As the latest figures show that young people are turning away from cigarettes, vaping cafes may be part of the reason why | Guardian, UK

Big fall in alcohol-related A&E visits by children

But numbers of adults in hospital after excess drinking are on the rise | Guardian, UK

Peer pressure to take drugs has followed me into adulthood

Teens and schoolchildren are taking fewer drugs than ever before, but usage is on the rise amongst 20-somethings. Radhika Sanghani, 24, explains why she's experiencing a second unwelcome wave of peer pressure | Telegraph. UK

Alcohol abuse in pregnancy could become a crime, legal papers claim

Advice groups bid to combat ruling they believe could undermine pregnant women's freedom to make decisions for themselves | Guardian, UK

Texting as a tool to curb teen binge drinking

Over a period of twelve weeks researchers targeted adolescents in emergency rooms that were found vulnerable to excessive drinking with a text message based intervention | Mentor, UK

'I knew heroin would kill me if I didn’t get help' - audio

Former heroin addict Lisa Bryer tells Today programme presenter John Humphrys about her experiences with drugs and her recovery process | BBC, UK

E-cigarettes: A menace or a miracle?

Plans to ban the use of e-cigarettes in enclosed public places would be broadly welcomed by a majority of Welsh people. That's the conclusion of an exclusive ITV Wales poll, which found that 52% of respondents backed the proposal by Health Minister Mark Drakeford |, UK

Living with HIV

This week I’ve been at the 20th International Aids Conference in Melbourne and it’s been quite a weird experience. There’s a giant condom tent, Bill Clinton, an “Ask a Whore a Question” booth and Thai lady-boys practicing their dance moves. Parties of local school kids wander around looking bemused. Melbournians can’t avoid it: “AIDS 2014” is spelled out in giant red letters on the city’s main bridge | VICE, UK

The legal high boss making a fortune from trading on the streets of Britain

This is the man making a fortune from trading in legal highs on the streets of Britain, reports the Sunday People | Mirror, UK

British drugs mule saved by cabin crew after £40,000 of COCAINE burst in stomach mid-flight

Colmin Smith had swallowed 61 pellets of the Class A drug, said to have had a 75% purity | Mirror, UK

NHS treats mental health as 'second-class service'

Shadow public health minister says figures show 67% of clinical commissioning groups spend less than 10% of budget on mental health services | Guardian, UK

Steve Way: From cigarettes and alcohol to marathon man

Maybe you're great and you just don't realise. Maybe there's a painter buried deep inside. A pianist? A pilot? A poet? You might be the finest puppeteer the world has seen. And never know it | BBC, UK

Stigma, discrimination and criminalisation fueling the epidemic among drug users - video

Dr. Eliot Ross Albers, Executive Director of the International Network of People who Use Drugs discusses the importance of overcoming stigma, discrimination and criminalization for drug users and key populations in general | Inpud, UK

EU gives £25m to treat drug addicts in Peru

Tory MEP David Campbell Bannerman claims move shows Brussels can't be trusted not to waste taxpayers' money | Telegraph, UK

New York Times calls for legalisation of marijuana

Leading US newspaper compares marijuana ban to Prohibition [NY Times Editorial in US section below ] | Telegraph, UK

#BBCtrending: The man serving life for marijuana

Campaigners in the US are calling for the release of a man in Missouri serving a life sentence without parole for a marijuana offence. They are crowdfunding and using the hashtag #FreeJeff | BBC, UK

Colorado sees rise in number of homeless after cannabis legalised

Shelters say they are dealing with an increasing number of young people living on the streets, many of whom smoke cannabis regularly | Telegraph, UK

Australia's success in methadone treatment could guide Russia, UN says

Australia's experience with methadone programs means it can explain why they should be reinstated in Crimea, UN envoy says | Guardian, UK

Part II: Emergence of Heroin, Criminalization and the Harm of Prohibition

In 1805 the German pharmacist Friedrich Sertürner, through the application of chemical analysis to the opium poppy, successfully purified the active ingredient of opium -- morphine | Transform Blog, UK

Peaches Geldof deserves no censure. Save that for her critics

The outpouring of bile in wake of the revelations about the death of the journalist and TV presenter has been truly nauseating | Guardian CIF, UK

Heroin problem spreading as more addicts now based outside Dublin

Almost a quarter of Ireland's heroin addicts are now based outside Dublin, according to a recent study | Breaking News, Ireland

RSA to review road deaths to determine pre-crash behaviour

Agency is concerned at the rise in the number of fatalities from collisions | Irish times, Ireland

Risk and compensation in the labor market for drug smugglers

Every year, roughly 3,000 people are arrested while working as “mules” smuggling drugs through the ports of entry along the U.S.-Mexican border in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas | IZA Newsroom, USA

Repeal Prohibition, Again

It took 13 years for the United States to come to its senses and end Prohibition, 13 years in which people kept drinking, otherwise law-abiding citizens became criminals and crime syndicates arose and flourished | NY Times, USA

The impact of alcohol use disorders on family life: A review of the empirical literature

This report aimed to review the empirical literature on the impact of parental alcohol use disorders on family life | NDARC, UK

Synthetic drugs continue to evolve in Australia as governments try bans, regulation

An emergency room doctor and researcher says prohibition is driving the rate that new synthetic drugs are evolving in Australia | ABC news, Australia