DS Daily - 9th July 2010


Vienna declaration calls for science-based drug policies

A group of leading scientific and health policy organisations have launched a drive for signatories to the Vienna Declaration, a statement calling for the incorporation of scientific evidence into illicit drug policies across the globe [DrugScope, UK]

Evidence based policy for illicit drugs

An ethical obligation for those working in the field of drug addiction [BMJ, UK]

Methadone saves lives, study finds

Research carried out by the universities of Bristol, Cambridge and Edinburgh found that opiate substitution treatment reduced the frequency of drug use [University of Edinburgh, UK]

DrugScope launches publications sale

DrugScope is running our biggest ever publications sale from July 1st until September 1st to help services and professionals equip themselves with good quality resources for low prices [DrugScope, UK]

Oxfordshire-based drug and alcohol testing company celebrates Queen’s Award win

Concateno, Europe’s leading drug and alcohol test provider, has been presented with the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise [Concateno, UK]

Social websites expose children to drink

The social networking site Bebo, which is very popular with school-age children, has more than 19,000 groups dedicated to alcohol, according to Tobias Paul of the Scottish Youth Commission on Alcohol [The Herald, Scotland, UK]

Fairer balance to Britain’s alcohol rules and regulations

Britain’s hospitality industry unites in call on Government for fairer balance to Britain’s alcohol rules and regulations [British Beer & Pub Association, UK]

Fury over Tesco’s £1.11 bottle of wine despite supporting Government crackdown

Britain's biggest supermarket is being accused of encouraging binge drinking by selling bottles of wine for just £1.11 [Daily Mail, UK]

Govt drugs policy too focused on heroin

Young drug users are shunning heroin in favour of cocaine and prescription drugs, according to newly published research [INEF, Ireland]

Fight on drugs not tackling poly-drug users, says report

A 15-month study of drug users in Dublin’s southwest inner suburbs found almost all drug users, including heroin addicts, used a “cocktail” of substances [Irish Times]

Teens are stupid

Irish teenagers will be introduced to a new campaign called teens are stupid today. The campaign will be centered on Corporate Tobacco Man. This fictional character represents the tobacco industry [Irish Cancer Society]

Russian injected drug use soars in face of political inertia

The Russian Government's refusal to sanction new treatments for opiate addiction has left doctors few means with which to turn back the rising tide of injected drug use [The Lancet, UK]

We Don't Want a Russian UN Drug Czar!

Watch our video and take urgent action - tell Ban Ki Moon that a Russian diplomat is a bad choice for UNODC director! [Drug Reporter, Hungary]

A giant leap backwards as Ban Ki Moon appoints career Russian diplomat as new head of UNODC

Who is Yuri V. Fedotov? - Why should we be concerned? [TDPF, UK]

How Might Marijuana Legalization in California Affect Public Budgets and Marijuana Consumption?

Legalizing marijuana in California would lead to a substantial decline in price, but there is much uncertainty about legalization's effect on public budgets and consumption; even minor changes in assumptions lead to major differences in outcomes PDF [RAND, USA]

A wine vending machine

All you have to do is swipe your driving licence, look into the CCTV camera and blow into the Breathalyser [Daily Mail, UK]

Consider the CB(2) Receptor

A different destination for cannabinoids [Addiction Inbox, USA]

Colombia - Coca cultivation survey 2009