DS Daily - 25th November 2010


DrugScope partners in launch of new Skills Consortium

DrugScope is one of 170 organisations partnered in the launch of the Substance Misuse Skills Consortium [DrugScope, UK]

Councils eye public health funds

Cash-strapped councils are seeking control of £4bn of NHS funds earmarked for public health [BBC, UK]

Personalisation must be extended to substance misuse, finds report

Personalisation must be extended into substance misuse to give users a better chance of recovery, research this week has shown [Community Care, UK]

Cannabis 'raises the risk of cancer and other killer diseases'

Cannabis damages the immune system, leaving the body open to diseases from pneumonia to cancer, research suggests [Daily Mail, UK]

CHAMP Awards - 2010 Winners Announced!

Panels of children and young people from across Great Britain have chosen three outstanding winners [Mentor UK]

Offender Health: Alcohol Services Review - Summary

This report is a summary of the Offender Health: alcohol services review [Centre for Public Health, Liverpool John Moores University, UK]

The Impact of Alcohol in Greater Manchester

This report identifies available alcohol intelligence across Greater Manchester [Centre for Public Health, Liverpool John Moores University, UK]

Students unhappy over media's portrayal of drinking habits

Student drinking is unfairly portrayed in the media, according to a new report released today [The Publican, UK]

Patterns of alcohol consumption and ischaemic heart disease in culturally divergent countries

The Prospective Epidemiological Study of Myocardial Infarction [BMJ, UK]

Binge drinking doubles heart risk

Binge drinkers have a risk of heart disease twice that of people who consume the same amount of alcohol but more steadily, researchers say. Full report [Alcohol Focus Scotland, UK]

Binge drinking 'doubles heart risk'

This research assessed 9,778 men in Northern Ireland and France over an average period of 10 years. It has several strengths including its large size, consideration of various possible confounders, and confirmation of heart disease and heart disease events during follow-up using medical records and death certificates. However, there are still some points that need to be taken into account [NHS Choices, UK]

Social housing reforms 'bleak

Campbell Robb, chief executive of Shelter, said: ‘The government’s response to our affordable housing crisis, both through these policies and those we have already heard on cuts to housing benefit, social housing investment and legal aid, has seen the poorest and most vulnerable in society penalised again and again in what begins to feel like a deliberate attack [Shelter, UK]

Movies with a tick

This trend report describes the size of alcohol portrayal in movies that have been most visited in cinemas in 27 European countries in 2009 [EUCAM]

Council planning ban on off-licence expansion

The proliferation of off-licences in the capital and the subsequent problems of anti-social behaviour and binge drinking was one of the most important aspects of the new development plan being discussed [Independent, Ireland]

Aid for homeless addicts

Sixteen treatment beds in the city and 16 more in the region will address a desperate need [London Free Press, Canada]

‘Synthetic Marijuana’ Chemicals Ban

Reacting to what it called complaints from law enforcement and a surge in medical emergencies, the Drug Enforcement Administration said on Wednesday that it would ban several chemicals used to make so-called synthetic marijuana products, which resemble herbs or potpourri but mimic the effects of the drug when smoked [New York Times, USA]

DEA Slaps Temporary Ban on Spice and Other “Fake Pot” Products

Synthetic cannabis now illegal for one year [Addiction Inbox, USA]

California's message - end the War on Drugs, cut the deficit

Campaigners are confident that it is now when, not if, marijuana is legalised in the US, with several states likely to vote on legalisation initiatives in 2012, and a Presidential election year that increases turn out of liberal voters likely to vote “yes” in California [TDPF, UK]

RIA Report

Volume 23 Number 1 2010 [Research Institute on Addictions, USA]

The everyday despair of drug and alcohol abuse

Every Sunday evening on the television news you can see the impact of alcohol and other drugs in our community ... What we don't see is the quiet but equally deadly impact on the health, happiness and relationships of individuals who misuse drugs and alcohol [The Age, Australia]

Should Australia decriminalise drugs?

Who benefits from the so-called 'war on drugs'? American expert Ethan Nadelmann argues the only people who benefit are organised criminals and the law enforcement system [702 ABC, Australia]

From ideal to reality: cultural contradictions and young people's drinking

The results from the second phase of a three year national project that aimed to examine the socio-cultural influences on young people’s drinking [National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction at Flinders University, Australia]