DS Daily - 4th August 2011


Baroness Browning is confirmed as keynote speaker for DrugScope conference

Delivering drug and alcohol services: Rising to the challenge. London, 2nd November, 2011 9.00am - 4.30pm | DrugScope, UK

Mitch Winehouse is right

I was at a meeting with other providers of residential and community rehabilitation. Everyone agreed that Mr Winehouse was right. Some people wait far too long to access residential rehab in this country, and for under 18's there is no designated residential rehab at all. But let's be clear. This doesn’t mean that these people are not receiving support for their problems - Simon Antrobus | Addaction, UK

Kicking the habit: How important are teen rehab centres?

Rehab costs about £500 a week, according to the National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse ... But Sarah Graham, consultant to the fledgling Amy Winehouse Foundation and a former cocaine addict, says it's a price that makes sense, both socially and economically | BBC, UK

Largest-ever cocaine haul seized by officers

A record haul of cocaine seized by the UK Border Agency has led to the arrest of six members of an international drugs ring | Home Office, UK

Record cocaine haul

DrugScope welcomed the record seizure but warned that cuts in drug treatment centres and education could undermine the work done by enforcement agencies| Channel 4 News

DrugScope responds to "substantial and unprecedented cocaine seizure"

Impact "difficult to quantify" | DrugScope, UK

SCDEA - Annual Report 2010-11

Protecting our Communities – Disrupting Serious Organised Crime | Scottish Crime and Drugs Enforcement Agency, UK

Testing by police finds traces of drugs in city bar

The tests were carried out after a swoop by 60 police officers dressed in riot gear on the popular party street on July 8 | South Wales Evening Post, UK

Prisoners provide social care, governors admit

In a Prison Governors Association (PGA) survey, 40% of respondents said prisoners provided social care in their prison | Community Care, UK

Social enterprise in health care

Promoting organisational autonomy and staff engagement. Download | The King's Fund, UK

130 years since Sunday drinking was banned in Wales

You only have to look at the amount of money poured at this time, into building some of the most famous and grand pubs in Wales, to see that drinking was big business. Making something harder to do makes it desirable | BBC, UK

Drugs Bill Passes

The Misuse of Drugs Amendment Bill passed its third reading debate by 104 to 15 with the Greens, ACT and Chris Carter opposing | Scoop, New Zealand

Kronic ban passed by Parliament

Shops selling synthetic cannabis products should take them off the shelves right now, Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne said today as Parliament passed legislation banning them | New Zealand Herald

Kronic users switch to cannabis

Users of the Kronic range say they will switch to smoking cannabis if the synthetic high products are banned | New Zealand Herald