DS Daily - 10th August 2011


Drug-related Deaths Down for Second Consecutive Year

The number of drug-related deaths in Scotland has fallen for the second year in succession Documents here | Registrar General, Scotland, UK

Scottish Drugs Forum responds to latest drug-related deaths statistics

The reduction in drug related deaths for 2010 is very encouraging news. However, as the report itself makes clear, it’s too early to say if this is a long-term trend - figures published next year will shed more light on that | Scottish Drugs Forum, UK

Drug deaths fall but toll remains high

Scotland’s annual toll of drugs deaths fell 11% last year but remained the third-highest ever recorded | The Herald, Scotland, UK

Addiction: My experience of rehabilitation in the UK

Government policy makers don’t accept or understand the true gravity of the issue | Independent, UK

Seen but not heard – young people’s treatment issues

This is a critical time for the development – indeed survival – of young people’s services | Dr Marcus Roberts, DrugScope, UK

Bitesized Briefing

Welfare reform - what's going on? | DrugScope, UK

SMMGP Policy Update August 2011

Recovery orientated drug treatment - an interim report | SMMGP, UK

Free Workshop

A workshop that will explore the values that underpin 'Recovery', the importance of strength-based approaches in supporting people in their journey from 'cultures of addiction' to 'cultures of recovery' and the key role of community-led 'Recovery Networks' within communities | Simpson house, CrossReach, UK

Wandsworth jail attacked for catalogue of safety failures

Others who were stabilising from drugs or detoxing from alcohol were transferred out of a unit where they could be closely monitored before stabilisation was complete, a situation described as "potentially dangerous" by the inspectors | Independent, UK

Mental health services survey published today

The survey collected the experiences of over 17,000 people who received care in the 65 NHS mental health trusts in England between July and September 2010 | Care Quality Commission, UK

Richard Smith: are alcohol companies doomed to cause harm?

Tobacco companies clearly cause harm, and we will always need food companies. But what about alcohol companies? Can they produce net benefit? | BMJ, UK

Seven key messages of the alcohol industry

The intention of this brochure is to inform professionals about the attempts made by the alcohol industry to influence alcohol policy globally and to subsequently arm them against the industry’s methods to prevent effective policies from being made | European Centre for Monitoring Alcohol Marketing

Now Imperial offers the ladies a stylish new cigarette brand

Imperial Tobacco has become the third major cigarette supplier to launch a brand targeted at women in just four months | The Grocer, UK

Tar wars over smoking cessation

The pharmaceutical industry has a clear commercial interest in eroding public and professional confidence in unassisted smoking cessation, yet easily implemented ideas, such as graphic health warnings, are more effective than nicotine replacement therapy | BMJ, UK

Brazil moves to prevent 'massacre' of Amazon tribe by drug traffickers

Brazilian indigenous protection officers to make emergency visit to isolated community facing threat from heavily armed gangs | Guardian, UK

Prescription drug use among detainees: Prevalence, sources and links to crime

Concern regarding the diversion and non-medical use of prescription pharmaceuticals continues to grow as anecdotal evidence and other research points to a sizeable increase in the illegal market for such drugs. Download | Australian Institute of Criminology

North east India: recognizing female injecting drug users

UNODC is working with the Government of India to improve the quality and coverage of services for drug treatment | UNODC

'Children of the Drug War', a new book

A unique collection of original essays that investigates the impacts of the war on drugs on children, young people and their families - free download | IHRA