DS Daily - 20th December 2011


A partnership approach: supporting families with multiple needs

This briefing identifies and analyses the common themes and questions which emerged from the regional events, setting out the key questions which local areas will need to address in order to provide an effective service for families affected by drugs and alcohol | Adfam, UK

Style not content seems key to matching therapy to the patient

Confirmation from the US Project MATCH alcohol treatment trial that too explicitly imposing structure on therapy risks poor outcomes among patients reluctant to relinquish control. Even in the study devoted above all to matching therapeutic models to patients, matching therapeutic styles is proving the more promising strategy | Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK

Drug use among schoolchildren rife, says father of heroin death teen

The father of an 18-year-old who died taking heroin today called on schools to act against a "terrifying" drug epidemic among children | London Evening Standard, UK

PQ - Departmental Advertising on Drugs and Alcohol

David Crausby MP has obtained figures for advertising campaigns from the Department for Education and the Department of Health | Drug Education Forum, UK

Alcohol 'over provided' in some parts of Highlands

Alcohol is too widely available and harming health in some parts of the Highlands, the area's health board has warned | BBC, UK

Heroin found in National Archives file

A sealed package containing heroin was found in an 80-year-old Foreign Office file at the National Archives, its managers have said | BBC, UK

Quality standard and guidance on service user experience in mental health

The quality standard for service user experience in adult mental health contains a number of statements, which include ensuring that people can access mental health services when they need them - Guidance | National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, UK

Positive for Youth: the statement

A new approach to cross-government policy for young people aged 13 to 19. Download - Summary | Department of Education, UK

Rough sleeping scheme gets national roll-out

Communities across England are to be handed thousands of pounds today to set up a scheme which pledges to end rough sleeping | Inside Housing, UK

The effects of alcohol and tobacco duties on household disposable income

This article analyses the effects of duties on alcohol and tobacco on household disposable income from 1995/96 to 2009/10. Report | Office for National Statistics, UK

Smoke-free Mental Health Services Baseline survey report

This report is a baseline survey of the smoke-free status of mental health sites in Scotland around the time of the dissemination of the Smoke-free Mental Health Services in Scotland: Implementation Guidance | NHS Health Scotland, UK

Judge criticises giving A&E priority to those on drugs

A district judge yesterday described as "dispiriting" the way in which people under the influence of drugs were sometimes given priority in emergency departments ahead of victims of car accidents | Irish Examiner

Feds to tighten rules on medical marijuana

Canada's medical marijuana licensing system is vulnerable to abuse and needs to be tightened up, says the health minister after data emerged this week revealing a surge in possibly fraudulent applications | Vancouver Sun, Canada

Legalizing marijuana: Police officers speak out

This highly-debated topic has even infiltrated the law enforcement community, and a surprising number of cops are speaking out in favor of legalization | PoliceOne, USA

Latin American leaders fault U.S. drug users

Latin American leaders have joined together to condemn the U.S. government for soaring drug violence in their countries, blaming the United States for the transnational cartels that have grown rich and powerful smuggling dope north and guns south | Washington Post, USA

Intensive Judicial Supervision and Drug Court Outcomes

These interim findings provide strong evidence that intensively supervising drug court participants in the early phases reduces early-phase substance use and sanctioning rates | NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research, Australia