DS Daily - 2nd February 2011


Report of the 2010 NDPB Review of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs

This is the report of the review of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs undertaken by Sir David Omand in December 2010 [Home Office, UK]

Bitesized briefing

Health Service Reform and Public Health England [DrugScope, UK]

Children hit by rise in homeless in Wales

When people are in dire straits, a lot of things come out of that. Mental health, drug and alcohol issues and domestic abuse increase when times are hard [BBC, UK]

Fears cuts will hamper child mental health drive

Campaigners have questioned whether a drive to improve child mental health services will prove successful [BBC, UK]

Parliamentary Questions - Alcohol Education

A couple of questions in Parliament that have caught our eye [Drug Education Forum, UK]

Dr Luisa Dillner's guide to . . . Teenage drinking

Talk to children about alcohol when they are 11 or 12 and provide them with lots of practical information [Guardian, UK]

Reoffending of juveniles

The latest National Statistics on the reoffending of juveniles released from custody or commencing out-of-court or non-custodial court disposals in England and Wales in the first quarter of a particular year. 2008 cohort [Ministry of Justice, UK]

Reoffending of adults

The latest National Statistics on the reoffending of adults released from custody or starting a community sentence in England and Wales in the first quarter of a particular year. 2008 cohort [Ministry of Justice, UK]

Forest is fitting tribute to life after addiction

Trees planted by people who have beaten addiction with the help of charity Phoenix Futures will create a symbolic forest in Hertfordshire [Guardian, UK]

Homegrown drug offence figures almost double

The surge in cannabis factories - or 'growhouses' - led to a massive rise in the number of offences covering the cultivation and manufacture of drugs last year [Independent, Ireland]

College set to audit methadone scheme

The ICGP is seeking to appoint a Clinical Audit Facilitator to audit and review GPs participating in the Methadone Treatment Protocol [Irish Medical Times]

Preventing Project Prevention

Following a luke-warm reception in Britain, the organisation has now turned its attention to Kenya where it plans to start paying women living with HIV/Aids to accept long-term contraception [Africa is a country]

ONDCP Convenes Experts to Discuss Emerging Threat of Synthetic Stimulants

In response to recent data from Poison Control Centers, Director Kerlikowske released a statement addressing the concerning the use of synthetic stimulants, which are often sold and marketed in stores as “bath salts” under names such as "Ivory Wave" or "Purple Wave." [Of Substance Blog, ONDCP, USA]

Nicotine Patches on PBS

Press Conference - Canberra - Nicotine Patches on PBS, National Anti-Tobacco Campaign, Health Reform [Department of Health and Ageing, Australia]

Ecstasy drug of choice for mid-aged professionals

The use of Ecstasy among older professionals is on the rise and even having children is not stopping people from partying with the drug [New Zealand Herald]

Drug addict mum-to-be can't get help

Efforts to have a drug-addicted woman committed for treatment to protect her unborn baby have run up against the fact that the only accredited agency in the North Island is not secure and she could walk out of it as soon as she was placed there [Stuff.co, New Zealand]

Afghanistan Opium Winter Rapid Assessment for the Central, Eastern, Southern and Western Regions 2011


UNODC predicts slight decrease in opium cultivation in 2011

A slight decrease in opium cultivation can be expected in Afghanistan in 2011, despite the current high price of opium [UNODC]

The Ministry of Public Security in Viet Nam and UNODC consult on drug control and crime prevention

On 17 January, the Ministry of Public Security of Viet Nam and UNODC held a consultation meeting tasked with reviewing UNODC assistance in drug control and crime prevention matters as well as identifying key areas for cooperation in 2011 [UNODC]