DS Daily - 26th July 2011


Why do some people become addicts?

Amy Winehouse's struggle with drink and drug addiction was well known, reflected in her music and widely reported in the media. But how much do we understand addiction? | BBC, UK

Can a parent save their child from addiction?

Mitch and Janis Winehouse's battles to cure their daughter of her addiction are shared by thousands of parents up and down the country | BBC, UK

Families of addicts in Llanelli offered support

Launch of a support group for family and friends of drink and drug addicts in the town | BBC, UK

Homelessness charity reports 40% increase in demand

Kent homelessness charity Porchlight has released figures from the last financial year showing a 40% increase in people asking for its help | 24dash, UK

The day they signed the death warrant for the NHS

Andrew Lansley has announced that, from next April, NHS services worth £1 billion will be opened up to competitive bids from the private sector | Telegraph, UK

Syringes should be sold over the counter

For a generally progressive state, California falls surprisingly behind on certain issues. One of these is allowing the purchase of syringes without a prescription. Syringes are already an over-the-counter medical supply in 47 states. It's long past time for the same to be true in California | LA Times, USA

Russia's Afghan addiction

There are at least 1.5 million heroin users in Russia. It’s estimated that every day 80 people die from heroin addiction | CNN, USA

A second wind from the Golden Triangle

The new prime minister of Laos, Thongsing Thammavong, has taken the country's drugs problem into his own hands with good Communist brio | The Economist

Amphetamine-type Stimulants Growing Threat in Asia, experts warn

Unregulated synthetic substances also beginning to take hold | UNODC

Lao Officials Unite in Fight Against Drugs

As a major transit country for drugs, Lao PDR is estimated to have US320 billion worth of drugs trafficked through the country each year. In 2010, an estimated US100 million worth of drugs was seized in the country | UNODC