DS Daily - 25th October 2011


Adfam comments on the current workforce development needs for the sector

Adfam believe that workforce development can play a role in improving service provision in a time of cuts – because a competent, supported and motivated workforce is always going to be more effective than one that lacks competency, support or motivation | Adfam, UK

Bad news for counsellors

The latest Effectiveness Bank bulletin includes what may be seen as bad news for counsellors: in the USA, 1 in 6 non-specialists typically ended up with clients whose substance use problems were worse, while specialists in methadone clinics may be dispensable. Plus UK studies on child protection and hepatitis C prevention | Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK

Drug swallower is sentenced after London smuggling attempt

A Nigerian man who tried to smuggle cocaine worth approximately £140,000 through London City airport has been jailed for 7 years | UK Border Agency

Don Shenker to leave Alcohol Concern

The Board of Alcohol Concern has announced a restructuring of its senior management following the loss of core funding ... after more than six years at Alcohol Concern, of which three and a half year have been as Chief Executive, Don Shenker has decided to leave the organisation in order to take a full time position elsewhere | Alcohol Concern, UK

Voices of Experience

How people who drink on the streets can make positive changes in their lives. Summary Report - Full Report - Academic Report | Alcohol Learning Centre, UK

What if the drugs don't work?

Research repeatedly shows that antidepressants give little benefit – but serious side effects | Independent, UK

Spending on young people falls to just 28p per day

That is the conclusion of a Freedom of Information search of 430 English and Welsh councils undertaken by | Unite Union, UK

11% of cigarettes smoked in UK are counterfeit, says HMRC

One in nine cigarettes smoked in the UK is smuggled, costing the Treasury £2.2bn a year in lost revenue. For alcohol the figure is £1.2bn a year and the illicit drugs trade is thought to be worth over £7bn a year | Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs, UK

How our welfare system has created an age of entitlement

It may well be that we really are on the brink of another welfare revolution. In my decades of reporting politics I have never before seen the sort of political consensus on the benefits system that we seem to be approaching now and our poll suggests the politicians are reflecting a changing public mood - John Humphrys | Daily Mail, UK

How the Amsterdam drug scene changed 1975 - 2010

Independent consultant, and long-time drug activist, John-Peter Kools takes a walk up one of Amsterdam's oldest streets, the Zeedijk, outlining the history of the heroin based street drug scene that began there in around 1975 | You Tube Uploaded by Exchange Supplies, UK

Commission to ramp up anti-drugs policy

The European Commission is to strengthen its anti-drugs policy by putting forward new legislation to tackle the growing use among young people of synthetic psychoactive substances – which imitate hard drugs like ecstasy and cocaine | PS Public Service Europe

Drink-drive limit drops this week

Hundreds of checkpoints as level falls below 'just one pint' | Independent, Ireland

Stopping the HIV Epidemic

The Russian government put itself in the spotlight of the international health community by organizing a high-level forum in Moscow two weeks ago on halting the spread of infectious diseases such as HIV | The Moscow Times, Russia

Florida welfare benefit drug test law blocked

A Florida law requiring people seeking welfare benfits to take a drug test has been blocked by a US federal court | BBC, UK

RAND Retracts Report about Medical Marijuana Dispensaries and Crime

Questions raised following publication prompted RAND to undertake an unusual post-publication internal review of the study. That review determined the crime data used in the analysis are insufficient to answer the questions targeted by the study | RAND, USA

"Drug Facts: Shatter the Myths" booklet

Updated for 2011! "Drug Facts: Shatter the Myths" Q&A booklet answers teens' most frequently asked questions about drugs and drug abuse. A must-have resource for every teen! | NIDA, USA

More Myths About High-Dose Opioids & Death

Past studies and commentary have claimed that higher opioid analgesic doses increase mortality rates; yet, the research methods used to establish this should be challenged by critical readers | Pain-Topics, USA

Peru Passes Colombia to Become World's Biggest Cocaine Producer

In a long-expected development, the U.S. drug agency DEA estimates that Peru has surpassed Colombia to become the world’s biggest cocaine producer | In-Sight, USA

Alcohol-free homes to be declared to reduce violence

Authorities are hoping the ability to declare any house in Western Australia an alcohol-free zone will lead to a reduction in domestic violence | ABC News, Australia