DS Daily - 13th April 2012


Two-thirds of women inmates were on drugs at time of crime

Nearly two-thirds of women offenders were on drugs when they committed crime and almost half were drunk, a new survey of female inmates found | The Herald, Scotland, UK

'Tweaking memories' could help addicts avoid relapsing

Manipulating memories of drug use may help reformed addicts avoid a return to a life of drug abuse, according to scientists in China | BBC, UK

Health and Crime Risks To Increase as Government Puts Us On Its “Road To Recovery”

While The Alliance welcomes government intentions to describe its approach to meeting the challenges of drug and alcohol and the joint consideration of alcohol and drugs in the document, we believe “Putting Full Recovery First” is problematic | The Alliance, UK

How well does Britain support the families of problem drug users?

From national and local guidance, commissioners and services, a rounded picture of how much Britain knows about and responds to the needs of the relatives of problem drug users. Increasing recognition of needs has generally yet to be matched by systematic needs assessments or service provision | Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK

University where 20% of students are Muslim considers alcohol-free zones

'We need to be more cautious about sex too,' says vice-chancellor of London Metropolitan University | Guardian, UK

Should councils get more funding to tackle binge drinking?

The government has proposed a Late Night Levy with councils set to receive 30% and the police 70% | Guardian, UK

The 4th UK Recovery Walk

Brighton and Hove 29th September 2012 | UK Recovery Federation

Lung cancer cases rise in women

Cases of lung cancer reflect smoking rates two-to-three decades earlier, as more than 80% of cases are linked to tobacco | BBC, UK

Cigarette packet branding to face consultation

The government is considering plans to strip all branding from cigarette packs sold in England in a bid to make smoking appear less attractive | BBC, UK

Health and wellbeing boards - System leaders or talking shops?

The paper assesses the ways in which local authorities have begun to develop new arrangements with their partners – the size, composition and ways of working emerging from the shadow boards | The King's Fund, UK

Bubb urges Charity Commission to investigate Downing Street remarks

The Charity Commission should open an investigation into claims by a Downing Street spokesman that some charities "don’t do a great amount of charitable work", according to Sir Stephen Bubb, chief executive of the chief executives body Acevo | Third Sector, UK

Britons underestimate youth homelessness, says survey

The research among 2,000 adults commissioned by the Consortium for Street Children (CSC) reveals that 61% of them associate the issue with the developing world, particularly Africa and Asia, which the CSC calls a “worrying misperception” | 24Dash, UK

Naloxone in Ireland

Video | INEF, Ireland

Cirrhosis and hepatitis C to be discussed at forum

Ireland must prepare for a significant surge in liver disease over the next 20 years due to the prevalence of the disease among hepatitis C sufferers | Irish Times

Report of the Toronto and Ottawa Supervised Consumption Assessment Study

Do Toronto and Ottawa need supervised consumption facilities? Is the implementation of supervised consumption facilities in Toronto or Ottawa feasible? To answer these questions, we conducted the Toronto and Ottawa Supervised Consumption Assessment (TOSCA) a scientific study involving the collection and analysis of data from a variety of sources. Full report - 325 page PDF | TOSCA, Canada

Ottawa police don’t support safe injection sites for city

Police Chief Charles Bordeleau has restated the police service’s stance against safe injection sites after the release of a study calling for the creation of two such sites in Ottawa | Your Ottawa Region, Canada

“The last way” clinic

Why tuberculosis remains an incurable disease in Russia | BMJ, UK

Legalize drugs? Obama administration flatly says no

President expected to stand firm at summit this weekend | Houston Chronicle, USA

Up in smoke

Why are the feds cracking down on marijuana in states that allow it? | The Economist

Decriminalisation or legalisation

Injecting evidence in the drug law reform debate - Alison Ritter | The Conversation

Police arrest more users than dealers

Police in Victoria are increasingly arresting drug users rather than dealers, according to figures from the Australian Crime Commission | The Age, Australia

Alcohol reform taps in to bigger budget spend

The Northern Territory Government says an extra $18 million will be committed to alcohol reform in this year's budget | ABC News, Australia

Alcohol-free month a positive experience

Giving up alcohol for a month in February helped people save money, lose weight, feel healthier and sleep better | Scoop, New Zealand

UNODC head briefs Swiss health minister on drug prevention and treatment

The Executive Director of UNODC, Mr. Yury Fedotov, has briefed Mr. Pascal Strupler, State Secretary of Health of Switzerland, about the balanced health-centred approaches employed by his Office in the area of drug use prevention and the treatment of drug dependence | UNODC

Cartagena Summit debates alternatives to War on Drugs

A list of recent documents generated in response to the proposals of the presidents Santos of Colombia and Pérez Molina of Guatemala to put the drug issue on the agenda | Transnational Institute, Netherlands