DS Daily - 20th April 2012


New heroin-assisted treatment

Recent evidence and current practices of supervised injectable heroin treatment in Europe and beyond - Download | EMCDDA

Methadone and your mouth: dental health advice

This leaflet gives oral health advice for people prescribed methadone | NHS Health Scotland

Wiltshire drug treatment agencies to be reduced

The number of main agencies that provide drug and alcohol treatment programmes in Wiltshire is to be reduced from four to one | BBC, UK

Back from the dead

Antidote for cocaine overdose shows promise in lab tests | Daily Mail, UK

Changes to controlled drugs legislation for nurse and pharmacist independent prescribers

Amendments to the Misuse of Drugs Regulations were laid before Parliament on 30th March 2012 and come into force on 23rd April 2012. The amendments relate to nurse and pharmacist independent prescribing, and mixing of controlled drugs | National Prescribing Centre, UK

Police Powers and Procedures England and Wales 2010/11

This release draws together statistics on the following topics: arrests for recorded crime; stops and searches under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (PACE); breath tests and police action in relation to motoring offences | Home Office, UK

No crime reduction dividend from counselling drunk arrestees

UK government-funded pilot schemes found no crime reduction benefits from brief alcohol counselling for arrestees under the influence of drink, disappointing hopes that arrest referral would help quell late-night alcohol-related disorder. The schemes did however uncover many dependent drinkers | Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK

District councils and the battle for control of public health

There are limits to representation – not everyone with a local stake can sit on health and wellbeing boards | Guardian, UK

Surge expected in liver cirrhosis cases

A significant surge in liver disease is expected to take place in Ireland over the next 20 years as a long-term legacy of the country’s heroin problem | Irish Medical Times

EUCAM’s reaction on alcohol industry’s Responsible Marketing Pact

This week, leading producers from the beer, wine and spirits sectors launched a ‘comprehensive initiative to strengthen independent advertising self-regulatory schemes for alcohol beverage marketing’ by establishing a set of ‘common, rigorous standards’ for their marketing communications throughout the European Union | European Centre for Monitoring Alcohol Marketing

What comes after the war on drugs

We need research. We need the history of how we got here. We need myths to be swept away. We need the essential statistics and the best available research. And then we need to lay out the options for change | Ottawa Citizen, Canada

Oxycodone abuse in New York City

Characteristics of intravenous and intranasal users | NIH, USA

Ecuador's Poppy Find Points to Growing Heroin Production

Ecuador destroyed some 411,000 poppy plants in a central province, in another indication that heroin production could be on the rise in the Andean country | In Sight

NZ set to follow Australia's lead on plain packaging

New Zealand's associate minister of health, Tariana Turia, says the cabinet has agreed in principle "to introduce a plain packaging regime in alignment with Australia" | ABC News, Australia

The legalisation debate broadens

On April 17th Mr Pérez took his message to the World Economic Forum - a quick interview with Mr Pérez after his speech | The Economist

The Narco State

There's good news on the drug war: The world knows how to end it - so why can't the United States figure it out? | Foregin Policy, USA