DS Daily - 27th April 2012


Drugs and alcohol recovery launches online bulletin

Following the launch last month of 8 payment by results pilot sites for drugs and alcohol recovery treatment services, the Payment by Results for Recovery Pilot Programme has now launched its online bulletin | Department of Health, UK

New drugs detected in the EU at the rate of around one per week, say agencies

New drugs were detected in the European Union last year at the rate of around one per week, according to the EMCDDA–Europol 2011 annual report on new psychoactive substances | EMCDDA

Fears police and drugs agencies will fail to keep up as a new 'legal high' found every week

Last year, 49 previously unknown drugs were detected by European monitors.

It is the highest number of dangerous new substances ever recorded in a single year, said the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA), as it warned of their ‘unprecedented’ growth | Daily Mail, UK

The flaws in prosecuting mothers who suffer from drug addiction

No one thinks that using drugs during pregnancy is a good idea, but criminalising them will stop them seeking help | Guardian, UK

Why bring Russell Brand to testify to a select committee instead of an expert witness?

Perhaps because you are an MP hoping to get on TV – and a tabloid celeb is more likely to do the trick | Guardian, UK

FEAD videos - Betsy Thom

Professor Thom is a sociologist with a special interest in social and policy aspects of alcohol and illicit drug use | FEAD, UK

New report and film reveal shocking impact of tobacco packaging on children

Young people and women are identified as target groups to aim tobacco packaging at according to a new Cancer Research UK report - The Packaging of Tobacco Products | Cancer Research UK

Preventing homelessness

Measures to prevent homelessness are being backed with extra Scottish Government funding this year, MSPs were informed | Scottish Government, UK

Protest outside Runcorn Town Hall as demonstrators claim ‘death of youth service’

Protestors rallied outside Runcorn Town Hall last Wednesday as the row about the borough’s youth service rages on | Runcorn & Widnes Weekly News, UK

The Hepatitis C Trust beats over 350 applicants to prestigious award

The Hepatitis C Trust wins a GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) IMPACT Award for its outstanding contribution to improving health, The King’s Fund and GSK announced on Thursday | Hepatitis C Trust, UK

Incidence of hepatitis C re-infection and clearance may be understimated

There have been important recent advances in hepatitis C therapy. Nevertheless, incidence of new infections remains high. Many of these are in injecting drug users | Aidsmap, UK

Netherlands judge to rule on cafe cannabis ban

A judge in the Netherlands is due to decide whether foreign tourists should be banned from entering cannabis cafes | BBC, UK

Report of the Toronto and Ottawa Supervised Consumption Assessment Study

Do Toronto and Ottawa need supervised consumption facilities? Is the implementation of supervised consumption facilities in Toronto or Ottawa feasible? To answer these questions, we conducted the Toronto and Ottawa Supervised Consumption Assessment (TOSCA) a scientific study involving the collection and analysis of data from a variety of sources - Download | TOSCA, Canada

Time to transform global drug strategy

The global war on drugs is based on false assumptions and antiquated laws that do not reflect contemporary research about drug use, production and markets. It is time to cast aside dogma, and transform global drug strategy with policies based on evidence, not ideology | Globe and Mail, Canada

Drug war will change course in 2013

At a closed meeting during the April 14-15 summit of President Barack Obama and 29 other regional leaders, Obama agreed to ask the Organization of American States to look into possible alternatives to the four-decade-old U.S.-backed war on drugs, which many say is failing | Miami Herald, USA

Drug Addiction, ‘Personhood’ and the War on Women

Why critics say a law meant to protect kids from meth addicts is being used to limit women's rights | TIME, USA

Drug-overdose antidote is put in addicts' hands

Such giveaways may have saved more than 10,000 lives since the first program was started in 1996 in Chicago, according to a survey by the Harm Reduction Coalition, a national group that works to reduce the consequences of drug use | USA Today

Drug testing of state employees: Federal judge says no to Florida

Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s attempt to force drug testing on state workers has been blocked by a federal judge, the latest development in a case seen as a bellwether for similar efforts involving employees and those receiving social service or welfare benefits | LA Times, USA

The drug's in the mail

More Australians are buying illegal drugs from internet websites and having them delivered by regular post straight to their door | The Age, Australia

Working Together to Break the Cycle of Hospitalisation and Homelessness

As part of a new National Partnership Agreement (NP) on Mental Health, the Commonwealth will provide the NSW Government with $57.6 million over 5 years for three new projects that will improve the care and support provided to people living with severe mental illness | Department of Health and Ageing, Australia

TV ads giving kids a taste for alcohol

Despite mounting evidence of the damage done by exposing children to ads for alcohol, research shows regulations aimed at shielding children from themare being undermined as children watch more TV outside designated children's viewing hours | Sydney Morning Herald, Australia

Former UNODC Head Talks About Drugs In the World Banking System

Interview: Antonio Costa | Executive Intelligence Review