DS Daily - 1st February 2012


New year message from Baroness Doreen Massey, Chair of the NTA

As we move closer to the establishment of Public Health England, we cannot forget that there is still a job to do, making sure that those people who need treatment get it quickly and I am pleased to say that last year saw record numbers of people on the road to recovery | NTA, UK

Residential treatment providers meet

Representatives of residential drug and alcohol treatment providers came together last Thursday (26th January) to discuss the challenges the sector faces from an increasing appetite for outcome based commissioning, including payment by results, in public services and an analysis of preliminary performance data for the sector | NTA, UK

Why I'm a families man

Nicholas Crichton, a family judge, tells Juliet Rix that we need more courts to help parents to tackle their drug and alcohol problems | Guardian, UK

Milton Skills for Life

Creativity in programme design can lead to clear improvements in soft skills and hard outcomes for people affected by substance misuse and alcohol. Cranstoun's Milton Skills for Life project is co-funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) and the London Councils | ESF

The Role of Addictions in Human Culture

In this exclusive interview, we speak to Professor Griffith Edwards, and discuss the role of drugs in society, and examine the social, economic and political implications of drugs use for the future of our world | Thought Economics

Re-envisioning Addiction Treatment: A Six-Point Plan

This article is focused on improving the quality of addiction treatment. Based on observations that patients are leaving treatment too early and/or are continuing to use substances during their care, the authors propose six actions that could help reorient and revitalize this kind of clinical work | Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly

Model-based appraisal of alcohol minimum pricing and off-licensed trade discount bans in Scotland using the Sheffield alcohol policy model

Second update based on newly available data | University of Sheffield, UK

Sheffield University study adjusts booze price impact

A minimum alcohol price would have a slightly smaller effect on consumption than first estimated, academics have told the Scottish government | BBC, UK

Minimum pricing of alcohol

Minimum pricing for alcohol, together with the existing ban on irresponsible promotions could prevents thousands of deaths, illnesses and crimes and save Scotland millions of pounds | Scottish Government, UK

Scottish alcohol plan's impact waning, say experts

Fixing minimum price at 45p a unit would have lesser effect now than in 2009 due to rising prices and falling abuse rates | Guardian, UK

Health Secretary to be questioned over alcohol minimum pricing

Nicola Sturgeon will answer questions about alcohol minimum pricing at Health Committee | STV, UK

‘Sturgeon has gone bananas over booze’

Nicola Sturgeon’s plans to hike the price of booze were branded “bananas” yesterday after she claimed supermarkets charge more for fruit so they can sell cheaper alcohol | Daily Express, UK

Concern over alcohol-related hospital admissions

Devon and Cornwall have seen a dramatic increase in the number of people admitted to hospital because of alcohol-related illnesses | BBC, UK

Alcohol Treatment Boosts Hep C Cure Rates Among Drinkers

People who drink - even heavily - can successfully undergo treatment for hepatitis C virus (HCV) if they’re provided with individualized, multidisciplinary care that also addresses their alcohol use, according to a study published in the February 2012 issue of Journal of Hepatology | Hepatitis C Trust, UK

Is prison education working?

As privatisation forges ahead, Rachel Williams asks whether the pursuit of profit in prison education is failing inmates who most need to learn | Guardian, UK

Why cross-sector collaboration is vital in civil society

We need a new model of partnership working at a local level as resources become tighter, argues Mind's Paul Farmer | Guardian, UK

Practical Mental Health Commissioning

This is the first in a planned series of documents intended to help those involved in commissioning and providing mental health and social care services to make sense of and build on the new opportunities emerging within this new landscape - Download | National Mental Health Development Unit, UK

Local Tobacco Control Profiles for England

These profiles provide a snapshot of the extent of tobacco use, tobacco related harm, and measures being taken to reduce this harm at a local level | London Health Observatory, UK

More drug overdoses involving ecstasy

Calgary police are investigating more drug overdoses connected to ecstasy | 660 News, Canada

New handheld device helps police identify drugs

The device uses a low-power laser to scan small bags of drugs and gives police near-instant identification | Boston Globe, USA

Taking the AIDS.gov HIV/AIDS Prevention & Service Provider Locator to Facebook

Because it serves as a connecting point for millions, we developed a Facebook app with our HIV/AIDS Prevention and Service Provider Locator | AIDS.gov, USA

Call for compulsory school alcohol education

The Commissioner for Children and Young People, Michelle Scott, is calling on the State Government to introduce compulsory alcohol education in schools for nine and ten-year-olds | ABC News, Australia

Call for strategy to prevent foetal alcohol disorders

The National Rural Health Alliance is lobbying the Federal Government for a strategy to prevent and manage foetal alcohol disorders | ABC News, Australia

Competition and Consumer (Tobacco) Information Standard 2011

This Standard provides for a system of health warnings to increase consumer knowledge of the health effects relating to the use of tobacco products; to ensure the continuing effectiveness of health warnings on retail packaging of tobacco products and by ensuring the continuing effectiveness of health warnings on tobacco packaging, to encourage the cessation of the use of tobacco products and to discourage uptake or relapse | Australian Government

Opioid Substitution Therapy in Eurasia

How to increase the access and improve the quality| IDPC