DS Daily - 7th February 2012


Naloxone empowers carers to save lives of overdosing heroin users

Up to 18 lives were known to have been saved after the National Treatment Agency in England piloted training for the carers of opiate users on how to administer the overdose-reversing drug naloxone. But how does catering for relapse in this way square with the optimism of the recovery movement? | Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK

Evidence to the Home Affairs Committee inquiry into drugs

This submission is not an exhaustive summary of the evidence for all areas of drug policy, but rather our view of some of the key issues that require attention. We have extracted key points from our reports and submissions, which we have referenced and copies of which are supplied with this submission as appendices | UKDPC

Abstract - Treatment experience and needs of older drug users in Bristol

Recent publications raise concerns about meeting the treatment needs of an ageing drug-using population. At Bristol Drugs Project (BDP) we noted the absence of older users attending services beyond health centre-based opiate substitution therapy | Journal of Substance Use

Magic mushrooms, international law and the failed 'war on drugs'

Recent research suggesting potential therapeutic benefits of psilocybin focus attention on the need to reform drug laws | Guardian, UK

M8 drug courier stopped with £1/2m worth of cocaine

A drug courier was caught with a haul of high purity cocaine worth almost £500,000 on the streets as police targeted suspected high ranking members of an organised crime gang | Edinburgh Evening News, UK

Can Cannabis Drive You Crazy?

Not only is cannabis addictive but the skunk version of the drug is known to send as many as 20% of users into a psychotic state | Huffington Post, UK

Alcohol Behaviour Change

A new campaign aimed at encouraging Scots to think about the health effects of regularly drinking above the recommended alcohol guidelines was launched today | Scottish Government, UK

Welsh alcohol campaigners criticise Cardiff's Carnage student event

Wales' alcohol watchdog has called fora change in the cultural that glorifies notorious student pub crawl events like Cardiff's controversial Carnage UK event | Wales Online, UK

Is the health bill a threat to preventative medicine?

Services are being transferred to local authorities but where are the safeguards to ensure that they will remain free? | Guardian, UK

Educational development: One in four children 'at risk'

Risks included financial stress, teenage parenthood, depression, low skills, and substance/alcohol abuse | BBC, UK

Campaign to protect children from smoking in cars

A Welsh Government campaign to protect children from the harmful effect of second hand smoke in cars has begun | Welsh Government, UK

How dementia drugs could be used by the military

Army leaders in various countries have trialled compounds that can keep soldiers awake and alert – or send them to sleep | Guardian, UK

ARF represents the UK in European mutual-aid network of over 1million people

After months of liaison, Addiction Recovery Foundation ambassador-at-large Laura Graham went to Brussels in January to meet with the Board of EMNA, the European Mutual-Help Network for Alcohol Related Problems | Addiction Today, UK

Republic could ban drinks promotions at sports ban

Drinks firms will no longer be able to sponsor sports events, concerts or festivals in the Irish Republic if recommendations in a report are adopted | BBC, UK

National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services (N-SSATS), 2010

A collection information from all facilities in the United States, both public and private, that provide substance abuse treatment | SAMHSA, USA

California pot industry's next move: Ballot initiative for state regulation

A proposed ballot initiative aimed for the November elections begs a key question looming over California's medical marijuana industry: Can stricter state regulation keep the federal government from shutting it down? | Sacramento Bee, USA

Ritalin Gone Wrong

New evidence Ritalin's benefits are only short term, but the harm it does to kids lasts | New York Times, USA

Police seize drugs with street value of $15m

Victoria Police have found up to $15 million worth of pure amphetamine, cash and guns, during drug raids across Victoria | ABC News, Australia

Needle and syringe types and their potential impact on HIV

A report commissioned by the Global Fund towards the end of last year, exploring the issue of needle and syringe types and their potential impact on HIV | Eurasian Harm Reduction Network

Fighting drug addiction in the midst of war

Chief Correspondent Alex Thomson reports from the streets of Kabul on Afghanistan's spiralling drug addiction - and the difficulty of tackling it in the middle of a war | Channel 4, UK

A Casualty of the Afghan Opium Trade

Her father had borrowed the man’s money for his poppy venture. And now it was up to her to repay that debt. No, she was the repayment | Pulitzer Center, USA