DS Daily - 8th February 2012


No place to go as cuts force mother-and-baby drug treatment centre to close

Naomi House in Bristol has weaned many young mothers off drugs so they can keep their babies | Guardian, UK

Open letter to MPs on minimum pricing

On the day that Dr. Sarah Wollaston MP leads a debate on the government's Alcohol Strategy in Westminster Hall, a wide coalition of health campaigning groups and medical professionals have published an open letter asking for MPs to support minimum pricing of alcohol for sake of the nation's health | Alcohol Concern, UK

Minimum pricing on alcohol is legal in EU says Nicola Sturgeon

Scottish Government’s plans to introduce a minimum price for alcohol are, in principle, “entirely compatible” with European Union law, Nicola Sturgeon has been told by senior EU officials | The Scotsman, UK

Alcohol Behaviour Change

The Scottish Government’s Alcohol Behaviour Change is this year encouraging women to ‘Drop a Glass Size’ in 2012 | Scottish Government, UK

Alcohol attributable hospital admissions

The South West Public Health Observatory has published a series of reports analysing alcohol attributable hospital admissions in top tier local authority areas across the region | South West Public Health Observatory, UK

Water down beer to tackle binge drinking, alcohol industry is told

Alcoholic drinks in Britain could be watered down under controversial Government plans to deal with binge drinking, a health minister said yesterday | Daily Mail, UK

Public health strategy – government responds to MPs

The government responded to a report by a committee of MPs on public health. It said that it welcomed the committee's endorsement of the intention to give greater prominence and priority to public health policy - Response | Social Policy Digest, UK

The Work Programme: keep calm and carry on

CentreForum acknowledges that in certain areas of the Work Programme a different approach would have been beneficial. But its report warns that changing course would undermine efforts to tackle long term unemployment, and threaten future government contracting for services - Download report | CentreForum, UK

Youth unemployment: the crisis we cannot afford

Youth unemployment is now one of the greatest challenges facing the country. Nearly 1½ million young people are currently not in education, employment or training – over 1 in 5 of all young people | ACEVO Commission on Youth Unemployment, UK

Work programme 2012

The 2012 EMCDDA work programme takes forward activities begun in 2010 to implement the EMCDDA's three-year strategy (2010–12). This strategy seeks to: consolidate and deepen the analysis of core datasets held at the EMCDDA; invest in more complex and policy-relevant analysis; and develop a small number of new areas of strategic importance - Download | EMCDDA

Steering Group Report on a National substance misuse strategy

A key aim of this Strategy is the promotion of healthier lifestyle choices throughout society in relation to alcohol | Department of Health, Ireland

National Substance Misuse Strategy 2009 to 2016 - Minority Report

Most regrettably, MEAS has found itself in a position where it is obliged to submit this Minority Report despite supporting many of the Majority Report recommendations | Mature Enjoyment of Alcohol in Society Limited, Ireland

Supervised Injecting Facilities Do they Work ?

The Burnet Institute continues to research the feasibility of a North Richmond equivalent to Sydney’s Kings Cross facilities | INEF, Ireland

Alcohol Strategy – political will key to turning ‘blueprint for change’ into plan of action

Alcohol Action Ireland, the national charity for alcohol-related issues, today welcomed the new National Substance Misuse Strategy saying it provided a blueprint for change and marked an opportunity to have a different relationship with alcohol | Alcohol Action Ireland

How good overdose prevention program should look like

Eurasian Harm Reduction Network (EHRN) presents new publication – A guide to developing and implementing overdose prevention programs - Download | EHRN

College students have a significantly higher rate of treatment admissions for alcohol problems

Nearly half of all substance abuse treatment admissions involving college students were primarily for treating alcohol disorders | SAMHSA, USA

Iowa is trying to put a stop to prescription drug abuse

A system called PMP, or Prescription Monitoring Program allows them to be able to see how often a patient is filling and refilling their prescriptions in the state | MSNBC, USA

Vaccine to beat heroin addiction 'is just five years away'

Mexico's Health Secretary Salomon Chertorivski said the Government had patented the treatment after successfully testing it on addicted rats | Daily Mail, UK

WA bans potentially fatal synthetic cocaine and ecstasy

The potentially fatal psychoactive drug MDPV will be banned in WA from midnight on Friday, the state government announced today | Sydney Morning Herald, Australia

Booze review call

Bottle shops should be closed at 11pm and pubs and clubs should stop serving alcohol at 3am to reduce alcohol-related violence and injuries, health experts say | The Age, Australia