DS Daily - 15th February 2012


ACMD letter on further advice on the classification of two steroidal substances

Letter from Les Iversen to Lord Henley provides further advice on the classification of two steroidal substances | ACMD, UK

Legal highs evade being banned as scientists run out of cash to test them

Funding cuts mean crime networks can flood Britain with new drugs | Guardian, UK

Naloxone overdose prevention training spread slowly in England

After being initiated in London, training for addiction treatment staff in managing overdose using naloxone cascaded to other staff and to patients at a disappointingly slow pace. Is this a sign of the low priority given to overdose prevention? | Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK

'Addiction' choir gets royal visit

The Raucous Caucus Recovery Chorus - a choir run by the charity Action on Addiction whose patron the Duchess of Cambridge visited on Tuesday | Today prog, BBC, UK

New £1m fund for communities to tackle binge and underage drinking

A new £1 million fund to give local communities the tools they need to tackle binge and underage drinking was announced today by the Government's Champion for Active Safer Communities, Baroness Newlove | Communities and Local Government, UK

David Cameron vow to tackle binge drinking 'scandal'

Prime Minister David Cameron is set to call for bars, supermarkets and the drinks industry to do more to help ensure responsible drinking | BBC, UK

Building Safe, Active Communities: Strong foundations by local people

The report also provides an update on the twelve challenges to action around antisocial behaviour and alcohol that Baroness Newlove put to Government in her first report | Communities and Local Government, UK

Workers at drugs charity Lifeline set to strike over restructure

Unite accused Lifeline of closing the women’s and families’ services. It said some staff would earn about £4,000 less in the new jobs | Third Sector, UK

What next for charities delivering public services?

Payment-by-results has profound consequences for charities contracted to deliver public services. We aim to find out how they've been coping | Guardian, UK

BSDA Code of Practice for High Caffeine Content Soft Drinks

Such drinks should not be advertised, marketed or promoted to those under the age of 16 - Code of practice | British Soft Drinks Association

Public smoking bans 'drive down home smoking'

The study, published in the journal Tobacco Control, challenges the argument commonly put forward by opponents of smoke-free legislation that such bans could encourage more smoking at home | Cancer Research UK

Second Hand Smoke and Pregnant Women: Clinical Evidence

The evidence identified suggests maternal exposure to second hand smoke may result in negative outcomes for both mothers and their unborn children | Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health

Pregnant women not hearing or heeding safe drinking guidelines

A leading researcher has urged the Commonwealth Government to do more to promote safe drinking guidelines following new research that shows one in five Australian women continue drinking once they know they are pregnant | FARE,

Over 130,000 persons arrested for drugs-related charges over past four months

Thailand’s Office of Narcotics Control Board (ONCB) on Sunday reported that 135,445 persons were arrested on drug-related charges over the past four months as part of the government’s illicit drug suppression policy | Asian Harm Reduction Network