DS Daily - 22nd February 2012


Stand together to make a difference - Paul Hayes at the DDN conference

Service users and people in recovery have a key role to play in leading the development of local drug and alcohol treatment systems, Paul Hayes told DDN's Together we Stand service user conference in Birmingham on Thursday 16 February | NTA, UK

Life coaches with a history of addiction tackle reoffending

Coaches whose past experiences must include addiction or imprisonment are helping to keep Scotland's ex-offenders on the straight and narrow | Guardian, UK

Decision to axe Tyneside drug service is overturned

A controversial decision to axe a Tyneside drug addiction support service has been overturned at the 11th hour | Chronicle Live, UK

Evidence session at the HASC drug policy inquiry

Tuesday 21 February 2012 | Parliament, UK

Children of addicts have a lot to lose

Whitney Houston's daughter, Bobbi Kristina, is just one of many children struggling with the death of an addicted parent | Guardian, UK

10 radical solutions to binge drinking

Pressure to address the UK's binge drinking grows ever stronger, with a number of radical solutions being put forward to try to help people cut down | BBC, UK

Squatting law will only criminalise the homeless. Let's demolish clause 130

The million empty homes in Britain are the real scandal, not the squatting of a tiny number of occupied properties | Guardian, UK

One million child smokers

Alarming figures showed around 27% of children have lit up - enough to fill 5,200 classrooms or nearly 14,000 junior football teams | The Mirror, UK

Pub gardens ban 'would help smokers quit'

Banning smoking in pub gardens would cut cigarette use by discouraging people who only light up when they drink, according to research | Telegraph, UK

Smoking: The biggest killer of Irish women

Smoking has become the latest - and most deadly - fashion statement for women, as lung cancer now kills more women in Ireland than breast cancer | Irish Examiner

No 'magic bullet' to fight prescription drug misuse

While there is a sense the number of deaths from overdoses of prescription painkillers and other drugs has been growing, there is no central clearing house that can provide definitive statistics | CBC News, Canada

Testimony on Bill C-10 to the Senate Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs

Effective approaches to substance use; Drug treatment courts; Prevention of substance use among youth | CCSA, Canada

Congress O.K.’s Drug-Testing the Unemployed: Will It Fight Addiction?

Who benefits from forced drug tests? No one but the companies that make drug tests | TIME, USA

Decrease in use of ecstasy/MDMA

Findings from the DUMA program - Download | Australian Institute of Criminology

Cocaine and the Teen Brain: New Insights Into Addiction

When first exposed to cocaine, the adolescent brain launches a strong defensive reaction designed to minimize the drug's effects, Yale and other scientists have found. Now two new studies by a Yale team identify key genes that regulate this response and show that interfering with this reaction dramatically increases a mouse's sensitivity to cocaine | Science Daily, USA

Homeless flood into hospitals

Emergency departments are struggling to cope with growing numbers of homeless people seeking shelter and assistance because of a lack of emergency accommodation | The Age, Australia

Smoking in public: what you won't be able to do now ... and in 2015

Smoking will be banned at bus stops, taxi ranks, playgrounds, public sports grounds, and swimming pools and outdoor dining areas under tobacco reforms announced today by the NSW government | Sydney Morning Herald, Australia

Drug Crime and the Narcotics Market in Tajikistan

This report is a short summary of the following book chapter published in the Russian language: Latypov, A. (2011). Drug dealers, drug lords and drug warriors-cum-traffickers: Drug crime and the narcotics market in Tajikistan | Eurasian Harm Reduction Network

Mexican Drugs Pose No Direct Threat to Russia – Anti-Drug Chief

Mexican drug cartels do not have direct cocaine supplies to Russia, according to Mexico and Russia’s data, Russian Federal Drug Control Service head Viktor Ivanov said | RIA Novosti, Russia

UN estimates cocaine trafficking in West, Central Africa generates $900 million annually

Yuri Fedotov, the head of the U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime, told the U.N. Security Council on Tuesday that in addition to an upsurge in cocaine trafficking, West Africa is experiencing an increase in piracy, arms and human trafficking | Washington Post, USA