DS Daily - 23rd February 2012


Addicts and families given life-saving aid

Drug addicts and their families across Carmarthenshire are being equipped with skills that could save the life of a friend or loved one | This is South Wales, UK

Teenagers shot dead in Milton Keynes 'drug turf' dispute

Two teenagers were shot dead in a drugs "turf war" in Buckinghamshire, a court has heard | BBC, UK

Prisoner engineered five tonne cocaine plot from jail

A career criminal who masterminded a five tonne cocaine plot from his prison cell is facing another lengthy term inside | SOCA, UK

The new drugs replacing cocaine among London's drug-abusing professionals

So with London in the throes of a ketamine drought, what is the answer? Joel explains that there’s a new kid on the block now. Nobody’s really sure what it’s called, but they think it could be methoxetamine, a slight variant on the chemical structure of ketamine | LondonlovesBusiness, UK

SMMGP Policy Update

For January-February 2012 | SMMGP, UK

WDP achieves gold standard in volunteering

Westminster Drug Project (WDP) is proud to announce that it has been awarded the top quality ‘Investing in Volunteers’ standard from Volunteering England, an independent charity and membership organisation, committed to supporting, enabling and celebrating volunteering | WDP, UK

Newcastle University alcohol study rejects cost-price plan

A ban on the sale of alcohol below cost price, due to be introduced in April, will have a "limited impact" on overall alcohol pricing, new research claims | BBC, UK

Tackling the UK's drink problem

View the partners page on the Department of Health website and a cross section of food and drink manufacturers and distributors pop up. Rather thinner on the ground are public health and campaigning bodies. Indeed a number of them refused to sign up to the Deal | Works for Freedom, UK

Portman Group rejects “doomsday” alcohol outlook

Gavin Partington, spokesman for the Wine & Spirit Trade Association, emphasised: “The drinks industry is committed to helping the government tackle alcohol misuse, alongside other stakeholders | The Drinks Business, UK

Calling time on huge tax hikes – brewers deliver ‘message in a bottle’ to MPs

With Budget 2012 just a few weeks way, the British Beer & Pub Association has today delivered a special ‘message in a bottle’ to MPs warning of the dangers of another huge hike in the tax on beer this year | British Beer & Pub Association, UK

2012 Hot Topics Conference UK - Call for Abstracts

We are looking for abstracts reflecting the range of Hot Topics faced by drug and alcohol services, and we know that there are plenty of those at the moment. We are especially interested in abstracts concerning injecting issues and harm reduction approaches | Hot Topics, UK

Liverpool Addictions Conference

A free one day conference for professionals working in the health and wellbeing, criminal justice, and social support fields | Liverpool John Moores University, UK

Healthcare Public Health Advice to CCGs

Guidance to Support the Provision of Healthcare Public Health Advice to Clinical Commissioning Groups | Department of Health, UK

DWP work programme statistical release

This document contains official statistics produced by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) on referrals and attachments to the Work Programme which are being released for the first time on 21st February 2012 and thereafter on a quarterly basis | DWP, UK

The Work Programme should help the jobless, not contractors

Without data about how many start and stay in work, this new report on the government's welfare-to-work scheme is hopeless | Guardian, UK

Rough Sleeping England - Autumn 2011

This is the second annual statistical release following the introduction of revised guidance on evaluating the extent of rough sleeping in September 2010 - Download | Communities and Local Government, UK

5,200 classrooms of UK kids start smoking every year

These shocking figures, revealed in a new analysis by Cancer Research UK, highlight the ongoing scale of the tobacco problem, and underline the importance of sustained action to discourage young people from starting to smoke, including by introducing plain packaging for all tobacco products as soon as possible | Cancer Research UK

Take the Leap and Quit Smoking

The Ulster Cancer Foundation (UCF) is asking thousands of smokers in Northern Ireland to Take the Leap on No Smoking Day, Wednesday 14th March, and stop smoking | Public Health Agency, Belfast

Don’t adopt U.S.-style drug laws, group warns Canada

Citing overcrowded jails and a failed zero-tolerance drug policy in the U.S., a group of mostly retired American police officers, judges, and criminal law policy advisers is urging the Conservative government not to make the same mistake | The Star, Canada

U.S. officials tell Tories war on drugs has failed

A high-profile group of current and former U.S. law enforcement officials has written to the Conservative government with a surprising message: Take it from us, the war on drugs has been a “costly failure.” | Ottawa Citizen, Canada

NIDA creates easy-to-read website on drug abuse

New site for adults with limited literacy skills, with audio versions of each page | NIDA, USA

Mobile phone smoking cessation interventions recommended by US Government Task Force

Recently, the Community Preventive Services Task Force made a positive recommendation for using mobile phone-based tobacco cessation interventions. This recommendation is significant because it was based on existing research, as opposed to some other approaches used to recommend apps | iMedical Apps

iHeal Project develops mobile platform for monitoring and treating drug abuse

Developed by researchers at the University of Massachusetts Medical School and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the platform includes a wireless sensor for biophysical monitoring, artificial intelligence, wireless connectivity and a smartphone as a multimedia device, to detect developing drug cravings and present innovative interventions to the participants | British Journal of Healthcare Computing

FOI request reveals Government ignored its own research on pregnancy warning labels

Two reports released by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) that demonstrate the effectiveness of alcohol health warning labels, have raised questions as to why the Commonwealth Government chose to ignore the findings of its own commissioned research | FARE, Australia

NSW Tobacco Strategy 2012-2017

The NSW Tobacco Strategy 2012-2017 provides an overarching framework for the actions that the NSW Government will lead to reduce smoking and tobacco related harm in NSW - Download | NSW Government, Australia