DS Daily - 24th February 2012


Challenging stigma and discrimination towards drug users

Consultancy specification & invitation to bid | UKDPC

Union dismay over transfer of service

A nursing union has expressed disappointment after it emerged that drug and alcohol misuse services in Darlington are to be taken away from the NHS and handed to a third-party provider | Northern Echo, UK

Mexican scientists successfully test vaccine that could cut heroin addiction

Vaccine makes the body resistant to the pleasure effect of the drug and is now being prepared for tests on humans | Guardian, UK

How many hazardous drinkers are identified and advised in London hospitals?

At three London hospitals 4% of inpatients completed a brief alcohol intervention after being screened by ward staff. Staff were positive and on one ward nearly half the patients were screened and one in ten counselled, but the overall results are unlikely to dent the public health burden imposed by drinking | Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK

Parliamentary sessions curtailed by change in drinking culture

The arrest of a Labour MP - following an alleged late-night altercation in a Commons bar - is the latest episode in the colourful history of Parliament's watering holes, which have fuelled gossip, killed careers and occasionally broken out in song | BBC, UK

Projections of alcohol-related deaths in England and Wales

Tragic toll or potential prize? (Login required) | The Lancet, UK

Providing advice and assistance to single homeless people

This template letter should be used by local authorities as a basis for the advice and assistance they give to single homeless people – whether they have made an application or not | Homeless Link, UK

Cynthia Bower announces resignation as Chief Executive of CQC

Cynthia Bower has agreed with the Chair that she will remain in post until autumn 2012 to allow for an appropriate handover. The recruitment process for her successor will begin shortly | Care Quality Commission, UK

Sector heads urge George Osborne to bring in measures for charities in the Budget

Fourteen voluntary sector chief executives have sent a joint letter to the Chancellor, George Osborne, urging him to introduce a series of measures to help charities in next month’s Budget | Third Sector, UK

Sector regulation: a short guide to the Health and Social Care Bill

What you need to know as a provider of NHS-funded service - Download short guide | Department of Health, UK

Government is not delivering on mental health

The government's mental health strategy set out five key issues affecting mental health, but current policy across departments is failing to address them | Guardian, UK

Helping people of South Asian origin to stop using smokeless tobacco

NICE opens consultation on draft guidance | NICE, UK

Women’s ‘journeys’ to homelessness

Key findings from a biographical study of homeless women in Ireland. Women and homelessness in Ireland, Research Paper | School of Social Work and Social Policy and Children’s Research Centre, Trinity College Dublin

Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa)

Drug profile | EMCDDA

The OxyContin disaster

The barn door is closed; now the question is who is going to clean up the mess OxyContin has left behind in Ontario? | Ottawa Citizen, Canada

What You Need to Know About Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C kills more Americans than HIV. How does the virus spread? | TIME, USA

New guidelines could define one in 10 as having an alcohol disorder

Australian drug researchers believe the number of people in the country who will fit the criteria for problematic alcohol use will rise by about 60 per cent - or half a million people - under new criteria in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders | Sydney Morning Herald, Australia

Social and emotional wellbeing workers

A new web resource for Indigenous social and emotional wellbeing (SEWB) workers - includes substance use issues | Centre for Indigenous Australian Education and Research

Good Example For New Zealand

With the announcement of smoking to be banned in outdoor dining areas in NSW from 2015 and in playgrounds, sports grounds and swimming pools as soon as possible, the Cancer Society’s Smokefree Advisor, Skye Kimura thinks it is only a matter of time before we have similar bans here | Scoop, New Zealand