DS Daily - 6th January 2012


Anthrax team raises heroin supply issue

A report into an anthrax outbreak which killed 14 heroin addicts suggests officials should consider prescribing the drug during any future contaminations | The Herald, Scotland, UK

JSNA support pack for commissioners

The JSNA support pack for commissioners outlines key principles that local areas might consider when developing plans for an integrated recovery system. There are five principles, followed by a series of prompts to help put them into practice | NTA, UK

JSNA support pack for strategic partners

This pack sets out the investment in drug treatment in each area and the benefits this brings. It also gives key performance information about the local treatment system and national data for comparison | NTA, UK

Why Invest presentation

The Why Invest? presentation shows how investing in local drug treatment and recovery services benefits individuals, strengthens families and makes communities safer | NTA, UK

Extent of illicit drug use and dependence, and their contribution to the global burden of disease

This paper summarises data for the prevalence, correlates, and probable adverse health consequences of problem use of amphetamines, cannabis, cocaine, and opioids | The Lancet, UK

Drug policy and the public good: evidence for effective interventions

Evidence-based interventions are increasingly being identified that are capable of making drugs less available, reducing violence in drug markets, lessening misuse of legal pharmaceuticals, preventing drug use initiation in young people, and reducing drug use and its consequences in established drug users | The Lancet, UK

How well do international drug conventions protect public health?

Over the past 50 years international drug treaties have neither prevented the globalisation of the illicit production and non-medical use of these drugs, nor, outside of developed countries, made these drugs adequately available for medical use | The Lancet, UK

Hackney drug centre staff ballot for industrial action over cuts to services

Unite, the largest union in the country, is balloting its 36 members at the Tudor Grove centre. The ballot opens in mid-January and closes by the end of the month | Unite The Union, UK

Lifeline Hackney update

Unite The Union Released a press briefing 5/1/12 which does not reflect the positions of Lifeline as an organisation, nor the majority of our workforce | Lifeline, UK

Benzydamine from Tantum Rosa now available in UK as a legal high

Southampton has become the first place in the UK where officials acknowledge that an Eastern European feminine hygiene product is being abused by people in order to experience a ‘legal high’ from its benzydamine hydrochloride ingredient | Digital Journal, Canada

Cannabis valued at £4.8m seized at Port of Tilbury

Cannabis valued at £4.8m by border control officers has been seized at an Essex port after travelling from Cuba | BBC, UK

Big Alcohol‘s Global Playbook

New markets, reduced regulation and lower taxes | Corporations and Health Watch

Higher alcohol prices may curb drinking: study

Findings published in the journal Addiction showed that each 10 percent price hike in the minimum price of beer, liquor and alcoholic beverages led people to drink 3.4 percent less alcohol overall, with consumption of specific types of alcohol falling even more | Reuters

Scottish motorists defy festive drink-drive crackdown

The number caught driving under the influence of drink or drugs over the festive period were higher than previous years | The Scotsman, UK

Benefit cut to create ‘grim New Year’

A million households up and down the country are facing a very grim New Year as cuts to housing benefit - that Crisis and others have been campaigning against - are brought in | Crisis, UK

Experimental hepatitis C vaccine tested

This was an important initial study into the development of a vaccine against a virus that is difficult to detect and treat. As this was an early-stage study, it will be several years before it could potentially result in an available vaccine | NHS Choices, UK

Drug Problems Persist for Flower Power Retirees

German health workers are reporting a spike in the number of elderly addicts as a generation of baby boomers reaches retirement age. But the healthcare system isn't prepared to handle them | Spiegel, Germany

Federal Funding Ban on Needle Exchange Programs

As noted in the President’s National Drug Control Strategy, we will continue to work with Congress and public health agencies to ensure that needle exchange programs are implemented in the context of comprehensive, recovery-oriented public health systems that also offer IDUs treatment for addiction, other medical care, and testing for HIV and hepatitis B and C | ONDCP, USA

200 million people use illegal drugs; what is the toll on health?

About 200 million people around the world use illegal drugs every year, and that may be taking a toll on health and death rates in various countries, says a report released Thursday in the Lancet | LA Times, USA

Kiwis, Australians top world dope list

Cannabis is the world's most popular illicit drug - and Australia and New Zealand top the list of users, an Australian study has found | New Zealand Herald

Interview with Professor Louisa Degenhardt

Professor Louisa Degenhardt discusses findings that Australia and New Zealand have the highest rates of cannabis and amphetamine use in the world | ABC News, Australia

Drug use and the child's right to health

Submission to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child | Harm Reduction International