DS Daily - 29th March 2012


First 'legal high' to be banned under new powers

A new temporary control power will be used for the first time to ban so-called legal high 'mexxy', the Home Office announced today | Home Office, UK

Statement of evidence - methoxetamine

Letter of advice from the chair of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs, Les Iversen, to the Minister of State for Crime Prevention and Antisocial Behaviour Reduction on the council's recommendation to treat methoxetamine as a Schedule 1 drug | Home Office, UK

Home Secretary's response to the ACMD's advice on methoxetamine

The Government will introduce a temporary class drug order on methoxetamine following the ACMD’s initial advice. Download response | Home Office, UK

JSNA support pack for drug and alcohol commissioners

This document outlines key principles that local areas might consider when developing plans for an integrated recovery system | NTA, UK

Derbyshire drug service gets £2.2m relaunch

Drug addiction treatment in Derbyshire is to become more focused on recovery in a £2.2m relaunch, the NHS has said | BBC, UK

Release's submission to the Home Affairs Select Committee's Inquiry into Drugs

An effective drug strategy will be dependent on a number of factors including investment in drug treatment and harm reduction services ... will demonstrate that the current criminal justice system approach fails in its aim to deter drug use and in fact creates significant harms for certain sections of society | Release, UK

Alcohol consumption in the European Union

Consumption, harm and policy approaches | World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe

Would introducing a minimum price for alcohol of 40p per unit breach UK law?

The government has a good chance of defending its plans against legal challenge | Guardian, UK

Charities, Voluntary organisations - Standard note

This note provides further background to the Big Society concept; the role of the voluntary and community sector; and outlines some of the Government’s initiatives in this area. Download Big Society and the voluntary sector | Parliament, UK

The Troubled Families programme

Financial framework for the payment-by-results scheme for local authorities | Communities and Local Government, UK

Riots Communities and Victims Panel’s final report

This report has been presented to the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of the Official Opposition - Summary | Riots Communities and Victims Panel, UK

Cuts risk trapping more people in homelessness

Survey of 500 homeless services shows rising demand, as cuts hit number of homeless people moving on to homes and jobs | Homeless Link, UK

Indicator Portal

This website gathers together a number of health and social care indicators | NHS Information Centre, UK

New tools to help mental health professionals deal with physical health

The tools have been developed as part of the 20 Years Too Soon campaign, which aims to raise awareness of the fact that people affected by severe mental illness die on average twenty years younger than the general population, mostly as a result of preventable physical conditions | Rethink Mental Illnes, UK

ICGP has published an update to its opiate guidelines

The ICGP has emailed the updated guidelines to every substance misuse doctor in order to make them fully aware of the changes | Irish Medical News

Scrap minimum terms for drug crimes, two medical officers urge

The senior medical officers of two provinces are urging the federal government to scrap controversial mandatory minimum sentences and use scientific evidence to create drug policies that work | Globe and Mail, Canada

Ottawa's ideology-based drug policies under fire

Prominent public health figures are speaking out against the way Ottawa approaches drug policy, asserting that the government is putting ideology over hard facts | CTV, Canada

Dangerous Teen Craze Whip-Its Making a Comeback?

There is growing concern among health professionals that Whip-Its - small canisters filled with nitrous oxide that can be used as a recreational drug and were reportedly used by actress Demi Moore shortly before she was rushed to the hospital in January -are making a comeback among teenagers and young adults across the country | abc News, USA

Victory for energy workers over urine drug testing

The arbitrator this week ruled in favour of unions representing workers from the state-owned Endeavour Energy company, who argued that oral swabs, which generally detect drugs used only in the past few hours, should be used instead of urine tests | Sydney Morning Herald, Australia

2012 National Drug and Alcohol Awards

Nominations officially close at 5pm Monday 30th April 2012

Quitline Launches Mobile Website

The new website offers a slimmed down version of the existing site, focussing on key tools and advice to help people quit smoking whilst on the move | Scoop, New Zealand

Malaysian Mosque Is Also a Methadone Clinic

At Ar-Rahman mosque, doctors from the University of Malaya have succeeded in getting the religious authorities onboard in what the World Health Organization says is the world’s first methadone program operating out of a mosque | New York Times, USA

Red Cross Weighs in on Drug Criminalization

It was therefore of note that at the recent annual session of the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND), the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) representative spoke not only about the harm reduction work that the organization has long supported but about drug policy more generally | Open Society Foundations, USA