DS Daily - 19th February 2013

Outcomes matter - new recovery outcomes products available

At the heart of each individual's recovery journey is the process of planning, setting goals, reviewing progress and adapting approaches to enable them to achieve recovery. The Treatment Outcomes Profile (TOP) supports this cycle. To encourage key workers, managers, commissioners to use TOP to its full potential new resources have been released | NTA, UK

Child poverty consultation: joint Adfam, Alcohol Concern and DrugScope response (PDF)

Key messages include: Household income should be the central measure; We recognise public concerns, but opinion surveys should be interpreted and applied with caution; A fraction of the 2,300,000 children currently in poverty will be living with a parent with a drug or alcohol problem; There is a lack of reference to research on parental drug and alcohol problems and child poverty in the consultation document; The DWP should monitor the impact of welfare reforms (e.g., of Universal Credit) on people with histories of substance misuse and dependency | DrugScope, UK

Boris Johnson condemns David Cameron's minimum alcohol price plans

Boris Johnson has criticised David Cameron's "regressive" plans to bring in a minimum alchohol price, saying it will not stop binge-drinking | Telegraph, UK

New Ipsos MORI poll shows 53% of GB public want cannabis legalised or decriminalised

A new poll by Ipsos MORI, commissioned by Transform Drug Policy Foundation, shows that over half of the public (53%) support cannabis legalisation (legal regulation of production and supply) or decriminalisation of possession of cannabis | Transform blog, UK

Tide turns on drug reform: Even Daily Mail readers warm to legalisation

Over half the public - including 45% of Daily Mail readers - now support the legalisation of cannabis, new research suggests | Politics.co.uk, UK

Just one in seven want drugs laws liberalised and majority say possession should remain criminal offence 

Only one in seven members of the public backs the radical liberalising of drugs laws, a survey has shown | Daily Mail, UK

Legalising drugs would be the perfect Tory policy

It would save money, aid global security and be tough on crime. What could appeal to Conservatives more? | Guardian CIF, UK

Princess Royal visits Bristol drug rehabilitation centre

The Princess Royal has met people with drug, alcohol or gambling problems in Bristol to celebrate the 25th anniversary of an addiction centre | BBC, UK

Just a Few Drinks - Wednesday BBC 2 4.30pm

Four young people tell how an evening of drinking alcohol led to a sequence of events that changed their lives. At the time, they all set out just wanting to have a good time, but after their experience with alcohol their attitude... | BBC, UK

Ethics of asking

The Daily Express have a story about a survey carried out with school children in Perth and Kinross | MentorThinks, UK 

Addicted to painkillers at 14: Schoolgirl speaks of 'horrendous ordeal' after developing excruciating back condition

A schoolgirl in so much pain she became hooked painkillers by the age of 14 has spoken of her ordeal - and how she got her life back on track | Mail Online, UK

New Zealand to act on tobacco packaging

New Zealand says it will put all tobacco products into plain packaging, following the landmark move by Australia last year | BBC, UK

Geologists erupt after Iain Duncan Smith shelf-stacking jibe

Professional body reacts angrily to minister's suggestion that shelf stackers do a more important job than geologists | Guardian, UK

Concern over Garda station closures in Irish border areas

There has been strong reaction in border areas of the Irish Republic to the closure of local Garda stations | BBC, UK

Elton John's charity helps addicts avoid HIV risk

The Elton John AIDS Foundation is funding a €700,000 project over three years | Irish Independent, Ireland

New Drug Regulation in Norway

A new drug regulation is issued last week. Accordingly, many newly developed drugs, such as synthetic cannabinoids, are regarded as drugs in Norway | Nordic Page, Norway

Dangerous new meth method spreading in New England

The meth scourge is making inroads into New England thanks to a new, highly dangerous method of making the addictive stimulant that is so easy the drugs can be cooked inside a plastic water bottle tucked into someone's pocket | My Fox Boston, USA

ICYMI: My interview with U.S. drug czar Gil Kerlikowske

Gil Kerlikowske is U.S. President Obama’s director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy—more commonly known as the U.S. “drug czar.” His long career in law enforcement included serving as police chief in two border cities: Buffalo and Seattle | Bilateralist, USA

Anatomy of a heroin ring 

Dana Bostic's gang-affiliated west-side drug organization employed dozens of residents, served thousands of customers, established ties with Mexican drug cartels, and relied on violence to stay in business | Chicago Reader, USA

Curb booze marketing to youngsters: AMA

Doctors are again criticising the alcohol industry's marketing of its products to Australia's young drinkers | SBS, Australia

NZ to introduce plain packaging of tobacco products

The Government is expecting legal challenges over plain cigarette packaging and has warned they could cost taxpayers up to $6 million | NZ Herald, New Zealand