Daily news -19th April 2017

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UK news

Charities see psychoactive drug addiction rise

Two Welsh charities claim to have seen an increase in the number of people approaching them with addictions to psychoactive drugs | BBC, UK

Smoking, drinking and drug use trends among young people in England

Updated resource gives overview of drug use data for young people and tips for effective school-based drug education | Mentor, UK

Lords Licensing Committee review calls for major overhaul

The Lords Licensing Act 2003 committee has published its findings on the controversial legislation calling for a fundamental overhaul of the Act | alcohol Policy UK, UK

What's the crack: the darknet

Latest podcast | King’s College London, UK

Why I Was Wrong About The Psychoactive Substances Act

Just under a year ago, on May 26th, 2016, the Psychoactive Substances Act finally came into force after months of delays | Volte Face, UK

£40,000 worth of drugs discovered at 'unsafe' Lancashire prison

Report on HMP Garth comes as European watchdog says none of British jails it visited could be considered safe for inmates or staff | Guardian, UK

Prison Drug Policy Symposium – London 5th May

Volteface is proud to announce our latest event: High Stakes: Prison Drug Policy Symposium at the Barbican | Volte Face, UK

No charges over Broadstone Middle School cocaine scare

A man who was arrested after a child was found to be in possession of cocaine at a Dorset school has been released without charge | BBC, UK

Mum Lucy King denies manslaughter after daughter died taking heroin substitute methadone

A toddler died after she drank her mother’s heroin substitute medication left in a measuring cup behind the television the night before she was due to take it, a court heard | Kent Online, UK

Taxi driver fined £230 for smoking in HIS OWN cab

A taxi driver in Lincolnshire has been forced to pay up over £230 after being caught smoking in his own cab | Lincolnshire Live, UK


International news

Officers rue the return of US 'war on drugs'

Nearly half a century ago, Richard Nixon called for an "all-out offensive" on drug abuse. It was the opening salvo in America's longest running war | BBC, UK

Houston's new district attorney stands by her bold move to decriminalize marijuana

The ambitious Democrat has put herself at odds with the US attorney general’s call for harsher drug policies – and it’s just the start of her plans | Guardian, UK

Drugs Ireland: pushing back the rising tide

Customs officials are as vigilant as they can be but they barely put a dent into the huge volumes of drugs smuggled into this country. Graham Clifford reports from Rosslare port on the many different ways smugglers try to avoid detection | Independent, Ireland

'Sick people don't need to be in court' - Senator Aodhán O Riordain backs decriminalising all drugs for personal use

Decriminalising drug use will help addicts as "sick people do not need to be in a court room", Senator Aodhán O Riordain said today | Independent, Ireland

Topical cannabinoids may help to treat skin diseases

Cannabinoids - a class of chemicals found in cannabis - may be effective as a topical treatment for an array of skin diseases, including psoriasis, severe itching, and atopic and contact dermatitis. This is the conclusion of a new review by researchers from the University of Colorado | MNT, USA

Cannabis-based medicine may cut seizures in half for those with tough-to-treat epilepsy

Taking cannabidiol may cut seizures in half for some children and adults with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS), a severe form of epilepsy, according to new information released today from a large scale controlled clinical study that will be presented at the American Academy of Neurology's 69th Annual Meeting in Boston, April 22 to 28, 2017. Cannabidiol is a molecule from the cannabis plant that does not have the psychoactive properties that create a "high." | Medical Xpress, USA

Signs point to reduced drinking by pregnant women

Better health outcomes among pregnant women in states that require point-of-sale warning signage | Science Daily, USA

Marijuana use higher in pregnant teens than nonpregnant peers

More than twice as many pregnant 12- to 17-year-olds use marijuana as their nonpregnant peers, and significantly more use the drug than pregnant women in their 20s, according to a letter published online April 17 in the Annals of Internal Medicine | Medical Xpress, USA

Quantitative study of aldehyde content in electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes have had their share of both detractors and advocates since they hit the market in 2004. Many people believe that they are healthier than cigarettes, but others say that the effects of e-cigarette vapors are largely unknown | Phys.org, USA

For young adults, cigarettes more pleasurable with alcohol than with pot

Young adults get more pleasure from smoking cigarettes while they are drinking alcohol than they do while using marijuana, according to a new UC San Francisco study | EurekAlert, USA

Group of Addiction Experts, Insurance Executives Unites to Combat Opioid Abuse

Addiction experts have issued multiple tomes of guidelines about how best to treat the disease, but too few rehab clinics around the U.S. are following the advice, public-health officials say | Wall Street Journal, USA

The Link Between Opioids and Unemployment

A new study finds that as the jobless rate rises, so do drug overdoses | The Atlantic, USA

Special Report: Police describe kill rewards, staged crime scenes in Duterte's drug war

The Philippine police have received cash payments for executing drug suspects, planted evidence at crime scenes and carried out most of the killings they have long blamed on vigilantes, said two senior officers who are critical of President Rodrigo Duterte's "war on drugs." | Reuters, USA

A Visual History of the Pot Leaf

The role of cannabis in early religious texts to the botanical renaissance of the Victorian age | VICE, USA



Blogs, comment and opinion

Support for those bereaved through drugs or alcohol

The BEAD (Bereaved through Alcohol and Drugs) project was set up to provide practical and emotional support and information for people bereaved through drug or alcohol use | Russell Webster, UK

What is really in your drink?

Eurocare welcomes the European Commission's report recognising a need for better alcohol labelling. But does it go far enough? | IAS Blog, UK

UK Department Of Health Has Neither Requested Nor Received Any Advice On Medicinal Cannabis

This is the astonishing reality of the way the UK government is responding to the national outcry for access to cannabis as medicine. They are doing absolutely nothing | CLEAR, UK

Adverse childhood experiences and their impact on substance abuse treatment in adults

The purpose of this study was to expand upon prior research done on the effects of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) throughout the lifespan within a population of substance abusing adults receiving treatment on a residential chemical dependency treatment facility | Points Blog, USA