Daily news -25th April 2017

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UK news

Green Screen

Volteface are delighted to announce the UK launch of the Green Screen report by author Mike Power (Drugs 2.0). The Green Screen – a new policy report that outlines the benefits of an online regulated market for legal cannabis | Volte Face, UK

Why Britain's Legal Cannabis Market Should Be Online-Only

The case for a heavily regulated, internet-based weed marketplace | VICE, UK

Pro-drug legislation think tank Volte Face says that an online-only market place will cut out dealers and make millions in tax | Sky News, UK

The legal highs ban, one year on: what are your experiences?

Last May the government banned novel psychoactive substances. What impact has this had? We want to hear from drug workers and former users | Guardian, UK

Changing Scotland's Relationship with Alcohol: Recommendations for further action

A new report has been released by Alcohol Focus Scotland (AFS) calling for bold action by the Scottish Government as it prepares to refresh its national alcohol strategy | Alochol Policy UK, UK

Pharmacy guidance on smoking and mental disorder

People with mental disorders have a 10-20 year lower life expectancy with smoking recognised as the single largest preventable cause. Smoking among people with mental disorders has changed little over the past two decades, in contrast with the rest of the general population | Royal Pharmaceutical Society, UK

Tobacco: Packaging

To ask the Secretary of State for Health, what plans he has to introduce maximum pack size legislation for the sale of tobacco products | They work for you, UK

BMJ: Tobacco Control - May issue

Conayining a number of open access articles | BMJ, UK

Press Release: Mentor Launches Kinship Care Week 2017

Kinship carers are family members or friends who look after children when their parents are unable to. Mentor today launches its Kinship Care Week as a new survey shows high expectation among parents (73%) for grandparents to take on childcare, if parents can no longer do so. Only 6% would chose a statutory care home | Mentor, UK

WATCH: The Entire Episode of VICELAND's 'Stoned' Here for Free

On Wednesday night VICELAND aired Stoned, a one-hour special exploring a load of myths and questions from the world of weed. Questions such as: Does weed really affect your short term memory? Does getting high actually make you a bit more gay? Whether or not smoking cannabis makes you a creative genius, and a bunch of other stuff | VICE, UK

The NHS Has Prescribed Medical Cannabis for the First Time

To an 11-year-old boy who suffers from life-threatening epilepsy | VICE, UK

I Went to Vape Jam to Learn the 'Truth' About Vaping

It's a beautiful sunny Saturday and I'm headed into the cavernous belly of the ExCeL centre to experience something pretty close to my personal idea of hell: Vape Jam 3 | VICE, UK

Deprived areas see greatest pub losses, finds study

The most socially deprived areas have seen the greatest loss of pubs in recent years, while supermarkets have flourished, a University of Sheffield study has found | Morning Advertiser, UK

Why Acid Attacks Have Doubled in the UK

The use of corrosive liquids to disfigure people for life is becoming sickeningly popular | VICE, UK

British prisoners smoking improvised roll-ups spark fire concerns

Inmates in UK prisons have been looking for ways to circumnavigate a smoking ban | IBTimes, UK

Woman claims photo of her dying father is used on cigarette packet warning without permission

“It is horrific to see my dad who has just passed away on a fag packet. It is morally wrong and extremely distressing for the whole family” | Independent, UK

Dover methadone mother Lucy King 'tried to save' toddler

The mother of a child who swallowed a fatal dose of a heroin substitute has told of her desperate bid to save her | BBC, UK

Pair charged over £500,000 Edinburgh drugs haul

A man and a woman have been charged with drugs offences after almost £500,000 worth of heroin, cocaine and cannabis was found at homes in the south of Edinburgh | BBC, UK


International news

New plan to legalise and tax cannabis launches in Switzerland

Ban is 'simply stupid from an economic point of view', argues group | Independent, UK

Report: Global Drug Trafficking Market Worth Half a Trillion Dollars

A new report has revealed astounding estimates of the global illegal drug trade’s scale, and has detailed a variety of new trafficking trends | Talking Drugs, UK

Alcohol ruling drives Indian bar-goers round bends

Business owners walk a fine line in ingenious efforts to skirt supreme court ban on sale of alcohol within 500 metres of highways | Guardian, UK

Father of former Miss World Philippines latest victim in Duterte's war on drugs 

The father of 2015 Miss World Philippines has become the latest victim in a war on drugs that has claimed over 8000 lives since president Rodrigo Duterte took power last year | Telegraph, UK

Drug dealing happens in mental health facilities across the country, doctor says

Injection centres, medicinal cannabis and investment were on the agenda at the IMO’s annual conference | Journal, Ireland

Trump appears to be bringing back the drug war, but cops may not welcome its return

Senior Trump administration officials have signaled that the US's protracted drug war will return to full force, but law enforcement, long tasked with manning the front line of that war, may not welcome the return of the duties and dangers it entails | Business Insider, UK

Everything you need to know about roadside drug testing by Gardai

Our Q&A explains the process along with a list of dos and don’ts | Irish Mirror, Ireland

Genetic factors may contribute to adverse effects produced by synthetic cannabinoids

Synthetic cannabinoid abuse is a growing problem in the US. New discoveries tied to genetic factors that increase a person's risk for experiencing the most dangerous effects of these drugs could lead to more effective treatments and antidotes | Science Daily, USA

'Alarmingly high' risk of death for people with opioid use disorder in general medical care

Almost one-fifth of patients with opioid use disorder (OUD) in a large healthcare system died during a four-year follow-up period, reports a new study | Science Daily, USA

Secretary Price Announces HHS Strategy for Fighting Opioid Crisis

Today, we have people dying from drug overdoses in the middle of funerals for loved ones who just days before died of an overdose. We have unimaginably lethal drugs, like fentanyl and carfentanil, pouring into our communities and instantly becoming best sellers because of their reputation for delivering a high so powerful that it can kill you with just one hit | HHS.gov, USA

Overcoming Opioids: Special schools help teens stay clean

When Logan Snyder got hooked on pills after a prescription to treat pain from a kidney stone, she joined the millions already swept up in the nation's grim wave of addiction to opioid painkillers | Medical Xpress, USA

Methadone may reduce need for opioids after surgery

Patients undergoing spinal fusion surgery who are treated with methadone during the procedure require significantly less intravenous and oral opioids to manage postoperative pain, reports a new study published in the May issue of Anesthesiology, the peer-reviewed medical journal of the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) | EurekAlert, USA

Solving the hepatitis C epidemic among people with substance abuse disorders

One of the most dramatic medical success stories in the past few years has been the introduction of new drugs that eradicate hepatitis C virus (HCV). But it's a different story among HCV patients with substance use disorders | Medical Xpress, USA

Medical Cannabis Expo: Practice Runs Ahead of Science

With legal barriers holding up research, patients aren't waiting for randomized trials | MedPage Today, USA

People Who Smoke Weed Every Day Have More Suicidal Thoughts, Study Says

The study also found that stoners felt more alienated and like they were a burden to others | Broadly, USA

Man who was denied lung transplant over marijuana use dies

A Utah man who initially was denied a life-saving lung transplant because marijuana was found in his system died over the weekend | NYPost, USA

This Man Lost His Memory After An Overdose, And Doctors Don't Know Why

This is Max Meehan, a 27-year-old heroin addict from eastern Massachusetts | BuzzFeed, USA

Here's what magic mushrooms do to your body and mind

Several small studies have linked the psychoactive ingredient in shrooms (which are illegal) with several purported health benefits, including the potential to help relieve anxiety and depression | Business Insider, USA

Why not decriminalize drug use? VP urges gov’t to study Portugal move

Is decriminalizing drug use the better alternative to killing drug addicts? | Inquirer, USA

A March for Science in Addiction Treatment and Drug Policy

If America wants to solve the overdose crisis, policymakers need to listen to real scientists, not so-called experts whose primary qualification is that they beat their own addiction | the Fix, USA

The Opioid Epidemic, the Border Wall, and Magical Thinking

President Trump’s confounding approach to drug policy | The Atlantic, USA

Charge Rodrigo Duterte With Mass Murder, Lawyer Tells The Hague

A complaint filed with the International Criminal Court said that the Philippine president was the “mastermind” of a campaign that has killed more than 9,400 people since 1988 | NYTimes, USA

Health Canada to allow more access to prescription heroin to curb opioid crisis

Health Canada's proposal to loosen regulations on importing prescription heroin to treat opioid addiction is being hailed as a crucial step to reducing fentanyl-fuelled deaths across the country | CBC News, Canada

The Effects of Psychoactive Prescription Drugs on Driving (PDF)

The current review explores the extent to which psychoactive prescription drugs can adversely affect the cognitive and motor functions essential for the safe operation of a motor vehicle and thereby increase the risk of crash involvement | CCSA, Canada


Blogs, comment and opinion

Online alcohol sales are booming, but what are the implications?

Recent news that the UK tops the European tables for online alcohol sales perhaps won’t come as a surprise to too many people | IAS Blog, UK

A Tobacco Endgame for Scotland?

An editorial in the November 2016 edition of Tobacco Control argued that talk about ‘tobacco endgames’ and policies that go ‘beyond ‘business as usual’ is becoming mainstream in a small number of countries, of which Scotland is one (others include New Zealand, Canada, Finland and Ireland) | BMJ Blog, UK

It’s never too late to make a positive change

In a guest post for us, David Pearce, Associate Specialist in Older Person’s Mental Health at Devon Partnership NHS Trust, writes about dementia prevention and behaviour change | ASH Scotland Blog, UK

Demanding the best for children in our care

So the clear indications that children in the care system are much more likely to be affected by tobacco, and often start smoking at a younger age than their peers, should concern us. These are children who are in our care, and we should demand the very best for them | ASH Scotland Blog, UK

Drugs: 'How is arresting someone for something that they are addicted to helping?'

Decriminalisation of addiction is our next great step to a better drug policy, writes Aodhán Ó Ríordáin | Journal opinion, Ireland