Daily news - 15th February 2017

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UK news

Overdose deaths in the UK: crisis and response

With UK drug overdose deaths now exceeding traffic fatalities, few questions generate more heat than why the fall in deaths in 2009 to 2012 so decisively reversed in the following years. Was it a recovery-inspired but life-threatening turn away from harm reduction, or simply an ageing population of heroin users? | Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK

Drug and alcohol review

A Special Issue on Intimate partner violence and substance misuse has just been published by Drug and Alcohol Review edited by Dr Gail Gilchrist (King’s College London) and Professor Kelsey Hegarty (University of Melbourne) | DAR, UK

Wine lovers face triple whammy Brexit price rise, says UK trade body

Drinks industry says consumers and firms face rises from EU referendum’s vote effect on the pound, inflation and possible higher duty | Guardian, UK

Lloyd's of London brings in strict 9-5 booze ban for employees

Row over change of alcohol rules which could mark big shift in City drinking culture | Evening Standard, UK

Jockey Club restricts drink at the races to limit bad behaviour that has blighted sport

It is one of racing's biggest showpiece events, but last year was marked by scenes of urinating footballers and women flashing in a hospitality box | Telegraph, UK

Drugs testing in football: Mick McCarthy says ban threat should be sufficient deterrent

The threat of a ban from football should be enough of a deterrent without the need for drug testers, according to Ipswich manager Mick McCarthy | BBC, UK

Sylvia’s Story: The Love of My Life Needs Cannabis Oil To Survive

Sylvia and Kieran met each other online in 2012. After almost two years of ‘digital courtship’ on Facebook and Skype, Sylvia flew from her native Australia to Dublin in March 2014 to finally meet Kieran in person. They got married in a small ceremony while Sylvia was over in Northern Ireland. Four days later, Sylvia’s visa expired and she returned to Australia | Volte Face, UK

More support for families affected by addiction

The families of Doncaster people who heading for recovery from drug or alcohol addiction are set to get extra help and support – thanks to the introduction of a new post within the borough’s drug and alcohol services | ASPIRE, UK

INPUD Announcement: Executive Director Appointment

INPUD is very pleased to announce the appointment of Judy Chang as our new Executive Director. As of February 2017, Judy is responsible for leading INPUD towards its mission and purpose, responsible for the operationalisation of INPUD’s strategy, for overseeing the representation of INPUD, and is the key liaison with civil society and INPUD’s donors | INPUD, UK

Cancer sufferer jailed for 11 years after starting up 'Breaking Bad' drugs enterprise

Aformer banker, who began supplying crystal meth after being diagnosed with terminal cancer, has been condemned to die in prison after being sentenced to 11-years | Telegraph, UK

Two Perry Barr PCs in drug and corruption arrests

Two policemen have been arrested on suspicion of supplying drugs and corruption offences | BBC, UK

Man turns up for police job interview drunk

An employment hopeful attended an interview for a support staff role within Greater Manchester Police well over the legal drink drive limit, only to be promptly arrested before being disqualified from driving | ITV, UK


International news

EU urged to roll out car breathalyser ‘alcolocks’ stopping drink drivers to cut alcohol-related deaths

Transport safety experts say the technology can reduce road deaths | Independent, UK

Supervised Injecting in Ireland

On 10th February 2017 Ireland moved one step closer towards the government’s stated policy of dealing with drug use as a health issue and not a criminal justice one, as the ‘Misuse of Drugs Act (Supervised Injecting Facilities) Bill 2017’ was published | Volte Face, UK

Trends in alcohol and drug admissions to psychiatric facilities

Data from Activities of Irish psychiatric units and hospitals 2015, the annual report published by the Mental Health Information Systems Unit of the Health Research Board, have shown that the total number of first admissions to inpatient care for persons with an alcohol disorder has continued to fall | Drugnet, Ireland

Patients with opioid addiction benefit from treatment initiated in ED

Patients addicted to opioids often seek care in the emergency department (ED). They are more likely to receive addiction treatment, and reduce opioid use long-term if they are started on medication to reduce cravings in the ED, according to a new Yale study | Yale News, USA

Do children inherit drug protection from parents exposed to nicotine or drugs?

A father's nicotine use may have a significant impact on children's risk of some diseases. In a study published in the online biomedical sciences journal eLife, Oliver J. Rando, MD, PhD, and colleagues at UMass Medical School, demonstrate that mice born of fathers who are habitually exposed to nicotine inherit enhanced chemical tolerance and drug clearance abilities | Science Daily, USA

Gambling and gaming are converging: “Won’t someone think of the children!”?

Gambling and gaming industries are highly dynamic with change largely driven by new technological capabilities which allow users to access online activities with ease and affordability. Global access allows companies to market to large potential audience of consumers and reach beyond their traditional users | BASIS, USA

Cannabis industry opposes call for plain packaging and bans on advertising

Garfield Mahood has spent 30 years fighting for the Canadian government to require plain packaging for cigarettes | CTV News, Canada

Substance Addiction (Compulsory Assessment and Treatment) Bill — Third Reading

It is a pleasure to take a call on the Substance Addiction (Compulsory Assessment and Treatment) Bill. It is a bill that is replacing 1966 legislation, and it has huge potential to reduce the overall costs of addiction to society | Parliemtn.nz, New Zealand



Blogs, comment and opinion

6 things I learnt about the drug scene

I’m delighted to be able to post about a new (7 February 2017) DrugWisepublication giving a snapshot of UK drug scenes at the end of 2016. Delighted because, like many people in the drugs field, I had come to rely on the annual DrugScope surveys which ran from 2004-14 until the organisation folded | Russell Webster, UK

Tobacco-free NHS – the journey for one London trust

London has shown leadership in driving down smoking rates, but with 16% of the capital’s population still smoking there is still more to be done | PHE Blog, UK

Might as well face it you’re addicted to tobacco, alcohol, drugs, eating, gambling, Internet, love, sex, exercise, work and shopping

Browsing PubMed for systematic reviews on love addiction this morning (as you do) I came across this study by researchers in California | Mental Elf Blog, UK

What can save our prisons from chaos? The governors

Drugs, violence and overcrowding threaten both staff and inmates. After running HMP Brixton, I found that governors are the seeds of reform – support them, and change will come | Guardian Opinion, UK

Back to the Future: Addiction and the Scientific Method

Today’s post on a recent joint conference between the Alcohol and Drugs History Society (ADHS) and the Society for the Study of Addiction comes courtesy of ADHS president Virginia Berridge | Points Blog, UK

LSD ‘microdosing’ is trending in Silicon Valley – but can it actually make you more creative?

It may seem like a doomed attempt to mix business and pleasure. But a growing number of young professionals in Silicon Valley insist that taking small doses of psychedelic drugs simply makes them perform better at work – becoming more creative and focused | Conversation, UK

A European perspective: Traineeship at the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction

In today’s blog post, Stefanie Helmer, Postdoctoral Researcher at the Institute for Social Medicine, Epidemiology, and Health Economics at the Charité University Medical Center in Berlin, Germany, shares with us what it’s like to complete a traineeship at the European Union’s central agency on drug-related issues: the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) in Lisbon, Portugal | EUSPR Blog, Poland

LSD to Cure Depression? Not So Fast

Psychedelics, the fabled enlightenment drugs of the ’60s, are making a comeback — this time as medical treatment | NYTimes Opinion, USA