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Children of Alcoholics Week 12-18 February 2017

Raising awareness of children affected by parental alcohol problems. We want everyone to know they are not alone and help and support is available | COA Week, UK

The first ever manifesto for the children of alcoholics

The hard-hitting manifesto, published to coincide with International Children of Alcoholics Week, sets out a 10-point plan to help Britain’s 2.6 million innocent victims of drink – the children of hard-drinking parents | Liam Byrne MP, UK

MPs and peers launch manifesto in support of children of alcoholic parents

Group behind initiative reveal feelings of shame and fear of own childhoods and call on ministers to tackle UK’s ‘secret scandal’ | Guardian, UK

Childhood of 'living on eggshells' with alcoholic father - audio

Jo Huey talks to the Good Morning Scotland programme about her father's alcoholism and how she spent her childhood "living on eggshells" | BBC, UK

Substance misuse: July to September 2016

Data on clients seen at drug and alcohol treatment agencies | Welsh Government, UK

A Rational Approach to Alcohol Taxation

IEA calls for 9p flat rate of tax on alcohol to fix illogical system | IEA, UK

Estimated Effects of Different Alcohol Taxation and Price Policies on Health Inequalities: A Mathematical Modelling Study

While evidence that alcohol pricing policies reduce alcohol-related health harm is robust, and alcohol taxation increases are a WHO “best buy” intervention, there is a lack of research comparing the scale and distribution across society of health impacts arising from alternative tax and price policy options | PLOSOne, UK

Criminal Justice Project – Impact of targeted drug testing on drug using offenders coming into treatment in Liverpool

This report explores the impact of targeted drug testing on drug using offenders coming into treatment in Liverpool. It compares the numbers of drug tests, Required Assessments and criminal justice assessments prior to and following the implementation of targeted testing in Liverpool’s custody suite | PHI, UK

Santa Claus vaping advert banned for appealing to kids

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned a billboard that showed Santa Claus vaping, because the advert could "appeal" to under-18s | BBC Newsbeat, UK

Explore England's prescribing data

Every month, the NHS in England publishes anonymised data about the drugs prescribed by GPs. But the raw data files are large and unwieldy, with more than 600 million rows. We're making it easier for GPs, managers and everyone to explore - supporting safer, more efficient prescribing | Health Foundation et al, UK

Patient Activist Toolkit

The Patient Activist Toolkit is a guide to campaigning with us to help make tackling hepatitis C a priority in England over the coming years. As someone with hepatitis C, or as someone who has a family member with hepatitis C or who works with people with hepatitis C, your voice is powerful | Hepatitis C Trust, UK

IAS podcasts

Free podacsts on alcohol related issues | IAS, UK

Driving under Influence

To ask the Secretary of State for Transport, what assessment he has made of the reasons why the number of deaths caused by drink-driving has increased each year since 2010 | They work for you, UK

Alcoholic Drinks: Advertising

To ask the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, what plans she has to review the effect of alcohol advertising on 10 to 15-year-olds following the recent report from Public Health England on alcohol control policies | They work for you, UK

Drugs: Misuse

To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department, what steps her Department is taking to reduce the number of deaths from illegal drug use | They work for you, UK

'Fix room' for Glasgow heroin addicts given further approval by council chiefs

At a meeting of Glasgow City Integration Joint Board, councillors approved the business case put forward for the centre | Glasgow Live, UK

Billy Caldwell: Mother in plea over medicinal cannabis product

The mother of a County Tyrone boy with uncontrollable epilepsy says other children with the condition should be allowed to try a form of cannabis oil | BBC, UK

Every day I wonder what could have been - audio

Intreview with a listener who's daughter has been addicted to heroin | BBC radio 4 iPlayer, UK

Drug and alcohol rehab, BAFTAs and supermarket deals - audio

Concerns raised about the impact of cuts to alcohol and drugs services in Staffordhsire | BBC radio Stoke iPlayer, UK

Family Drug and Alcohol Courts, Sandi Toksvig, Allison Schroeder - audio

We discuss the future of Family Drug and Alcohol Courts in the UK. They try and find solutions for parents who have addictions and are at risk of losing their children. But despite some success it seems funding for the scheme is under threat. Jane is joined by Sophie Kershaw, Co-Director of the Family Drug and Alcohol National Unit, and Rosie, a mother who's managed to keep her third child with her because of these courts, despite losing two already | BBC radio 4 i Player, UK

Scottish Drugs Forum Annual report

he report explores the variety of expertise that we have at SDF and which we encourage stakeholders to engage with -  from user involvement in local areas, to the Addiction Worker Training Project (AWTP), responses to bacterial and viral infection, the National Naloxone Programme, sexual and reproductive health, workforce development and much more... | SDF, UK

DNA methylation in e-cigarette users

Call for participants. While it will take years before we can fully estimate the impact of e-cigarette use on cancer risk, we can investigate whether use is associated with any cancer biomarkers such as DNA methylation | University of Bristol, UK

PhD opportunity: The Synthesis, Characterisation and Metabolic Profiling of New Psychoactive Substances (NPS): Application to Wastewater Epidemiology

University of Dundee, UK

Lloyd's of London angers staff with workday boozing ban

The days of the three-hour, five-bottle City lunch appear to be well and truly over after Lloyd's of London introduced a booze ban | BBC, UK

‘Don’t go back to work if you’re half-cut’ – should liquid lunches be banned?

Lloyd’s of London has prohibited its employees from drinking during the working day. We ask the public what they make of the new rules | Guardian, UK

Illegal drugs are being sold openly by Welsh pushers on social media sites

Police are being urged to crack down | Wales Online, UK

Man set up own arrest to sell spice in prison

A man who deliberately got arrested for shoplifting so he could make money selling drugs in prison has been jailed for a year | BBC, UK

Bath councillor Donal Hassett guilty of drug offences

A Bath councillor has been found guilty of being involved in a cannabis drugs ring | BBC, UK

Boy, 7, mistook drug dealer's ecstasy tablet for sweet

A seven-year-old boy put a drug dealer's misplaced ecstasy pill into his mouth thinking it was a sweet, a court heard | BBC, UK


International news

The human scars of Philippines drug war - video

A violent government war against drugs in the Philippines has left thousands dead | BBC, UK

Venezuela deputy president defies US over drug sanction

The vice-president of Venezuela has accused the US of "imperialist aggression" after it slapped sanctions on him for allegedly trafficking drugs | BBC, UK

Border police discover drugs catapult on US-Mexico border

US border patrol agents have found a medieval-style catapult mounted on the border wall with Mexico, designed to launch bundles of drugs into the US | BBC, UK

LSD ‘microdosing’ is trending in Silicon Valley – but can it actually make you more creative?

A microdose of the drug consists of about a tenth of a recreational dose and is usually not potent enough to cause hallucinations | Independent, UK

Lifting the Lid on Greentown (PDF)

A large body of research exists in relation to youth crime. However, comparatively little is known in relation to the contexts of children who engage in serious offending behaviour and participate in criminal networks. Using a case study design, this study first identified and then examined the behaviour of a criminal network operating in a Garda Sub-District in Ireland in 2010–2011. For the purposes of the study, the Garda Sub-District, which is located outside of Dublin, has been given the pseudonym Greentown | Department of Children and Youth Affairs, Ireland

Smoking in pregnancy ‘dropped by 25% in five years’

New study claims fewer pregnant women are smoking but calls for e-cigarette review | Irish Times, Ireland

Synthetic drugs are making headway in Afghanistan, UN agency reports

Methamphetamine is increasingly being seized by law enforcement in Afghanistan, and there is also evidence that it is being produced in the country, according to the first of its kind assessment on synthetic drugs released today by the United Nations drug and crime agency | UN News Centre, USA

Is a picture worth a thousand words? Effects of pictorial cigarette pack warnings on smoking

he individual, familial and societal costs of smoking are staggering. Adding pictures that warn about the dangers of smoking to cigarette packs is one policy approach to nudge smokers towards quitting. Most studies – across several countries -- that have studied the effect of these pictorial warnings have found that they increase quit attempts and reduce the prevalence of smoking | BASIS, USA

Duterte targets Philippine children in bid to widen drug war

Before Rodrigo Duterte's bloody war on drugs had even begun, allies of the Philippines president were quietly preparing for a wider offensive. On June 30, as Duterte was sworn in, they introduced a bill into the Philippine Congress that could allow children as young as nine to be targeted in a crackdown that has since claimed more than 7,600 lives | Reuters, USA

New HOPE program offers treatment instead of jail to Staten Islanders with drug problem

Hope in the form of the Heroin Overdose Prevention & Education program, a groundbreaking new initiative designed to combat the borough's heroin and opioid scourge by diverting low-level drug offenders into treatment instead of into court and jail | SILive, USA


Blogs, comment and opinion

Alcohol and blood pressure

The systematic review and meta-analysis by Michael Roerecke and colleagues extends our knowledge of the association between alcohol and blood pressure by showing a dose-dependent association between baseline alcohol intake and the blood pressure-lowering effect of a subsequent reduction in alcohol intake, with an apparent threshold at two standard drinks—ie, 24 g pure alcohol per day | Lancet comment, UK

Why there is such an enormous demand for drugs in UK prisons

The BBC’s Panorama documentary on HMP Northumberland recently put the problem of drug taking in prisons firmly under the spotlight | Conversation, UK

A family story

CASA Family Service’s work with this family was with a father and his 10 year old daughter and 9 year old son | Blenheim, UK

Cannabis addiction: Don’t forget about tobacco

Cannabis and tobacco are two of the world’s most commonly used drugs. They are also often used together in joints, bongs or pipes | SSA Commentary, UK

Ideology or technocracy in drug policy reform in 2017

Last week Volte Face published a report called ‘Black Sheep’ written by Lizzie McCullochthat aimed to  highlight how substance misuse treatment services could better serve cannabis users who need support.  The conclusions could be thought of as having two elements: first, that the whole issue would be easier if cannabis wasn’t illegal, but rather formally regulated; second, that even if we keep the current legal status, our services could do better | Thinking to some purpose, UK

A possible alternative to morphine – inspired by spit

Would you take a painkiller that had been developed from human saliva? A recent study suggests you might in future | Conversation, UK

Alcohol is having a devastating impact on our young people’s mental health – Minister McEntee

National Taskforce on Youth Mental Health discusses the damage alcohol is doing to the mental health of our young people in the context of the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill | DoH Blog, Ireland