Daily news - 10th January 2017

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UK news

Over 1000 doctors sign letter calling for new tobacco plan for England

The doctors including former presidents of royal colleges are right to draw attention to the urgent need for a new Tobacco Control Plan (1,2). A move that the Institute of Health Promotion and Education endorses | BMJ, UK

Alcohol Use Disorders (EKU18) - podcast

Alcohol use disorders are common in general practice. Its use is linked to at least 60 diseases and linked to premature mortality. Dr Alan Cohen, author of the EKU18 module on Alcohol Use Disorders speaks to Dr Sally Higginbottom about this topic | RCGP, UK

Newsnight - BBC iPlayer

Naloxone investigation (starts around 13.45) | BBC Newsnight, UK

Breaking Down The Black Report

This is the time of year we’re meant to reflect on our supposed over-indulgence over Christmas and New Year, perhaps committing to a Dry January without alcohol, or a new diet or exercise regime | Volte Face, UK

Nine in ten vaping shops are caught selling nicotine to children in trading standards investigation 

An undercover trading standards operation found 90 per cent of vaping shops visited sold nicotine-inhaling products to an underage volunteer, according to a new report yesterday | Mail Online, UK

‘Cannabis Refugees’ Seek Law Change in Northern Ireland

On December 1st 2016, a landmark bill passed through Dáil Éireann, the Republic of Ireland’s principal elected chamber | Volte Face, UK

Massive drop in London HIV rates may be due to internet drugs

Gay men who defied medical advice seem to have changed the course of the HIV epidemic in the UK – for the better | New Scientist, UK

Prime Minister unveils plans to transform mental health support

Theresa May announces a comprehensive package of measures to transform mental health support in our schools, workplaces and communities | Prime Minister's Office, 10 Downing Street et al, UK

Drug dealer caught by road tax fail is jailed

A drug dealer caught with cocaine worth up to £37,500 after police stopped his untaxed van has been jailed for three years | BBC, UK

'Different accounts' in Hull ferry drug smuggling case

A couple accused of being involved in smuggling cocaine on a ferry gave different accounts of where large sums of money came from, a court has heard | BBC, UK

Here's What Hollywood Actually Uses To Mimic Cocaine In Movies

According to a 2016 article from The Independent, actors are snorting a substance called "inositol." | FHM, UK



International news

Why addicts take drugs in 'fix rooms'

Britain could soon see its first "fix room" for drug users - a safe space where addicts can take illegal narcotics under medical supervision. But who uses such places and how do they work? | BBC, UK

IDPC Progress Report 2015-2016

The period covered by this progress report has been highly eventful, not least because of the recent UN General Assembly Special Session on Drugs (UNGASS) which was held in April 2016. It is also the year in which IDPC proudly commemorates our 10th anniversary | IDPC, UK

Syringe Services Programs Face an Uncertain Future in the Trump Era

But promisingly, nationwide political support for providing injection drug users with clean needles to curb HIV and hepatitis C has risen | POZ, USA

Heart-stopping: Death toll skyrockets as designer opioids infiltrate local drug trade

After two years behind bars, 46-year-old Worth “Danny” Lancaster walked out of the Fairfax County jail on Feb. 10, 2015.  The next day, he was dead | WTOP, USA

Calls for ACT to again lead prison syringe program debate reignited after AMA urges such initiatives nationally

Calls for the ACT to return to leading the national debate on safe needle exchange programs in prisons have been reignited | Age, Australia

New meth rehabs under ‘radical’ WA Labor plan

The South West and the Kimberley will each gain regional rehabilitation centres under a "radical" new meth plan proposed by State Labor ahead of the March election | Bunbury Mail, Australia



Blogs, comment and opinion

The Surgeon General’s Report on E-Cigarettes: Quitters & Starters

A report on e-cigarettes released at the end of last year by the US Surgeon General’s office shows a number of risks related to the popular product — particularly regarding young people — that should make them a lot less popular, but likely won’t | Huffington Post Blog, USA

Collateral Damage in the War on Drugs

K.J. and his wife were heroin addicts. They would shoot up together at home, and they’d been doing it for about four years. When his wife decided it was time to quit, K.J. reluctantly agreed | Psychology Today Blog, USA