Daily news -8th June 2017

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UK news

Call for drug test services at all UK festivals and clubs after successful pilot

There's a call for UK festivals to provide drug-testing services, in an attempt to reduce deaths | BBC Newsbeat, UK

Drug Testing Pioneers ‘The Loop’ Announce New Partnerships

Festival season has arrived, and drug testing pioneers The Loop have today received the support of an array of influential figures across music, policing, event management and public health | Volte Face, UK

Let festival-goers and clubbers test their drugs to reduce harm

As the summer festival season begins, RSPH is calling on all music festivals where drug use is common to provide safety testing facilities as standard | RSPH, UK

Evidence for the effectiveness of minimum pricing of alcohol: a systematic review and assessment using the Bradford Hill criteria for causality

To assess the evidence for price-based alcohol policy interventions to determine whether minimum unit pricing (MUP) is likely to be effective | BMJ, UK

Even moderate drinking may damage the brain

"Even moderate drinking can damage the brain," The Guardian reports. A new study, involving brain scans and cognitive testing, suggests that moderate drinking, over many years, could damage areas of the brain linked to memory and cognitive function | NHS Choices: Behind the Headlines, UK

Analytical test strip fights fentanyl overdoses

Simple chemical analysis helps drug users prevent overdosing on deadly opioid | Chemistry World, UK

Prescription drug addiction 'to overtake heroin use' in UK

The number of people addicted to legal medicines is overtaking those struggling with heroin abuse, a leading rehab provider has warned | Independent, UK

Tears, hope and letters addressed to drugs: A rare glimpse of life inside an addiction rehab centre

Rob Hastings hears how two staff at one of Britain’s oldest rehab centres defeated their own addictions and are helping others win their battles, despite funding cuts | I news, UK

Rehab - lives addicted: BBC iPlayer

Going behind the doors of the private world of a residential rehabilitation centre in Somerset, this powerful documentary uncovers what is done to help people beat their addictions and start rebuilding their lives, through a series of intimate encounters at Broadway Lodge | BBC, UK

Volunteers' Week - Adam - youtube

Adam is a keyworker in Lincolnshire. He explains how volunteering at Addaction helped him change careers into something he loves doing. #VolunteersWeek | Addaction, UK

Addressing multiple needs within the party manifestos

Following the publication of party manifestos in the run up to the general election on 8th June, the MEAM coalition is pleased to see commitments across the parties recognising the importance of approaches that support people with multiple needs | MEAM, UK

Why Is CLEAR Supporting Lord Monson In His Campaign Against So-Called ‘Skunk’?

Lord Nicholas Monson has called for cannabis with a maximum THC:CBD ratio of 3:1 to be made legally available through a regulated system | Clear, UK

Launch of new smoking cessation programme launched at Justice sector by Breaking Free group

Breaking Free Group has launched the world’s first digital smoking cessation programme developed specifically for use in prisons | Breaking Free, UK

Jeremy Corbyn on alcohol: 'I don't drink any, my secret is coconut water'

The Labour leader reveals the truth on his never fully understood policy on alcohol | Independent, UK

'Miracle' hepatitis C drugs costing £30k per patient 'may have no clinical effect'

Drugs that have been hailed as a cure for a debilitating and sometimes fatal liver disease – but have threatened to break the health budgets of most countries because of their cost – have not been proven to have any effect, according to a new review | Guardian, UK

Giving your child a smartphone is like giving them a gram of cocaine, says top addiction expert

Harley Street clinic director Mandy Saligari says many of her patients are 13-year-old girls who see sexting as 'normal' | Independent, UK

John Player 'tobacco' artwork sold at auction

Artwork from a tobacco firm, some showing people smoking and children handing out cigarettes, has raised more than £20,000 at auction | BBC, UK

Carlisle drug dealer ordered to repay £4.18

A convicted criminal who made thousands of pounds through a drugs ring has been ordered to repay £4.18 | BBC, UK


International news

Smoking weed ‘can help you deal with stress’ – but only if the dose is right

Scientists at the University of Illinois at Chicago and the University of Chicago discovered that low doses of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – the psychoactive substance in cannabis – can provide stress management in certain scenarios | Metro, UK

Drug mule seized in China with suitcase ‘made from 10kg of cocaine’

A drug mule was detained at an airport in China after her suitcase was discovered to be partly made from 10 kg of cocaine, reports said | Telegraph, UK

Turkish police seize massive drug haul

Authorities were tipped off that a cargo ship bound for Turkey was smuggling heroin | BBC, UK

Estonian tax threat to Finns' booze cruises

A steep rise in alcohol taxes in Estonia may mean fewer Finns taking the short sea trip across the Gulf of Finland to take advantage of historically cheaper prices | BBC, UK

Road safety body denies it is delaying minister's bid to crack down on drink-driving

The Road Safety Authority (RSA) has rejected a claim that it has delayed the Oireachtas Transport Committee's examination of Shane Ross's proposed law to crackdown on drink-driving | Independent, Ireland

High-risk drug use and new psychoactive substances

This report provides a first look at the emergence of more problematic forms of use of new psychoactive substances among a range of demographic groups, including opioid and amphetamine injectors, prisoners, the homeless and men who have sex with men. It explores, in particular, the use of synthetic cathinones, synthetic cannabinoids and new synthetic opioids, as well as related harms and responses | EMCDDA, Portugal

Study finds link between teen cannabis use & illicit drug use in early adulthood

One in 5 adolescents at risk of tobacco dependency, harmful alcohol consumption and illicit drug use | EurekAlert, USA

Feared by drug users but hard to avoid, fentanyl takes a mounting toll

Fentanyl, a highly potent prescription opioid, has Rhode Island drug users on high alert. But despite widespread aversion, fentanyl now causes the majority of the state's drug overdose deaths | Medical Xpress, USA

Why Amazon should keep prescription drugs off its voluminous shelves

Amazon hit a milestone this month after the price of one share hit US$1,000 for the first time, giving it a total value of close to $500 billion. That makes it the fourth-biggest company in the U.S. in terms of market capitalization and twice the size of brick-and-mortar rival Walmart | Medical Xpress, USA

Marijuana Lobby Admits Tobacco Industry Executives Pay-to-Play

“What do you want, what do you hate, what’s going to turn you off so I can’t ask you for money?” | Huffington Post, USA

Philip Morris International Asks for a Human Rights Evaluation, the Conclusion: Stop Producing and Marketing Your Products

Tobacco continues to kill over 7 million people per year and costs the global economy almost 2% of its GDP, more than 1.4 trillion dollars per year | Huffington Post, USA

Study counters claims that alcohol consumption may provide health benefit

Since humans began drinking alcohol about 10,000 years ago, the benefits and risks have been debated over many a glass of wine | Sydney Morning Herald, Australia

Parliament to debate medicinal cannabis after Green Party MP's bill drawn

A debate on whether to legalise medicinal cannabis for terminally ill Kiwis is headed for Parliament after a Green Party MP's bill was drawn from the ballot | Stuff.co.nz, New Zealand


Blogs, comment and opinion

Ian Hamilton: Healthcare professionals need more guidance to reduce the risk of cannabis related health problems

n 2005 7579 people in England entered drug treatment for problems related to cannabis; by 2014 this had risen to 11 821 | BMJ opinion, UK

Patient or Criminal?

Drug addicts are often presented in an inaccurate and dehumanised way. Over the last decade I have gotten to know the stories of hundreds of drug addicts and it completely changed my perception of drug addiction. Drug addicts don't take drugs for fun, they take them to escape painful realities | Transform Blog, UK

So-Called ‘Skunk’ – What Does The Word Mean And How Much Of A Problem Is It?

The meaning of the word 'skunk' has changed. It no longer refers to a particular strain, it now means high potency cannabis that contains very little CBD | Clear, UK

Let's Talk About How Women Experience Drug Addiction Differently

"Woman of Substances" is a new book exploring how women are susceptible to self-destruction in ways men aren't | VICE, USA

When it comes to tobacco and cigarettes, people are smarter than you think

In the last decade, the Food and Drug Administration has waged all-out war against the tobacco industry | Washington Post opinion, USA

Disrupting Standard Mode: A big picture story of family inclusion in substance use services

We hear a lot about patient-centred care in substance use services, but what about family-centred care? | Matters of substance blog, Canada