Daily news -12th June 2017

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UK news

Update on proposed safer drug consumption facility and heroin assisted treatment in Glasgow

Work is ongoing to establish a safer drug consumption facility (SDCF) and heroin assisted treatment (HAT) in the south east of Glasgow city centre | NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, UK

Possible sites identified for drug injecting centre in Glasgow

Glasgow City Integration Joint Board said sites in the south east of the city centre are being explored for two co-located services | Evening Times, UK

New service to tackle sexual exploitation in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

Alcohol and Drugs Action (ADA) said the Green Light Project (GLP) - funded by Comic Relief - was for those aged up to 25 in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire | BBC, UK

Leicester mum jailed for gun and drugs in kitchen cupboard

A mother who kept a gun and drugs in her kitchen cupboard has been jailed for eight years | BBC, UK

Nuclear bunker cannabis gang plead guilty

Three men have admitted running a large cannabis factory in a former nuclear bunker in Wiltshire | BBC, UK

'Even heroin users look down on it' - Ex drug user reveals true horror of Zombie drug Spice

Our addict - who is in recovery and we have agreed not to name - told us the current value of Spice on the streets of Newcastle is around £10-20 for a gram | Chronicle, UK

Britain's oldest heroin dealer, 81, is caught with drugs in his crutch

Granddad Albert Maycock was supplying the drug to a member of his family in Plymouth, a court heard | Cornwall Live, UK


International news

Drinking any amount of alcohol during pregnancy can change the way babies' faces form, study finds

But scientists say low levels not necessarily harmful | Independent, UK

Binge drinking as a teen doubles your risk of early death, finds study

It can also lead to ‘risk-raking behaviour’ and mental health issues | Independent, UK

India's Kerala state eases alcohol ban

The southern Indian state of Kerala has eased its ban on the sale and consumption of alcohol | BBC, UK

America pulls opiod from market for first time amid crisis echoing HIV and crack epidemics

The epidemic is impacting people all across the country, and in significant numbers | Independent, UK

Schoolchildren subjected to horrifying body searches by police in Georgia

'Defendants had no warrant or other authority to perform a mass search on hundreds of public school children' | Independent, UK

Pressure on Minister to address open drug-dealing in communities

The Independent Minister has also been asked by the Tallaght Drugs and Alcohol Task Force to address the growing issue of open drug-dealing in communities, some of which is targeted at young people in areas where they congregate | Echo, Ireland

F.D.A. Asks For Removal Of an Opioid

The agency’s request about the drug, Opana ER, may signal a more aggressive approach against prescription opioids that are found to be widely abused | NYTimes, USA

Opioid dealers embrace the dark web

Anonymous online sales are surging, and people are dying. Despite dozens of arrests, new merchants — many based in Asia — quickly pop up | NYTimes, USA

Seizing on Opioid Crisis, a Drug Maker Lobbies Hard for Its Product

Despite limited evidence to prove its drug works, the maker of Vivitrol has used political connections and marketing to push for its use for detoxing | NYTimes, USA

Heroin use in the U.S. estimated to cost society more than $51 billion

Heroin use in the United States was estimated to cost society more than $51 billion in 2015, according to new research at the University of Illinois at Chicago | News Medical, USA

NIH-led workshop addresses opioid misuse during pregnancy

Research is essential to determining how best to screen pregnant women for opioid use disorder, to treat pregnant women who have the disorder, and to care for infants as they experience withdrawal symptoms, according to experts convened for a National Institutes of Health workshop in April 2016 | Medical Xpress, USA

Binge drinking associated with higher blood glucose levels in women, but not men

Regular high alcohol consumption and binge drinking from age 16 is associated with higher glucose concentrations in women's blood -- an important risk factor for type 2 diabetes -- later in life, according to a study | Science Daily, USA

Study finds risk for binge drinking differs by race, income and changes with age

A new study led by Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis assistant professor of psychology Tamika Zapolski has found differing risks for binge drinking based on race, income and age | Medical Xpress, USA

Medical marijuana dispensaries, patients wait through delays

Medical marijuana dispensaries are beginning to open in Hawaii, but they're not allowed to sell their products | Medical Xpress, USA

Research highlights failure to sustain reductions in TSNA levels of cigarettes

Tobacco-specific nitrosamines (TSNAs) are potent carcinogens formed predominantly during the cigarette manufacturing process | News Medical, USA

E-cigarettes potentially as harmful as tobacco cigarettes, UConn study shows

UConn chemists' novel device quickly detects carcinogenic chemicals, DNA damage from e-cigarette vapor | EurekAlert, USA

Reliving Lightning In A Bottle: Why You Should Volunteer With DanceSafe

It has taken me a couple weeks to process my experience at Lightning in a Bottle, though still not fully. It was my first outreach event, the first time experiencing what DanceSafe does on the ground | DanceSafe, USA

GHB on rise in Melbourne, six suspected overdoses

The 'wildly unpredictable' drug GHB is reportedly on the rise again in Melbourne, with six people hospitalised following suspected overdoses | SBS news, Australia

Medical marijuana Australia: Victoria’s first produce video surfaces online; Proud moment for cannabis legalisation supporters

Never-seen-before footage of Victoria’s medicinal cannabis crop has been released | IBTimes, Australia

Horrifying new cigarette graphic warnings revealed

The new graphic health warnings that will have to be printed on cigarette packets have been released | Stuff.co.nz, New Zealand

Dunne says medicinal cannabis bill 'unworkable'

The Associate Health Minister, Peter Dunne, says he is hoping to persuade Green MP Julie Anne Genter that her proposed legislation on medicinal cannabis is unworkable | RNZ, New Zealand


Blogs, comment and opinion

Drug or alcohol-related bereavement

Adfam and Cruse Bereavement Care have recently launched a new website with information and advice for people that have been bereaved through alcohol and drugs: www.beadproject.org.uk | Blenheim Blog, UK

Wellbeing through the Weekend: Taking a digital detox

Wellbeing through the Weekend is a blog series which provides tips and personal experiences of ways to improve wellbeing, particularly over the weekend when services might not be available | CGL Blog, UK

How Drug Courts Are Falling Short

At 19 years old, Joshua Smith (not his real name) was diagnosed with an opiate use disorder. Following several attempts at treatment, Smith moved from California to a town in Arizona known for being home to recovery houses for those struggling with substance use disorders. Six months after he arrived in Arizona, Smith relapsed and overdosed on heroin | Talking Drugs, UK

Can E-Cigarettes Reduce Smoking Among the Mentally Ill?

Two young men were walking toward me, their faces obscured by clouds of vapor coming from tubes stuck in their mouths. They appeared to be in a fog bank of their own making.  As they walked past, I realized that they were smoking, or rather vaping, e-cigarettes | Psychology Today blog, USA