Daily news -15th June 2017

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UK news

Don't lick and drive: police warn against boozy ice lollies

The rising popularity of alcoholic ice lollies has sparked a warning from police that one too many frozen tipples could push drivers over the legal alcohol limit | Guardian, UK

UK gets first publicly available dedicated cannabis research facility

EXCLUSIVE: It is aiming for 'world firsts' in the study of the plant's medicinal benefits | Independent, UK

Microdosers say tiny hits of LSD make your work and life better

For over a year, Janet Lai Chang took magic mushrooms a few times a week before going to work. She says it made her happier, reduced her social anxiety and helped her build relationships | New Scientist, UK

Drugs Wheel update

The Drugs Wheel has been updated to version 2.0.5 to include recent changes to the Misuse of Drugs Act, including changes in legal status to ethylphenidate and benzodiazepines | The Drugs Wheel, UK

Understanding the patterns of use,motives and harms of NPS in Scotland Glasgow 2017

Transcript of presentation | Katy Macleod, UK

Don't Walk By - video

1 in 5 users of GHB report passing out in the last year. Keeping an eye on them sometimes is not enough. If someone has passed out knowing how to put someone in the recovery position until help arrives can save their life. Watch this 4 minute video and share it with your mates |

Why Vaping Weed Is Healthier Than Smoking It, According To Science

For most of us, pleasure drives drug use. But regardless of whether it’s pleasure you seek, or therapeutic relief and treatment, typically the benefits come with a cost: some risk of harm or compromise of personal health and safety | Volte Face, UK

VK advert on Facebook banned over ‘irresponsible drinking’

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has upheld a complaint that Global Brands owned VK promoted unwise drinking styles and an advert placed on Facebook was “socially irresponsible” | Moening Advertiser, UK

Adam Watt murder trial: Stab victim's 'constant' drugs battle

A man murdered after allegedly running off without paying for drugs had been in a constant battle with addiction, a jury has heard | BBC, UK

Thames Valley Police seize £560k cash in drugs raid

The leader of a cocaine-dealing gang was behind a police force's largest ever cash seizure of £560,000 | BBC, UK


International news

Imperial Brands: UK tobacco giant seeks medical marijuana expertise to help diversify

As smokers quit the habit, British tobacco giant Imperial Brands is seemingly looking towards another plant to bring in the billions: cannabis | Independent, UK

FDA requests first opioid removal from market after abuse sparks HIV outbreak

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has requested that a formulation of oxymorphone hydrochloride, marketed as Opana ER, be withdrawn from the market due to abuse, saying that the benefits of the product no longer outweigh the risks | Phramaceutical Journal, UK

'You can't make a father watch his daughter die': Man who treats his little girl's seizures with cannabis emotionally pleads for legalisation after he is charged with possession

The father of a five-year-old girl who used medicinal cannabis to treat his daughter's severe epilepsy has been found guilty of possession and cultivation of the drug | Mail Online, UK

Not Up For The Sesh

Jeff Sessions, the new United States Attorney General, voiced his opposition to cannabis legalisation on Monday and his arguments are… not based in fact. Sessions has argued that cannabis is linked to violence, that the potency of cannabis today is dangerous and that state-level regulation leads to increased youth consumption, despite evidence to the contrary | Volte Face, UK

Pfizer, Lilly granted accelerated review for non-opioid pain drug

US regulators have granted Pfizer and Eli Lilly an accelerated review for a new type of drug for chronic pain at a time when America is grappling an opioid epidemic | FT, UK

Bangladesh Officials Vow to Make List of People Who Use Drugs As Part of “Drastic” Crackdown

Bangladeshi authorities have vowed to take “drastic” measures to reduce drug use, potentially including the creation of a list of "drug addicts" in the country | Talking Drugs, UK

Tunisian smoker jailed for not fasting during Ramadan

A leading rights group has condemned the imprisonment of a man in Tunisia for smoking a cigarette in public during the dawn-to-dusk Muslim fast | BBC, UK

One-third of parents think it is acceptable for under-16s to drink alcohol in the home

One in every three parents believes it is acceptable for their children to consume alcohol at home under the age of 16, according to a new report | Independent, Ireland

Carlsberg was top tackler of ad rules in Euros

With probably one of the best-known brand slogans in the world, it is unsurprising Carlsberg proved wiliest at circumventing local regulations designed to protect children from alcohol advertising during Euro 2016 | Irish Examiner, Ireland

Drug treatment centres shut due to user incidents

Three drug treatment services had to close temporarily because of problems in dealing with drug users taking new psychoactive substances (NPS) | Irish Examiner, Ireland

AMA Wants New Approaches to Combat Synthetic and Injectable Drugs

Responding to the health and safety threat posed by the abuse of new designer drugs that are synthesized and marketed to circumvent drug laws, the American Medical Association (AMA) today voted to support a comprehensive, multidisciplinary effort to close a gap in the nation’s ability to identify, regulate, and mitigate the dangers posed by new psychoactive substances | AMA, USA

Behavioral Health Barometer, Volume 4

This report presents national data about the prevalence of behavioral health conditions. This data includes the rate of serious mental illness, suicidal thoughts, substance use, and underage drinking. The report also highlights the percentages of those who seek treatment for these conditions [see also blog below] | SAMHSA, USA

Marijuana use among college students on rise following Oregon legalization, study finds

College students attending an Oregon university are using more marijuana now that the drug is legal for recreational use, but the increase is largely among students who also report recent heavy use of alcohol, a new study has found | Science Daily, USA

America’s new tobacco crisis: The rich stopped smoking, the poor didn’t

After decades of lawsuits, public campaigns and painful struggles, Americans have finally done what once seemed impossible: Most of the country has quit smoking, saving millions of lives and leading to massive reductions in cancer | Washington Post, USA

Medical responses to opioid addiction vary by state, analysis finds

Location, location, location. That mantra may apply even when it comes to how opioid addiction is treated | Medical Xpress, USA

The feasibility of injectable versus oral naltrexone

Medications can help people who drink excessive amounts of alcohol. One medication that can reduce alcohol craving and help promote recovery is naltrexone, which is approved for treatment of alcohol dependence by the Food and Drug Administration | Medical Xpress, USA

The cost of opioid use during pregnancy

A new study published today by the scientific journal Addiction reveals that the incidence of neonatal abstinence syndrome - often caused by mothers using opioids during pregnancy - is increasing in the United States, and carries an enormous burden in terms of hospital days and costs | Medical Xpress, USA

Do family members have a right to know when a loved one overdoses on opioids?

A mid a national opioid epidemic, should family members have the right to know when an adult child has been revived from an overdose? | STAT news, USA

Drug Makers Sued For Allegedly Starting Heroin Crisis

Three Tennessee prosecutors and the guardian of a baby born addicted to opioids are suing major U.S. pharmaceutical companies, alleging deceptive marketing sparked the addiction crisis | Daily Caller, USA

Heroin Has Never Discriminated

America's heroin addiction is dominating public discourse and headlines today, yet it's not the first time we've fallen down the long, dark hole of dependency thanks to this powerful drug. The history of heroin in the US is a lot more complicated—and weird—than most people realize | Tonic, USA

Hurdles expected for Utah's medical marijuana research law

Utah lawmakers balked again this year at joining more than half of all U.S. states and passing a broad medical marijuana law | Medical Xpress, USA

HHS awards $72.5 million in funding for youth mental health services

The Department of Health and Human Services has awarded $72.5 million in grants through the Expansion and Sustainability of the Comprehensive Community Mental Health Services for Children with Serious Emotional Disturbances Program, also known as the Children’s Mental Health Initiative (CMHI) | SAMHSA, USA

Tough response to ice 'failing': Palmer

A former federal police commissioner has hit out at the hardline approach to ice use Australian law enforcement is using, saying it has failed to make a difference | News.com.au, Australia

Auckland alcohol and drug court pilot extended another three years

A pilot programme that helps offenders with drug and alcohol problems has been extended for three more years | Stuff.co.nz, New Zealand


Blogs, comment and opinion

Why healthcare services have a problem with gambling

That was the admission from billionaire Steve Wynn, a major figure in the casino industry, speaking at a recent gambling research conference in (where else?) Las Vegas. And sure, it made for a good quote. But it’s also a rather glib dismissal of a serious issue that affects many thousands of people across the world | Conversation, UK

An Overview of the Nation’s Behavioral Health

For the past four years, SAMHSA has issued the Behavioral Health Barometer as a snapshot of the nation’s behavioral health. The Barometer is a unique compilation of facts and figures on issues such as substance use, serious mental illness, serious thoughts of suicide, and related treatment. The findings are broken down into major groups according to age, gender, racial and ethnic categories, income, and access to health insurance | SAMHSA Blog, USA

Industry excuses don’t pass the pub test

Imagine finding maggots in your children’s half eaten take-away hamburgers from a fast food chain. Or losing a loved one, killed on a construction site while working for a large building company | DrinkTank, Australia


And finally...

Scientists once gave dolphins LSD in attempt to communicate with them

In the 1960s a NASA-funded research unit investigated methods of talking to the sea creatures | Independent, UK