Daily news - 30th March 2017

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UK news

Responsible drinking ‘social norms’ messages not credible, say students

A study set in a UK university found telling students that their peers
drink less than they might think did not increase their intentions to
drink responsibly. Though the message that most students have ‘six
drinks or less’ on each occasion was clear, students did not believe,
trust or relate to it | Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK

Scottish Government urged to curb alcohol marketing

In a report - Promoting good health from childhood: Reducing the impact of alcohol marketing on children in Scotland published today by Alcohol Focus Scotland, leading academics and health experts outline how the Scottish Government can reduce the unacceptably high levels of alcohol marketing that children and young people are exposed to | Alcohol Focus, UK

What a drag: Smoking rooms in airports are being stubbed out

It is bout 15 years since Gulliver gave up the evil weed. Over time, many of the hardships of being a smoker have become mere embers in his memory | Economist, UK

Volteface Announces New Collaboration

Volteface is pleased to announce its collaboration with leading academics from the Substance Use and Addictive Behaviours Research Group at Manchester Metropolitan University Criminology Department | Volte Face, UK

River Tyne booze cruise on inflatables criticised by police

A planned 3,000-person drinking trip on inflatable dinghies on a city centre river has been criticised by police | BBC, UK

Drugs raids in Hackney and Tower Hamlets

Ten people have been arrested this morning, Wednesday 29 March during dawn raids in Hackney and Tower Hamlets boroughs as part of an intelligence-led operation to combat drug dealing | Met News, UK

Elton John ‘Very Upset’ Following Fall Out With George Michael Over Drug Use

‘I thought he would have come back from being a stoner.’ | Huffington Post, UK


International news

US heroin use has increased almost fivefold in a decade, study shows

Researchers say increase is seen across all social groups, ages and sexes and highlight link between misuse of prescription opioids and heroin abuse | Guardian, UK

Donald Trump picks New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to lead fight against US opioid epidemic

Northeastern state has seen an increase in the number of drug overdose deaths | Independent, UK

The wild west of weed: will legalisation work for Canada?

Canada’s current ‘green rush’ makes Amsterdam’s coffeeshops look restrained – but Justin Trudeau hopes to tame it by making recreational cannabis legal | Guardian, UK

Countries where cannabis is legal for recreational use in 2017

Canada looks set to become latest country where marijuana is legalised for everyday use | IBTimes, UK

The Hidden Cannabis Crackdown: Part Two

A legal resident living in upstate New York was arrested late last month, and is now awaiting deportation—all for a decade-old misdemeanor cannabis conviction | Volte Face, UK

Sir Richard Branson suggests New Zealand farmers swap cows for marijuana

Cannabis is one of the most widely available illicit drugs in New Zealand | Indepnedent, UK

Standardised Packaging of Tobacco to be signed into law, to come into force in September

Minister for Health, Simon Harris and Minister of State, Marcella Corcoran Kennedy today announced that the legislation for the standardised packaging of tobacco is to come into force in September 2017 | DoH, Ireland

Prevalence of heroin use rises in decade, greatest increase among whites

Heroin use and heroin use disorder have increased significantly among American adults since 2001, according to new research conducted at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health | Medical Xpress, USA

In School Nurse’s Room: Tylenol, Band-Aids and an Antidote to Heroin

As communities face a rise in deaths from heroin and pills, many educators are deciding that they should have naloxone on hand a drug to treat overdoses | NYTimes, USA

Would Legalizing Medical Marijuana Help Curb The Opioid Epidemic?

“Battling the opioid epidemic will require a multi-pronged approach and a good deal of creativity.” | Huffington Post, USA

Cannabis use may predict opioid use in women undergoing addictions treatment, study says

A new study suggests that the use of cannabis may impact treatment in women undergoing methadone treatment therapy | Medical Xpress, USA

In the battle against opioids, one city blames drug makers

In another battle in the opioid crisis, the city of Everett, Washington claims its heroin crisis has been fueled by the aggressive distribution and abundant supply of the pain pill OxyContin | CBC News, USA

Researchers identify genes that give cannabis its flavor

UBC scientists have scanned the genome of cannabis plants to find the genes responsible for giving various strains their lemony, skunky or earthy flavors, an important step for the budding legal cannabis industry | EurekAlert, USA

Kids peppered with pot ads

There has been an alarming increase in young Americans' exposure to marijuana ads as more states legalize the drug, a new study contends | Medical Xpress, USA

Broad support exists for larger warnings on cigarette packs

Health warnings cover about 10 percent of a cigarette pack's exterior surface in the United States, but there is broad support, even among smokers, for making them significantly larger, a University of North Carolina Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center study has found | Medical Xpress, USA

Hepatitis B and C can be wiped out in the US by 2030; here's how

Health experts have devised an aggressive plan to stamp out a viral disease that is fueling a sharp rise in liver cancer in the United States and killing 20,000 Americans per year | Medical Xpress, USA

Chris Christie Is Joining the White House to Fight Drug Addiction

After being unceremoniously dropped from President Donald Trump's transition team, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is dipping his toes into the administration as he takes the lead of a White House commission to combat drug addiction | TIME, USA

Bill Clinton Said He 'Didn't Inhale' 25 Years Ago—But the History of U.S. Presidents and Drugs Is Much Older

Twenty-five years ago, on Mar. 29, 1992, Bill Clinton said something surprising during his ultimately successful campaign for the presidency: in response to what TIME called a "surgically worded question," then-Arkansas Governor had to admit that he had tried pot as a 20-something Rhodes Scholar at the University of Oxford | TIME, USA

Mexican state attorney general arrested in San Diego on drug charges

The attorney general of Mexico's Pacific coast state of Nayarit, hard hit by drug cartel violence in recent years, has been arrested in San Diego on U.S. narcotics trafficking conspiracy charges, federal officials said on Wednesday | Reuters, USA

Why We Launched the First Ever VICE MDMA Census

We tested party drugs in eight cities around Australia | VICE, Australia

Cannabis legalisation sees support, opposition alike

Legalisation of cannabis remains an issue of debate among Australian politicians. Canada, on the other hand, announced that it will be introducing a legislature to legalise recreational marijuana by 2018 | IBTimes, Australia

Nicotine E-Cigarettes to Become Legal Cause for Celebration

The announcement by the New Zealand Associate Minister of Health, Hon Nicky Wagner that the sale of nicotine e-cigarettes and e-liquids will be made legal is welcomed by vapers around the world | Scoop, New Zealand


Blogs, comment and opinion

Young people’s views on New Psychoactive Substances

Over 1,600 young people (aged under 25 years old) gave their views and experiences of New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) to inform a new (27 March 2017) report from Addaction, mainly through an online survey | Russell Webster, UK

The craft beer revolution explained

The craft beer revolution is a way of describing, in simple terms, the point at which beer became exciting and interesting once again | Drinks Maven, UK

Assessing Drug Policy Implementation

Assessing the effects of Florida’s anti-pill mill law on prescription drug related health outcomes | Points Blog, USA

Alcohol health promotion: not just harm reduction

Health advocates, when referring publicly to alcohol use, are inclined to emphasize ways in which it elevates risk for harms. No surprise there. Drinking more on any occasion leads to greater intoxication and increased risk of receiving and causing injury. More frequent regular use increases likelihood of eventually contracting sustained illnesses. Drinking that has become … | CARBC, Canada