Daily news - 3rd May 2017

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Statistics on Alcohol, England, 2017 to be published here later today

Further death linked to 'deadly heroin batches'

Police have issued a further warning to heroin users after the death of a 43-year-old man in West Yorkshire | BBC, UK

Intervention targets personality traits of high-risk London pupils

Can tailoring school-based drug use prevention to the personalities of
individual pupils improve on generally poor results from drug education?
A study in London gives a partial 'yes' in respect of cannabis use,
though there are reasons to question the findings and whether such
programmes can be widely implemented | Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK

Study looks at cannabis ingredient's ability to help children's tumours

UK research into cannabidiol (CBD) comes after surge in parents administering it to children without medical advice | Guadian, UK

NHS gives first medical cannabis prescription to 11-year-old boy with severe epilepsy

Billy Caldwell has been taking cannabis oil for his seizures since visiting a US doctor in November | Independent, UK

Cannabis a 'locked medicine chest'

Professor Val Curran, professor of Psycho-pharmacology at UCL told 5 live: "cannabis has no recognised medical use so research is very difficult to do on the drug."| BBC, UK

Naloxone Conference 2017

Presentation videos | SSA, UK

Press release re SMMGP new website (PDF)

[New website launched] Dr Steve Brinksman, SMMGP Clinical Director says: “We are delighted to announce the launch of our new membership scheme with enhanced CPD for the substance misuse field. Our years of experience, coupled with clinical expertise and will provide quality training for those who care for people who use alcohol and other drugs problematically.” | SMMGP, UK

The rise and fall and rise of ketamine

A favourite of psychonauts, psychologists and sesh gremlins alike, ketamine has enjoyed a colourful history | Guardian, UK

Doctor reveals he resents treating drunk patients

'They fight, vomit and waste precious NHS time' | Independent, UK

Jersey could legalise cannabis-based medicinal products

Jersey's Health Minister says he is considering legalising cannabis-based medicinal products in a speech in the States today | ITV, UK

Guernsey could legalise cannabis-based medicinal products

Cannabis based products could soon be prescribed by medical professionals in Guernsey. The island's Health Committee are meeting later to discuss changing current legislation | ITV, UK

Alcohol Use by Nightlife Patrons in the UK and Brazil: a comparative study

Survey. The purpose of this study is to investigate and compare nightlife drinking behaviours in UK and Brazil. I am interested in students’ expectations and perceptions of drinking culture, especially about pre-drinking and its implications | LJMU, UK


International news

The heroin-ravaged city fighting back - video

A city in West Virginia is targeting the drugs companies that it blames for its epidemic | BBC, UK

Let’s Learn From The Mistakes Of Drug Reform Pioneers

Many countries around the world are moving towards a legally regulated cannabis market. But what can we learn from them about the implications of cannabis legalisation? What are the different models available to those looking to draft legislation? What mistakes have been made by the pioneers in this area that we can learn from? | Volte Face, UK

Bob Marley, ganja and the green stuff – is selling Brand Jamaica just a pipe dream?

Decades of debt are pushing Jamaica to cash in on its most famous exports, but small farmers fear losing out in the rush to market medicinal marijuana | Guardian, UK

Chris Christie says 'crazy liberals' want to 'poison our kids' with marijuana

New Jersey governor Chris Christie called supporters of marijuana legalization "crazy liberals" who want to "poison our kids" during a talk at a substance abuse conference on Monday | Business Insider UK, UK

Smoke-free policies help decrease smoking rates for LGBT population

Tobacco use remains the leading preventable cause of death and disability in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cigarette smoking among lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) individuals is higher than among heterosexual adults—nearly 24 percent of the LGBT population smoke compared to nearly 17 percent of the straight population | Medical Xpress, USA

Chest physicians split on pros and cons of e-cigarettes

Patients are asking their chest physicians about using e-cigarettes to quit smoking, but those physicians are divided about whether the products do more harm than good, according to a Yale-led study. The finding demonstrates the need for more research on e-cigarettes that will help physicians counsel their patients who smoke | Medical Xpress, USA

Cannabis quandary: Can pregnant women safely consume marijuana?

On many mornings, with a few puffs of pot - and one cannabis-laced chocolate-covered blueberry in the afternoon - Richelle has been able to stop the severe nausea that has accompanied her third pregnancy | Medical Xpress, USA

Better Analysis Needed on Non-Medical Use of Opioids

A few months ago, the medical journal World Psychiatry published an article that focused on the global non-medical use of prescription drugs, particularly psychoactive substances such as opioids | Pain News Network, USA

Prenatal cocaine exposure increases risk of higher teen drug use

Mothers smoking crack cocaine during pregnancy -- and its lingering effects on their children -- are the focus of 20-plus years of ongoing research by Case Western Reserve University | EureKalert, USA

5 of the World’s Most Mind-Bending Drug Cultures

Deeply rooted in tradition, drug practices in these places are nothing short of a learned art | National Geographic, USA

Ithaca gets first look at supervised injection site model

When the city government announced the Ithaca Plan early last year, the idea of "supervised injection sites" was launched into the center of a heated local conversation, even making national headlines. While the exploration of such a system continues, Ithacans were able to get their first glance of what one might look like | Ithaca.com, USA

Young adult smokers—a hidden demographic

In their many efforts since the 1990s to prevent Canadians from taking up smoking, governments have had a big blind spot: young adults | Medical Xpress, Canada

Current projects at NDARC

Information on latest research | NDARC, Australia

Australia just received its first import of legal cannabis

The first two commercial batches of medicinal cannabis in Australia have arrived in Perth and Melbourne | Business Insider, Australia

Cannabis reform done right, less harm, fewer criminals, claims Morgan

Gareth Morgan has launched a stinging attack on politicians who slammed his call for cannabis law reform, calling their response an ignorant and knee-jerk reaction | NZHerald, New Zealand


Blogs, comment and opinion

Denial, deceit and delay — tobacco industry lobbying tactics

The tobacco industry has a well-established history of using its scale and money to exert influence over policy and politicians. For decades it has worked tirelessly to prevent or delay regulatory and public health measures related to tobacco with bad science, corruption and lies | ASH, UK

If You Smoke E-Cigarettes, Do You Know How TPD Will Affect You?

I’m a ex-smoker - the worst kind. I’ve been there, done it, quit and will pontificate on the joys of not smoking to anyone who is foolish enough to listen | Huffington Post Blog, UK

'I had an intimate knowledge of Hitler's drug habit that no one else possessed'

Norman Ohler recalls his excitement on discovering records of Nazi Germany’s deep involvement in drugs – and the hornets’ nest his book Blitzed stirred up | Guardian, UK

Cannabis For Dogs With Cancer

We often hear people telling stories of how they used cannabis or cannabis oil to cure their dog of one of a variety of ailments - from arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease, to seizures and glaucoma | Huffington Post Blog, UK

Using Technology In The Fight Against Drug Addiction

Disorders due to the abuse of licit and illicit drugs are a major public health concern in the EU, with considerable interpersonal, physical and societal consequences. In the EU, 23 million people are affected by alcohol-related disorders, 24 % of the population smoke, and more than 16 million Europeans (aged 15–34) have used cannabis in the last year. It is estimated that about 2.4 million young adults have used cocaine in the last 12 months | European Parliamentary Research service Blog, Belgium

Where Does Addiction Come From? Perspectives from the Past and Present

It’s graduation season, which means a slew of new dissertations have been published. In today’s post, we include a few recent summaries of historical, psychological, and neurological perspectives on the etiology of addiction | Points Blog, USA

Editorial: Backlash over overdose drug hard to fathom

Despite the clearly epidemic status of opioid abuse in this nation, there is a growing backlash against efforts among emergency workers and school officials to combat the tragic problem with life-saving resources | Telegraph, USA

Found with cocaine in Colombia, we should presume Cassandra Sainsbury’s innocence

Twenty-two-year-old Australian woman Cassandra Sainsbury was arrested on April 11 at El Dorado airport in Bogota, Colombia. Sainsbury was due to return to Australia via London. Her suitcase contained 5.8kg of cocaine | Conversation, Australia