Daily news - 9th May 2017

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DDN May 2017

Latest issue out now. Hogwash and purdah – it’s election season again and where is the long-awaited drug strategy? The pages of this issue will tell you that we need change, but unlike many of the party political broadcasts they are specific about what’s wrong and what must change | DDN, UK

How Do People Who Frequently Attend Emergency Departments for Alcohol-Related Reasons Use, View, and Experience Specialist Addiction Services?

People who frequently attend emergency departments (EDs) for alcohol-related reasons, cost health systems greatly. Although specialist addiction services may be more appropriate for their needs, drinkers often experience barriers accessing specialist alcohol-related support | Substance Use and Misuse, UK

A little cannabis every day might keep brain ageing at bay

In some cultures, it’s traditional for elders to smoke grass, a practice said to help them pass on tribal knowledge. It turns out that they might just be onto something | New Scientist, UK

Tobacco products and e-cigarette cross-border sales registration

How businesses that supply tobacco products and e-cigarettes via cross-border distance sales can register with the UK government | PHE, UK

Prison smoking ban could see 'massive rise' in drug use and violence in British jails, experts warn

Criminal justice experts warn ban will lead to rise in illicit substances and increased levels of self-harm and violence | Independent, UK

Smoking may be banned in new council homes, says health expert

Smoking could be banned in some new council homes in a bid to protect the health of children, a UK public health expert has said | BBC, UK

Smart drugs at university: share your stories

As the exam season arrives, we want to hear from experts and students about the use of these substances on campus | Guardian, UK

Some Questions About 'The Sun's' Big List of Cocaine Dealers

Good news, fans of important revelatory journalism: The Sun continues to do good work "exposing" the fact that cocaine is popular among workers in the City of London | VICE, UK

RAPt Research and Policy Briefings

The first four of our briefings | RAPt, UK


International news

Volteface Canada Dispatch #1

Canada is set to become the first country in the G7 to legalise cannabis for recreational use. As expected, the Trudeau government announced the plan before Easter and the new Cannabis Bill (C-45) largely reflected the recommendations of the taskforce report from last November | Volte face, UK

A Small Case in Spain Is a Big Victory for Smarter Drug Policy

The legal approach to coca has been one of the most challenging topics in the current international drug control system, due to the plant’s connection to both commercial cocaine and ancient Andean traditions. Yet it’s rare for a case related to the coca leaf to come before a European court, in a region where those traditions are rarely discussed | Talking Drugs, UK

Treat Drug Use as Health Issue, Says President of Irish Pharmacy Union

People with problematic drug use should be provided with care and treatment, rather than being criminalised, said Daragh Connolly, the President of the Irish Pharmacy Union (IPU) | Talking Drugs, UK

Ten years of militarised drug policies in Mexico: more violence and human rights violations

51 people die on an average day in Mexico's war on drugs. But neither drugs nor drug trafficking are decreasing, while human rights violations have soared | Open Democracy, UK

Irish Pharmacy Union calls for decriminalisation of drugs for personal use

Union votes in favour of a motion calling for possession to be treated as a health issue | Irish Times, Ireland

From pill to needle: Prescription opioid epidemic may be increasing drug injection

The prescription opioid epidemic is shrinking the time it used to take drug users to progress to drug injection, a new Keck School of Medicine of USC-led study suggests | Medical Xpress, USA

How one drug could affect pain, memory and nicotine addiction

Although pain, memory and nicotine addiction may not seem to be related, they actually share a common player: the nicotinic acetylcholine receptors. That's why Texas A&M researchers are working to develop drugs to enhance the function of these receptors in the brain | Medical Xpress, USA

How an elephant tranquilizer became the latest deadly drug in the opioid epidemic

Drugs like fentanyl and carfentanil are becoming more common in America’s deadly drug crisis | Vox, USA



Blogs, comment and opinion

Drinking in pregnancy: where next for preventing fetal alcohol spectrum disorders in the UK?

In this guest blog, Kate Fleming, Senior Lecturer, Public Health Institute, Liverpool John Moores University, and Raja Mukherjee, Consultant Psychiatrist, Lead Clinician UK National FASD clinic, Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust consider the context and future for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders in the UK | Alcohol Policy UK blog, UK

Look away 2: Swansea is an ideal place for a drug consumption room

Last year I wrote an article called ‘Look away you don’t want to see this’, it was focused on drug related litter (DRL) and public injecting spaces in Birmingham | Nigel Brunsdon, UK

Opinion: 'Ireland could lead the way in developing new human-centred approaches to drug use'

I am delighted to see this government’s commitment to properly evaluate how decriminalisation could work in an Irish context, writes Dr John Collins | Journal, Ireland

Telegraph exploits man and exposes Australia’s failed and futile drug policy

‘A Shot In the Heart. Our drug crisis laid bare’ was the headline on the front page of Sydney’s Daily Telegraph on the 28th of April | AOD Media Watch, Australia