Daily news -3rd April 2018

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UK news

Drug misuse prevention

This quality standard covers the prevention or delay of harmful use of drugs by children, young people and adults most likely to start using drugs, or already experimenting or using drugs occasionally. This includes illegal psychoactive substances, solvents, volatile substances, image- and performance-enhancing drugs, prescription-only medicines and over-the-counter medicines. It describes high-quality care in priority areas for improvement | NICE, UK

Schoolboy, 14, dies after taking spice with friend at sleepover

Luke Pennington suffers ‘severe reaction’ after using drug at house in Stockport | Independent, UK

Alcoholic Drinks: Misuse

To ask the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, what assessment he has made of the effect of cheap alcohol on the rates of alcohol-related mortality for (a) young people and (b) homeless people | They work for you, UK

Alcohol policy questions for the UK ahead of Scotland's MUP date

Pricing (MUP) implementation date fast approaches, debates on the role of pricing and other alcohol control policies is again receiving increased attention | Alcohol Policy UK, UK

Couples desperate for a baby are told they will NOT get free IVF if they use e-cigarettes or nicotine patches

Couples desperate for a baby are being denied -funded IVF treatment because they use e-cigarettes or nicotine patches, The Mail on Sunday can reveal | Mail on Sunday, UK

Ten top tips on e-cigarettes for smoking cessation

Talk about e-cigarettes positively | Nursing in Practice, UK

Short sentences are short sighted

The majority of people serving sentences of less than six months are in prison for non-violent offences. Some common offences that receive a short time in custody are theft and drug offences , linked to underlying problems such as poverty, drug addiction, homelessness and poor mental health | Revolving Doors, UK

Cannabis oil plea mother to meet Shona Robison

Health Secretary Shona Robison has agreed to meet a campaigning mother who wants a cannabis-based treatment to be made available to her son the NHS | National, UK

Home Office Denies FOI Request In Cover-Up Of All Information On Cannabis Production Licences

On 6th March 2018 CLEAR submitted a Freedom of Information Request to the Home Office asking for full details of the licences accounting for the legal production of cannabis in the UK | Clear, UK

Home Secretary urged to back drugs fix room room for Glasgow

The Home Secretary will be invited to come to Glasgow to hear why the city needs a safe drug injecting space | Evening Times, UK

Police Scotland in secret phone hack operation

The hacking operation uses new technology to override passwords and encryption, and can download every piece of data held on a mobile phone without the owner’s knowledge | Herald, UK

Police use actors to test if Dunstable pubs sell alcohol to drunks

Bedfordshire police want to raise awareness of negative effects of selling booze to drunk people | Guardian, UK

North Wales Police hopes street theatre will help drug crime fight

Police in Wrexham have used a new tactic in their fight against drugs - street theatre | BBC, UK

Five arrested after huge drugs haul in Dromore

Police say they have seized what they believe "could be one of Northern Ireland's largest ever hauls of herbal cannabis" | BBC, UK

Love and drugs on the streets - episode 3 - BBC iPlayer

Kelly may have a room, but still needs to earn money on the street. Brought up in care and with no qualifications, she’s busking for now but hopes an open mic session will lead to bigger things | BBC, UK

Could non-alcoholic gin ever be as good as the real thing?

It's 13:00 on a Wednesday lunchtime and in the Palace of Westminster, a very lively drinks party is in full swing | BBC, UK

Booze Free Boom - bbc radio iPlayer

Sales of alcohol-free products aimed at traditional drinkers are surging. Elizabeth Hotson hears from writer and booze industry expert Jane Peyton, from British MPs at the House of Commons promoting healthierdrinking habits, and from global beverage giant Diageo about why they’re betting on tea-totallers | BBC, UK


International news

Mapped: the global epidemic of 'lifestyle' disease in charts

Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes now account for 90 per cent of  deaths each year in the UK | Telegraph, UK

Irish pubs make £35m after opening on Good Friday for the first time

First time in 90 years people were legally allowed to drink alcohol in pubs on Good Friday | Independent, UK

Call for Easter alcohol rules change - video

Michael Stewart, who runs a hotel in Belfast, says there must be changes to alcohol restrictions over the Easter period. Mr Stewart said that the issue should be about choice, not religion | BBC, UK

Opioids prescribed less in states where medical marijuana legal, studies find

Two new studies have found a correlation using data from programs used by millions of older, poor and disabled Americans | Guardian, UK

Synthetic marijuana: Warning as drug kills two people and causes outbreak of 'severe bleeding' near Chicago

Side effects of synthetic marijuana are far less predictable than the real thing, experts warn | Independent, UK

Academics want to speak to people who think they may have seen God

Hallucinogen study will assess encounters with spirits, creatures and 'autonomous entities' | Independent, UK

Italy summons ambassador in diplomatic row after French police cross border to test migrant for drugs

Foreign ministry describes behaviour as 'unacceptable' and warns future cooperation has been undermined | Independent, UK

Wanted - people with 'addiction experience': Former drug users encouraged to apply for work with a good salary in a safe injecting centre

'While it's not a prerequisite, people who have experienced addiction, or know of someone who has, are encouraged to apply,' a Victorian Government spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia | Mail Online, UK

From addict to world champion, how Luvo Manyonga can inspire a Commonwealth Games host city fighting its own crystal meth epidemic

It’s not a story that event organisers have been promoting: Australia’s Gold Coast, the host city of next month’s Commonwealth Games, is quietly fighting a spiralling crystal meth epidemic | Independent, UK

Thousands Languish in Prison for Cannabis Possession in Europe’s “Last Dictatorship”

Belarus is an Eastern European country blessed with a rich cultural heritage and a scenic landscape, but its people are subject to some of the most repressive drug policies on the continent | Talking Drugs, UK

Mexican drug kingpin charged in New York with trafficking enough fentanyl to kill 10 million people

Officials allege suspect organised pipeline sending narcotics through trucks, cars and couriers | Independent, UK

Stories from the front-line of the global drug war

Free event, April 11th, Bristol. How to End Mexico's Drug War: Mexican families call to legalise and regulate the drug market | Anyone's Child, UK

Alcoholic drinks ‘should carry cigarette-style health warnings’

Alcoholic drinks should carry cigarette-style health warnings to tackle a lack of awareness about the link between booze and cancer, it’s been claimed | Euronews, Belgium

U.S. drug overdose deaths continue to rise; increase fueled by synthetic opioids

An in-depth analysis of 2016 U.S. drug overdose data shows that America’s overdose epidemic is spreading geographically and increasing across demographic groups | CDC, USA

Studies examine relationship between legal cannabis use, opioid prescriptions

Two studies examine the relationship between legal cannabis use and opioid prescriptions. One study examines state implementation of medical and adult-use marijuana laws with opioid prescribing rates and spending among Medicaid enrollees, while a second study examines prescribing patterns for opioids in Medicare Part D and the implementation of state medical cannabis laws | EurekAlert, USA

Opioid crisis may be greater than once though because of under-reporting

A new study out of the University of Virginia finds opioid related deaths are vastly under-reported to the Federal government because not all coroners list the exact drug or combination of drugs | 7 news, USA

Opioid use prevalent among electronic dance music partygoers

Drug use not limited to typical 'club' drugs, NYU study finds | Science Daily, USA

After addiction, the long road back to good health

Before Kevin M.'s drinking problem began, before he became what he calls a "frequent flyer" in the Yale New Haven Hospital emergency department (ED), he was a policeman in Hollywood, Florida. There, he became involved in several shooting incidents | Medical Xpress, USA

Evaluation of e-liquid toxicity using an open-source high-throughput screening assay

[Open access] The e-liquids used in electronic cigarettes (E-cigs) consist of propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), nicotine, and chemical additives for flavoring | PLOS One, USA

Where Smoking Kills, and Why

The Tobacco Atlas shows how even non-smokers feel the public health impacts of the industry | CityLab, USA

The Highs and Lows of Testosterone

Do higher T numbers increase your energy and libido? Once you’re in the “normal” range, probably not | NYTimes, USA

Toward a Regulatory Framework for the Legalization of Cannabis: How Do We Get to There from Here?

This article discusses several issues related to the development of a regulatory system for the legalization of cannabis. We first outline a framework for considering how goods and services in general are treated from a legal and regulatory point of view | Canadian Public Policy, Canada

Australian cannabis companies are now allowed to export seeds, oil and raw material

Medical cannabis export legislation has been passed, but with such little fanfare that many in the industry were unaware the deed had been done | Business Insider, Australia


Blogs, comment and opinion

What are drug consumption rooms for?

I’ve been thinking a lot about drug consumption rooms lately – often referred to in the field as DCRs.  They’ve been an issue nationally, with the debates around the Glasgow proposal as well as noises from Durham and other places | Thinking to some purpose blog, UK

Is LSD the new middle-class dinner party treat?

If I’d tried acid at university like everyone else I know, I imagine it would have been sloppily spontaneous – getting high for the hell of it on a random rainy Wednesday morning in front of Blockbusters | The Times, UK

To do or to … give up?

In this blog, Sanela Talič would like to share her experiences with the implementation of “Strengthening Families Program (6-11)” in Slovenia | EUSPR blog, UK

The solution to Australia's drug epidemic starts with a conversation

After years deep in addiction we are now messengers with credibility, telling our story to school kids. The impact we make is undeniable | Guardian CIF, UK

The struggle for humane drug policy in Georgia

Decriminalising drugs has become a central demand of Georgian political parties, but the fight for decriminalisation has divided Georgian society | Open Democracy blog, UK

Rising to the Opioid Challenge

An estimated 116 people die each day from opioid-related drug overdoses in the United States. The opioid crisis has hit low-income and rural communities particularly hard, with increased homelessness, growing numbers of children in foster care, and more opiate orphans – children whose parents have died from an overdose | ACF.gov blog, USA

What's it like to be a heroin addict?

I have read some of these answers and they are rather sad and certainly not representative of many people who use heroin in a dependent way. Most of the responses are highly stigmatising, based on cliched versions that would make one think that all people who use heroin are the same | Quora, USA

Drug use can have social benefits, and acknowledging this could improve rehabilitation

Illicit drug use is often framed in terms of risk and antisocial or criminal behaviour. But drug use is often a highly social activity. For many people, the pleasure of using drugs is about social connection as much as it is about the physical effects | Conversation, Australia

Government Bans Alleged Drug Suppliers from Inner City Public Housing

The Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) issued a letter to inner city public housing applicants on February 28, explaining that they’ll be banned from certain housing estates if they were convicted of, or even charged with, drug supply or manufacture in the last five years | Sydney Criminal Lawyers blog, Australia