Daily news - 13th August 2018

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UK news

Minimum price for alcohol Bill becomes law

A new law introducing a minimum price for alcohol in Wales has been granted Royal Assent by Her Majesty the Queen | Welsh Government, UK

Spice: New kit tests for drug in 30 minutes

Video. Scientists in Manchester have developed a "groundbreaking" machine to test for the illegal drug Spice | BBC, UK

Substances sold at Bestival kept people awake for up to four days

The Loop says N-ethyl pentylone and pentylone induced users with "temporary psychosis” | MixMag, UK

Monkey Dust drug use 'an epidemic', emergency workers warn

Public Health England says Monkey Dust is the street name for Methylenedioxy-α-pyrrolidinohexiophenone or MDPHP | BBC, UK

Cocaine: The ‘classless’ drug used by nearly 900k Britons that is delivered faster than pizza

The fascination with the consumption of white powder at chatterati dinner parties belies a wider pattern of cocaine consumption in Britain | i news, UK

Politicians back extension of medicinal cannabis law to Northern Ireland

Political parties have united around a campaign to see a proposed new law allowing the prescription of medicinal cannabis extended to Northern Ireland | ITV, UK

Four in five Scots adults ‘pressured into drinking alcohol by friends’

More than 80 per cent of adults in Scotland have been pressured into drinking alcohol by friends, according to a new survey | Scotsman, UK

The number of drug related deaths in England has hit a new high

Paul North, Hardeep Matharu & Clark French look at the new ONS figures and question the medicinal use of cannabis which for many remains illegal | CLG, UK

‘Heroin On Trial’

Presentations from the conference | SSA, UK

Why drink is the secret to humanity’s success

Alcohol has been more valuable to our species’ survival than we might imagine | FT, UK

Health cannabis shop opens in Guernsey

A new shop that will sell health-based cannabis products is opening in Guernsey today | ITV, UK

Sports charity 'on hold' after sprinter's drugs jailing

A charity aimed at helping poverty-stricken youngsters get into sport has been "put on hold" after the athlete behind it was jailed for dealing drugs | BBC, UK

'You feel like a piece of dirt' - Belfast heroin addict speaks out

Video. The number of drug users trying to access heroin addiction services in Belfast has risen | BBC, UK

Belfast cannabis: Two charged after £1m drugs seizure

Two people have been charged with a number of offences following the seizure of cannabis worth more than £1m in south Belfast | BBC, UK

Man jailed for role in Birmingham 'drugs turf war'

A man involved in a daytime drive-by shooting as part of a "drugs turf war" has been jailed | BBC, UK


International news

Norway trials free heroin prescriptions for most serious addicts

Project aims to improve quality of life and reduce country’s high fatal overdose rates | Guardian, UK

Fines, street closures and code reds: How ‘urban jungle’ Amsterdam is clamping down on tourist excess

The authorities in Amsterdam have announced bold new measures to tackle tourist excess in the city centre, which one official has described as a “jungle” | Telegraph, UK

Woman held in Dubai with daughter after drinking wine on flight

Dentist says she was detained and had passport confiscated after having one glass of wine | Guardian, UK

Woman, 81, busted with $870K of heroin at US-Mexico border

 Authorities seized 92 pounds (42 kilograms) of heroin valued at more than $870,000 from an 81-year-old woman attempting to smuggle the drugs across the U.S.-Mexico border | Mail Online, UK

Judge clears way for America's first execution using fentanyl

Ajudge on Friday refused to block Nebraska from carrying out the state's first-ever lethal injection despite a pharmaceutical company's claims that the state illicitly obtained its drugs, clearing the way for the country's first execution with fentanyl | Telegraph, UK

'I don't think I look like a stoner': the women changing the face of the cannabis industry

US cannabis laws are slackening, and a number of enterprising women are tapping into female interest in the drug through magazines, cooking, health and fashion | Guardian, UK

Arrest of Manuel Charlín, 85, reveals resilience of Galicia's cocaine clans

Released in 2010 after 20 years in prison, the trafficker made a return to notoriety last week | Guardian, UK

'I understand people can relapse, but you have to be honest': Inside Dublin's drug treatment court

More than 1,000 people were referred to the service so far this year | Journal, Ireland

South Inner City Drug & Alcohol Task Force: Community Grant Initiative

Deadline for receipt of applications is August, Friday the 17th, 2018 | Active Link, Ireland

Going knock—Recurrent comatose GHB intoxication in the Netherlands & Flanders (Belgium)

Gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB) overdose is an important concern in the Netherlands and Flanders, Belgium and accounts for most overdoses reported by emergency services | IJDP, Belgium

Risk-taking, antisocial teens 5 times more likely to die young

Adolescents with serious conduct and substance use problems are five times more likely to die prematurely than their peers, with roughly one in 20 dying by their 30s, according to new research | Science Daily, USA

College students may face pressures from opioid epidemic's secondary effects

About one in five college students reported in a survey that they knew someone who was addicted to pain medications, and nearly a third said they knew somebody who overdosed on painkillers or heroin, according to a team of undergraduate Penn State Lehigh Valley researchers | Medical Xpress, USA

Treating a Patient with a Co-Occurring Disorder

Patients with mental health disorders are at increased risk for substance use disorders, and vice versa. Many approaches to treatment address one or the other, despite their interconnection. In this webinar, learn to better address co-occurring disorders’ biological, psychological, and social components | IRETA, USA

In New York, A Harm-Reduction Organization Is Leveraging Participatory Defense To Empower Its Clients

Grassroots group VOCAL-NY is teaching people with substance use disorder how to avoid getting ensnared in the criminal justice system | The Appeal, USA

With cannabis coming to the workplace, what constitutes ‘impairment’?

Just as digital transformation has disrupted legacy business models, cannabis legalization will fundamentally challenge workplace policies | Globe and Mail, Canada

Some people think they drive better after a joint. The science says otherwise. Here are the facts on driving high

From the second-story window of the High Life Social Club in Halifax, which is planted discreetly above a café serving all-day breakfast, the owner Chris Henderson points to the bus stop across the street | Globe and Mail, Canada

Peer support workers on front lines of overdose crisis need support too, experts say

Trey Helten has known almost every one of the 50 or so people he has treated for overdoses on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside since February | Globe and Mail, Canada

NSW Police: Bigger fines, loss of licence for motorists under new laws

On-the-spot fines are aimed to be a deterrent for drink-drivers with more than half of low-range offenders currently recording no fine or conviction in NSW | Age, Australia

Report sparks media moral panic regarding use of drugs in the workplace

On Friday the 27th of July, the ABC published a story titled: “Thousands of Australians turning up to work on methamphetamines”. The ABC cited a report authored by forensic toxicologist Andrew Leibie that claimed 5,000 South Australians working in safety sensitive industries were: “either under the influence of ice or suffering its hangover effects” | AOD Media Watch, Australia

National Portrait - Ross Bell, the reformer

New Zealand's drug laws are made for a world that no longer exists | NZDF, New Zealand


Blogs, comment and opinion

Why the number of women dying from drug related deaths is at a record high

Hidden amongst a raft of data on drug-related deaths released this week was an alarming statistic: women’s deaths as a result of drug use are now the highest on record | i news opinion, UK

Ian Birrell: When will politicians realise that the war on drugs has been lost?

Last year I went on patrol in Dayton, Ohio, with an affable police officer called Andy Teague, who told me that until seven years previously he had never seen a victim of a heroin overdose. Yet in the four hours we spent together there were a dozen incidents on his patch | Evening Standard opinion, UK

The US opioid crisis: quantifying the impact

The opioid crisis is one of most shocking public health issues in the United States. Between 2001 and 2016 the number of opioid-related deaths more than tripled, with predictions that it could kill a further half million people by 2027 | Mental Elf blog, UK

The Political History of Smack and Crack review – an unsparing portrait of addiction

A desperate love story is set against a broader picture of government hostility in Ed Edwards’ gritty two-hander | Guardian, UK

Now that pot is about to become legal, it’s time to talk about other drugs

The 'war on drugs' legitimizes the violation of human rights in many countries, represents a major public-health obstacle and is costing us billions | National Post opinion, USA

The influence of opium and cocaine panic in Canadian drug policy

Current discussions on the history of prohibition and drug laws in Canada have explored the narrative that Canada’s drug laws were fuelled by racism | Conversation, Canada