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UK news

Alcohol and drug misuse prevention and treatment guidance

[Guidance updated] Added Continuity of care for prisoners who need substance misuse treatment | PHE, UK

Alcohol Awareness Week 2018, 19-25 November: ‘Change’

Alcohol Concern have announced this year's Alcohol Awareness Week(AAW) will take place from 19-25 of November on the theme of 'change'. The charity, which has merged with Alcohol Research UK, is promoting the Twitter hashtag #AAW18 | Alcohol Policy UK, UK


A brand new machine has been placed into Manchester city centre police station to help test seized drugs, in a scheme that is the first of its kind in the country | Greater Manchester Police, UK

Study sheds light on peer pressure and alcohol consumption

A new pilot study involving the University of Stirling has found that more than four in five people in the UK have experienced pressure from friends to consume alcohol | University Of Stirling, UK

Mixing alcohol and energy drinks ‘may impair judgment and cause risky behaviour’

Scientists have found that the combination could be responsible for making drinkers less able to engage in social communication and reduce their ability to feel fear | ITV, UK

Study finds e-cigarettes may make lungs vulnerable to infection

Researchers studied a type of lung cell called alveolar macrophages. These are also called dust cells, as they prevent irritants such as dust and infectious bacteria passing into the airways | NHS Choices, UK

Vaping: All you need to know about the smoking alternative

Public Health England says vaping is much less harmful than smoking and can be used as an aid to giving up cigarettes | BBC, UK

The Value of Providing Smokers with Free ECigarettes: Smoking Reduction and Cessation Associated with the Three-Month Provision to Smokers of a Refillable Tank-Style E-Cigarette (PDF)

[Based on research undertaken within Scotland] In this exploratory study the Blu Pro ecigarette was given to smokers to assist them in reducing and quitting over a 90 day period. The rates of smoking abstinence and daily smoking patterns were assessed at baseline, 30 days, 60 days and 90 days | Preprint, UK

Number of pregnant women smoking goes UP for first time as more take risks with unborn babies' lives

NHS Digital data shows 10.8% of women were smokers at the time of delivery in 2017/18 | Mirror, UK

The drug that makes people jump off buildings

It has led people to jump off buildings, bite others and run into people's homes. Now police say it is only a matter of time before someone dies as the result of "monkey dust" - a synthetic drug rising in popularity in the West Midlands | BBC, UK

UK Drug Policy (with Steve Rolles)

Podcast. This week Elle is joined with Steve Rolles, the Senior Policy Analyst from Transform Drug Policy Foundation. Together they find out What’s the Crack with Transform and their successful work with drug policy in the UK over the past few decades, what country has ‘better’ drug polices, and why medical and non-medical cannabis lobbying should be kept separate | What's the crack?, UK

Potent psychedelic drug DMT makes the brain think it is dying, study finds

Research shows hallucinogen found in traditional medicine ayahuasca produces similar feelings to those felt by people during near-death experiences | Independent, UK

Advancing Psychedelic & Flow Science: A Pioneering Investigation Into Peak-Experiences

Survey. The overarching mission of this study is to improve our understanding of how mental, physical and environmental variables impact peak-experiences | Imperial College, London and Flow Genome Project, UK

TalkingDrugs Survey & Competition

Please help TalkingDrugs improve our content to suit you by completing this 5-minute survey. By doing so, you'll be entered into a prize draw to win a Nice People Take Drugs t-shirt of your choice from Release, the UK's centre of expertise on drugs and drug law | Talking Drugs, UK

County lines: Newsnight looks at the murky world of drug dealing

The drug trade is evolving in lucrative ways for gangs in the UK | BBC, UK

Could a legal hemp industry flourish in Guernsey?

A Guernsey politician has told ITV News that establishing a hemp and medical cannabis industry could help improve declining horticulture on the island | ITV, UK

Drug dealer caught with £1m worth of cocaine jailed

A man has been jailed for nine years after police in Buckinghamshire found him in possession of cocaine with a street value of £1m | ITV, UK

Is this the Liverpool drug world's least impressive gang name yet?

Operated 'more like a business' than a gang, the Norris Green-controlled gang peddled drugs in Cheshire | Liverpool Echo, UK


International news

Top 5 studies to read about drug education

Introducing important studies in the field of drug education that have undergone the critical review of Drug and Alcohol Findings. Click the titles below to understand the key findings and their meaning in the context of British drug education | Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK

Drug and Alcohol Review: International Alcohol Control Study

All articles open access | DAR, UK

Nebraska execution: Carey Dean Moore becomes first inmate on death row killed using fentanyl

Pharmaceutical companies have been pushing back against state plans to use their products in executions, saying the use could damage their brands | Independent, UK

Visiting Europe’s major cities has the same health impact as smoking 1 to 4 cigarettes

ccording to a European study published on Friday, air pollution is so high in major European cities that spending a long weekend there could have the same health impacts as smoking between one and four cigarettes | Euronews, France

The Number of Women with Opioid Use Disorder at Labor and Delivery Quadrupled from 1999-2014

The number of pregnant women with opioid use disorder (OUD) at labor and delivery more than quadrupled from 1999 to 2014, according to a new analysis by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This first-ever multi-state analysis of trends – published today in CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report – reveals significant increases in the 28 states with available data | CDC, USA

Independent predictors of mortality in adolescents ascertained for conduct disorder and substance use problems, their siblings and community controls

[Open access] This study examined common and independent contributions to mortality hazard in adolescents ascertained for conduct disorder (CD) and substance use disorder (SUD), their siblings and community controls, hypothesizing that individual differences in CD and SUD severity would explain unique variation in mortality risk beyond that due to clinical/control status and demographic factors | Addiction, USA

Alcohol Misuse 'A Costly Problem' For US Military

Alcohol misuse has been described as "a costly problem" from the US Department of Defense, with a new report showing around 30% of American service personnel are binge drinkers | Forces Network, USA

My Father Died, and Then I Fell in Love with Heroin

When my dad passed away, anything good-intentioned, selfless or purposeful in me died along with him | VICE, USA

Johns Hopkins experts create opioid prescribing guidelines for 20 common surgical procedures

A Johns Hopkins expert panel of health care providers and patients have announced what is, to their knowledge, the nation's first set of operation-specific opioid prescribing guidelines | Medical Xpress, USA

Medicaid expansion states see rise in coverage for low income adults with substance use disorders

The percentage of low-income Americans with substance use disorders who were uninsured declined more sharply in states that chose to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act versus states that did not, according to a new study at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health and Columbia University Irving Medical Center | Medical Xpress, USA

Is nicotine actually bad for you?

The case against Juul is also partly a case against nicotine | The Verge, USA

Three major anti-smoking groups are joining forces to fight Big Tobacco

Three of the globe’s most ardent anti-tobacco groups are joining forces, part of new effort to create a one-stop shop  to monitor the tobacco industry, its lobbying tactics, and its marketing strategies | Quartz, USA

Cannabis Jobs Soar In Canada As Legalization Looms

While still a small part of the market, marijuana-related job ads have tripled in the past year | Huffington Post, Canada

Alcohol industry resists prioritising health over profits, research finds

The Australian alcohol industry fails to acknowledge the substantial burden of disease caused by their products and resists calls for stronger regulation to reduce harm, new research led by Curtin University has found | Medical Xpress, Australia

$100K Fundraiser Launched For Pill Testing At More Aussie Festivals

A major fundraiser has been launched to help support the roll out of pill testing programs at more Australian music festivals, after Groovin The Moo hosted a successful Aussie-first trial in April | MusicFeeds, Australia

Big Tobacco poised to enter the vaping market in New Zealand

Three years before his father was diagnosed with lung cancer, Clint Baxter bought him an e-cigarette | Stuff.co.nz, New Zealand

Should drug testing of beneficiaries be stopped after 'so few' fail?

This week on Inside Parliament, the 1 NEWS team discuss the interesting findings into beneficiary drug use | TVNZ, New Zealand


Blogs, comment and opinion

Harry’s blog 66: Not really a JUUL in the crown

JUUL e-cigarettes have taken the American e-cigarette market by storm, capturing over 70% of the US market in extremely short time. Because of the huge publicity generated and much media hand-wringing in editorials, features and op-eds (often quoting diehard anti-tobacco harm reduction activists about the alleged risk to young people), this has no doubt fuelled interest in these devices by the same cohort | NSP blog, UK

Hidden Figures of Drug History: Lenore Kandel (1932-2009)

Kandel, who died in San Francisco in 2009 at the age of 77 from complications of lung cancer, was an uncommon woman in both the Beat and hippie countercultures | Points blog, USA

I Wear Purple for My Brother

A grieving sisters depiction of Overdose Awareness Day and the significance to its unlucky celebrants | Medium blog, USA

Substance abuse treatment relies on good brain function, which many users don’t have

Methamphetamine and opioid use has become a problem in Australia, and a recent New South Wales parliamentary inquiry recommended urgent action for more substance treatment services, especially residential rehabilitation | Conversation, Australia

Why Australian prisoners are smoking nicotine-infused tea leaves

Following a ban on tobacco smoking in prisons, some Australian prisoners are creating substitute cigarettes from crushed nicotine lozenges mixed with tea leaves. More than half of the participants we sampled in our recent study have used this product, known as “teabacco” | Conversation, Australia