Daily news - 29th August 2018

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UK news

Teenagers who smoke and drink suffer ill effects by age of 17

Tests showed stiffening of the arteries had begun by this relatively young age | BBC, UK

Prisoners to be offered free vaping kits ahead of tobacco ban

The initiative, which will cost about £200,000, is part of a programme to support inmates give up smoking | BBC, UK

Scanners, sniffer dogs and searching alone cannot tackle prolific drug use in our prisons

The extent to which drugs have taken hold in our jails was detailed by the Chief Inspector of Prisons in his annual report last month | Volte Face, UK

Violence, drugs and officers in the dock - is this a prison in crisis?

HMP Forest Bank has been at the centre of a spate of nasty incidents over the past 12 months. Beth Abbit investigates what's going wrong at the Salford jail | Manchester Evening News, UK

The Loop (with Henry Fisher)

Podcast. This week Elle is joined with Henry Fisher, partner of Hanway Associates and the senior chemist of the Loop. Together they find out what’s the crack with the Loop and their successful drug testing in festivals throughout the UK | What's the crack?, UK

Why are so many women dying?

Podcast. We're joined by author Laurie Penny, Channel 4 News reporter Anja Popp, and Executive Director of Release, Niamh Eastwood, as we discuss the worrying statistics that drug related death in women continues to increase. Why? | Stop and Search, UK

The Livesey Collection: British National Temperance League

The Livesey Collection is named in honour of Joseph Livesey of Preston, one of the early teetotal pioneers. In 1987, the Livesey Collection transferred to the University of Central Lancashire from the British National Temperance League in Sheffield. Since then it has been enriched by donations from temperance groups and individuals | UCLAN, UK

A Celebration of Life | 2018 Memorial

You are invited to join us for our annual memorial event to mark the lives of those lost to drugs and alcohol. A Celebration of Life is an afternoon led by friends and family members, featuring performances by local choirs | Bristol Drugs Project, UK

The pub selling the UK's most expensive pint

A trendy pub is selling the country’s most expensive draft pint - available for a pricy £22.50 | Independent, UK

Sheffield student Joana Burns' drug death: Two in court

A man and woman have appeared in court charged with supplying the drugs that caused the death of a student | BBC, UK

Dean Stansby Ipswich drugs murder: Fourth man jailed

A fourth man has been jailed for life for the murder of a father-of-five who left his house to buy illegal drugs | BBC, UK


International news

Medication is key to tackling US ‘opioid epidemic’, says government agency

Though the context and scale may be different, concerns in the UK related to problem opioid use – including overdose deaths and dependence on prescription opioids – make these American guidelines a useful point of reference. The headline message: expanding access to methadone, naltrexone, and buprenorphine is an important public health strategy for tackling opioid use disorder | Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK

Ketamine antidepressant could bring opioid-like addiction risks, study warns

'Breakthrough' antidepressants work in same way as painkiller drugs and similarly reinforce addiction | Independent, UK

Few heavy drinkers get drugs to help curb alcohol use

Less than one in 10 people with alcohol use disorders get prescribed medications that help people drink less and avoid binges, a U.S. study suggests | Reuters, UK

Couples who drink together tend to be happier together, study finds

A new study has found that couple who drink together are generally more happy | Indy 100, UK

Police find more than 65kg of cocaine hidden in pineapples

Police in Madrid made an alarming discovery when they found more than 65kg of cocaine stashed inside pineapples at a food market | Independent, UK

Ibiza officials to vote on a ban of laughing gas

The use of nitrous oxide could result in fines for revellers | MixMag, UK 

Young people think 'rollies' are healthier than traditional cigarettes

That is according to a new study from Tobacco Free Institute of Ireland which is now calling for the price of so-called 'rollies' to be raised | Irish Examiner, Ireland

Health effects in COPD smokers who switch to electronic cigarettes: a retrospective-prospective 3-year follow-up

[Open access] We present findings from a long-term prospective assessment of respiratory parameters in a cohort of COPD patients who ceased or substantially reduced conventional cigarette use with ECs | Dove Press, UK

Single-step nasal spray naloxone easiest to deliver according to new research

Expanded access to naloxone, also known as Narcan®, has been identified as a key intervention for reducing opioid-related deaths. However, there is more than one way to administer it and it is unknown which method is most successful when administered by community members | EurekAlert, USA

Scientists identify 35 genes associated with cannabis use

A large-scale genetic study found that some of the same genes associated with the use of cannabis are also associated with certain personality types and psychiatric conditions | Medical Xpress, USA

Differences between combined, isolated use of cannabis, nicotine on brain networks

Researchers at the Center for BrainHealth® at the University of Texas at Dallas investigated the effects on the brain of concurrent cannabis and nicotine use, versus the use of solely cannabis and solely nicotine | Science Daily, USA

What’s in that vape? Sending health warning messages by text

In the last couple of years, fewer American teenagers have smoked cigarettes. However, e-cigarettes and vaping devices have increased in popularity among teenagers | BASIS, USA

E-cigarette use common, especially among younger adults and those in the LBGTQ community

E-cigarette use is prevalent among U.S. adults, especially among men; lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender persons (LGBT); those who are unemployed; and those with chronic disease | Medical Xpress, USA

Major tobacco companies found to be secretly using influencers to advertise

Tobacco companies are secretly advertising cigarettes on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter by paying social media influencers to post images of cigarettes and smoking as part of a marketing strategy | Marketing, USA

New research: Ketamine activates opioid system to treat depression

Experts caution against widespread use due to potential for tolerance, abuse and dependence | EurekAlert, USA

City launches consultation on four designated cannabis consumption sites

With Canada-wide cannabis legalization less than two months away, city hall wants to know how Calgarians feel about four areas it’s proposing as designated spots where people would be able smoke pot in public | Calgary Herald, Canada

'Utterly wrong': What happens when the alcohol industry makes pregnancy warning posters

Thousands of posters warning pregnant women about the dangers of alcohol have had to be removed from the walls of hospitals and GP clinics around the country | SMH, Australia



Blogs, comment and opinion

Chemsex: new groups for LGBT partners, family and friends

Earlier this month London Friend and Adfam were delighted to announce the introduction of new support groups for LGBT families, friends and partners of people with issues with drugs and alcohol or engaging problematically in chemsex | Adfam blog, UK

The hidden costs of a hangover

If you drink alcohol, it’s likely you’re familiar with some of the effects of a hangover. Headaches, nausea and fatigue are just some of the unpleasant but common experiences of the morning after the night before. But have you ever wondered how a hangover may influence your thoughts and behaviour? | Conversation, UK

It’s not about the alcohol! Helping communities to drink more healthily

How do you get ‘ordinary’ social drinkers thinking and talking about alcohol? Probably not by talking to them about alcohol. Nobody likes feeling like they’re being told what to do, and anyone who’s worked at the coalface of health promotion will know that trying to “educate” individuals to “know their units” or “drink responsibly” doesn’t work most of the time | Alcohol Concern blog, UK

Weighing up the pros and cons of alcohol

Sue Morgan says we need a more nuanced discussion, and Liz White reflects on the relationship with longevity | Guardian letters, UK

Adrian Chiles’s documentary proves how many of us are in denial about our problematic drinking habits

It was only after I stopped drinking completely that I was able to see just how deeply ingrained my denial was – and how I was far from the only one to rely on the stereotypes to justify my alcohol misuse | Independent voices, UK

Drug and alcohol treatment: not all about the numbers

[From July]. Last summer, as I stepped into the new policy role at Collective Voice, the Government seemed to have left itself in an odd position. It had just published a sensible and comprehensive new Drug Strategy with the drug and alcohol treatment system as one of the pillars around which it was built | Collective Voice blog, UK

States Show the Way on the Opioid Epidemic

The Trump administration ought to take a page from the areas of the country where opioid deaths are decreasing | NYTimes opinion, USA

Language: Abandoning “Addiction”

Historians change their language for all sorts of reasons, specifically when it dehumanizes other people | Points blog, USA