Daily news - 6th December 2018

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UK news

Drink-fuelled violence at train stations over festive period more than doubles in two years, new figures show

There were 189 cases of drink-fuelled violence between November 24 2017 and January 2 2018, compared with 85 during the festive period two years earlier, according to British Transport Police (BTP) data | Independent, UK

Can we really say naloxone reduces the overall rate of overdose deaths?

The problem is that the ‘gold standard’ for establishing causality - randomised trials – cannot ethically be applied to an intervention known to save individual lives. But there are a set of widely applied criteria for establishing the presumption of causality even without a randomised trial. Against naloxone programme data, these strongly suggest the portable rescue kits really do cut the death rate due to opioid overdose
| Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK

Sheffield to host first UK Spice conference

The UK's first national conference aimed at tackling the use of so-called zombie drug Spice is set to take place later in Sheffield | BBC, UK

Roll-your-own cigarette use and smoking cessation behaviour: a cross-sectional population study in England

[Open access] Smoking is one of the leading risk factors for premature death, disease and disability, killing an estimated 6 million people globally each year | BMJ, UK

Impact of the NHS stop smoking services on smoking prevalence in England: a simulation modelling evaluation

[Open access] The English National Health Service (NHS) Stop Smoking Services (SSS), established in 2001, were the first such services in the world. An appropriate evaluation of the SSS has national and international significance. This modelling study sought to evaluate the impact of the SSS on changes in smoking prevalence in England | BMJ, UK

Drugs: Crime

To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department, what assessment he has made of the potential implications for his policies of the findings of the evaluation of the Kent County Lines pilot project undertaken by JH Consulting | Theywork for you, UK

Tobacco Products and Nicotine Inhaling Products (Amendment etc.) (EU Exit) Regulations 2018 - Motion to Approve

My Lords, in introducing the regulations before the House today, I want to stress how critical they are in maintaining the UK’s commitment to be a world leader in tobacco control as we leave the European Union | They work for you, UK

Plan to make Scots beer a £1bn industry

Scottish drinkers have been urged to ditch imported beer for local brew, as part of a drive to turn the sector into a £1bn industry by 2030 | BBC, UK

Portsmouth City Council secures extra funding for alcohol support

Portsmouth City Council has been successful in securing £500,000 from Public Health England to provide support for children of alcohol dependent parents | Portsmouth City Council, UK

Council to help children affected by alcohol following successful funding bid

A new programme, which aims to help families whose lives have been affected by alcohol, will be rolled out in Swindon thanks to funding from the Government | Swindon.gov.uk, UK

Fresh support for families affected by alcohol

Haringey families dealing with alcohol dependency will be able to access better support in the borough thanks to a three-year grant awarded today to the council and its partners | Haringey Council, UK

Tory MP Ross Thomson mocked after falling for ‘obvious’ fake drug app prank

Outspoken Scottish Conservative MP Ross Thomson has been criticised after being taken in by a TV crew filming a prank show in which he discussed a fake drug app which supports a child-run ‘cocaine factory’ in Colombia | Scotsman, UK

Gambling firms agree 'whistle-to-whistle' television sport advertising ban

Britain's biggest gambling companies have voluntarily agreed to a "whistle-to-whistle" television advertising ban | BBC, UK

Stephen Lawrence suspect was 'ringleader' of drugs gang and used family as delivery drivers, court hears

Aman who was a suspect in the murder of Stephen Lawrence is accused of being one of the "ringleaders" of a conspiracy to supply "huge quantities" of cannabis resin, a court has heard | Telegraph, UK

Nearly one million cans of beer seized in Grantham raid

Sergeant Kim Enderby, from Lincolnshire Police, said the amount of alcohol seized was "mindboggling" | BBC, UK


International news

STOP-SV: a training programme to prevent nightlife-related sexual violence (Evaluation Report) (PDF)

As part of the European Union Rights, Equality and Citizenship programme, in 2016 the STOP-SV (staff training on prevention of sexual violence) project was established with partners from Czech Republic, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom. The primary aim of STOP-SV is to support the prevention of nightlife related sexual violence | PHI, UK

Cannabis firm confirms investment talks with Marlboro maker

Altria, the maker of Marlboro cigarettes, is in talks with a Canadian cannabis producer over a potential investment in the firm | BBC, UK

Can a Strong Drink Revive a City? - audio

Does bourbon have the strength to reinvigorate a whole city? And is it really wise to seek answers at the bottom of a barrel? | BBC World Service, UK

Further delay for Dublin's injection centre as concerns raised on 'over-concentration' of services in area

A note from city council planners said a detailed policing plan was also required for the site at Merchants Quay | Journal, Ireland

Strategic plan 2018 – 2021: building community resilience (PDF)

A semi-structured questionnaire was designed for use in the focus groups to encourage reflection on the nature and extent of local drug-related problems over the last 5-years, consider additional action we could take to address these and make suggestions on how the Task Force could tackle them over the next 4-years | Finglas Cabra Local Drug & Alcohol Task Force, Ireland

UNODC/WHO International Standards on Drug Use Prevention: Second updated edition

This second updated edition of the Standards summarizes the currently available scientific evidence, describing interventions and policies that have been found to result in positive prevention outcomes and their characteristics | UNODC, Austria

Considering Heroin-Assisted Treatment and Supervised Drug Consumption Sites in the United States

Two interventions that are implemented in some other countries but not in the United States are heroin-assisted treatment (HAT; sometimes referred to as supervised injectable heroin treatment) and supervised consumption sites (SCSs; sometimes referred to as overdose prevention sites)... In this mixed-methods report, the authors assess evidence on and arguments made about HAT and SCSs and examine some of the issues associated with implementing them in the United States | RAND, USA

Opioids plus other drugs a deadly mix for heavy users

The findings stem from an analysis of all prescriptions of controlled substances for nearly 302,000 patients that were reported in the state of Idaho in 2017 | Medical Xpress, USA

Municipal wastewater holds the key to tracking opioid intervention initiatives

In 2016, opioids were the primary cause of more than 42,000 deaths in the U.S. Controlled substances (opioids and other drugs, such as marijuana) pose a threat to both human and environmental health | Medical Xpress, USA

Here's what we know today about the dangers of vaping

Florida International University psychologists Elisa Trucco and Matthew Sutherland are in a race to find answers about the impact of e-cigarettes on the adolescent brain | Medical Xpress, USA

Michigan Officially Legalizes Marijuana For Recreational Use

But it will likely be a few years before Michiganders can legally buy cannabis at retail stores | Huffington Post, USA

Trump’s Latest Rabid Tweet: “Death Penalty for Distributors and Pushers, the Results Will Be Incredible!”

Alittle before 9 am on December 5, President Trump tweeted the following about his recent fentanyl agreement with China | Filter Magazine, USA

The World's First-Ever Acid Trip Actually Kinda Sucked

A deep dive into Albert Hofmann's personal archives sheds startling new light on a signature moment at the dawn of the psychedelic era | VICE, USA

What marijuana does to your sex life

There’s little hard evidence for cannabis lube, but marijuana does have an effect | The Verge, USA


Blogs, comment and opinion

An interview with Mark Pryke, National Service User Lead

My role is to help increase opportunities and choices for service users. The more choices and options we have to offer to people in terms of treatment and structured activities, the more likely they are to choose one | CGL blog, UK

Pubs are the nation’s museums and cheap alcohol is killing them

Oh pubs! Oh singing brass! Oh silent nook and foaming ale! Oh glowing light through pint glass thrown! Oh friend of mine! | Metro, UK

China and the US have a long history of cooperation on opioid control. The latest announcement is pure White House theatre

This week at the G20 summit, President Trump announced that China had agreed that the export of synthetic opioids, namely Fentanyls, to the US would be curtailed. John Collins writes that the move is another political ‘sugar rush’ for the administration which is unlikely to address the US opioid crisis | LSE blog, UK

How parents and teachers can identify and help young people self-medicating trauma with drugs and alcohol

Some 80% of young people will experience a traumatic event by the time they become an adult. Here's how teachers and parents can support them | Conversation, Australia