Daily news - 5th July 2018

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UK news

Over two million children in England are growing up in families where there are serious risks, major study from Children’s Commissioner reveals

The report, “The Children’s Commissioner’s 2018 Report into Childhood Vulnerability”, estimates 825,000 children are living in a family with domestic violence and that over 100,000 children are living in a family with the so-called ‘toxic trio’ of domestic violence, mental health and alcohol or substance abuse | Children's Commissioner for England, UK

Risks to children 'the biggest social justice challenge of our time'

Children’s commissioner seeks more help for young people in vulnerable family situations | Guardian, UK

Working together to safeguard children

Updated. Statutory guidance on inter-agency working to safeguard and promote the welfare of children | DoE, UK

The drugs being used at UK festivals

Over the summer, thousands of people will flock to festivals to socialise and enjoy music. Despite all the warnings, some will take drugs - but what do we know about the substances being used and the risks they pose? | BBC, UK

Newcastle and Glasgow top list for student spending on alcohol

London doesn't even make the cut as Newcastle and Glasgow take the top two spots | Independent, UK

Cannabis-Based Medicines Expert Panel: member biographies and disclosures of interest

A list of current members of the Expert Panel, their biographies and register of interest | Home Office, UK

Is the end of smoking finally in sight? 270,000 people gave up last year in the UK, official figures show (so how does your area fare?)

Government data today reveals 14.9 per cent of adults across the country smoked in 2017 - the equivalent of 6.1 million people | Mail Online, UK

New 'fix room' call as figures show three drug deaths a week in Glasgow

The latest government statistics show drug fatalities in the city have doubled in the last eight years, to a record high | Evening Times, UK

The loop is saving lives at UK festivals with its innovative harm reduction initiative

After the recent tragic deaths of two people at Mutiny Festival in Portsmouth, the issue of drug safety testing has been thrust into the spotlight once again. DJ Mag talks to Fiona Measham, founder of The Loop harm reduction organisation, about the work that they do and why some pill manufacturers are making their ecstasy so strong... | DJ Mag, UK

Alcohol abuse and binge drinking (drama)

A drama about the effects of alcohol abuse and binge drinking on young people. Joe is 14 and in year 9. He is growing up fast. With nobody at home most of the time, excitement means experimenting with alcohol | BBC Teach, UK

Alan's experience of drinking alcohol at 14

Alan tells how an evening of drinking alcohol led to a sequence of events that changed his life. At the time, he set out just wanting to have a good time, but after his experience with alcohol, his attitude to drinking has changed | BBC Teach, UK

Lorne's experience of smoking cannabis

Lorne gives a highly personal account of how smoking cannabis devastated his life. He describes how what began as casual, one-off activity to meet new friends, eventually led to reliance | BBC Teach, UK

Rose's experience of taking legal highs

Rose describes how she collapsed after smoking a 'legal high' at a music festival. She reflects honestly about her experience | BBC Teach, UK

Cigarettes and the Economy

An exploration of globalisation and the economy using teenager's 'stuff' as a starting point. Interaction with a real teenager is combined with short animated clips to look at how tax and regulation works in relation to cigarettes | BBC Teach, UK

News & updates June 2018: airports, teenagers, U-shaped curves, consumption & more

Selected media stories since the May roundup | IAS, UK

Current law 'failing to curb' growing number of child drug runners, report seen by ITV News shows

Current laws are failing to curb the rise in numbers of children being used to run drugs across the country, a report obtained by ITV News suggests | ITV, UK

Drugs worth total of £100,000 seized in Highlands

Drugs with a combined value of almost £100,000 were seized in the Highlands and Islands last month, Police Scotland has said | BBC, UK

Shop assistant hid 1,400 cigarettes down his trousers

A convenience store assistant who was found with non-duty paid cigarettes stuffed down his trousers has been jailed for almost a year | BBC, UK

No easy way to stop smoking – archive, 1958

5 July 1958 Several methods to help smokers break their habit are being looked at including hypnotism for the weak of will | Guardian, UK


International news

Optimising treatment in opioid dependency in primary care: results from a national key stakeholder and expert focus group in Ireland

Treatment for opioid dependence in Ireland is provided predominantly by general practitioners (GP) who have undergone additional training in opioid agonist treatment (OAT) and substance misuse | BioMed Central, UK

Study: Ecstasy could be far less dangerous than past research suggests

A new paper suggests past research on MDMA, the main component of ecstasy pills, often overestimated the dangers of the drug because the studies examined heavy users, not average ones | BigThink, USA

Colorado survey suggests legal marijuana is attracting homeless people

new survey in Colorado suggests that more than one-third of homeless jail inmates who have come to the state since 2012 have come, at least in part, because of legal marijuana | CNN, USA

Expanding primary care buprenorphine treatment could curb opioid overdose crisis

Expanding the availability of medication treatment for opioid use disorder in primary care settings would be a major step toward reducing overdose deaths, write two physicians specializing in addiction medicine and health care delivery in the July 5 issue of New England Journal of Medicine | EurekAlert, USA

Knowledge and attitudes of Australian general practitioners towards medicinal cannabis: a cross-sectional survey

[Open access] To examine the knowledge and attitudes of Australian general practitioners (GP) towards medicinal cannabis, including patient demand, GP perceptions of therapeutic effects and potential harms, perceived knowledge and willingness to prescribe | BMJ, Australia

NDARC trial to address hidden epidemic of child and adolescent trauma

Researchers from the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (NDARC) at UNSW Sydney are conducting a world-first trial of integrated treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and alcohol or drug use in adolescents aged 12-18 years | NDARC, Australia


Blogs, comment and opinion

The NHS is failing to provide life saving Naloxone at the point of release from prison in the majority of prisons

Those leaving prison having had an opiate problem are seriously at risk of having a life threatening overdose or dying as a result of one. Both Public Health England and the Government have been clear in their recommendation that all local areas need to have appropriate Naloxone provision in place | Blenheim blog, UK

How many more deaths do we need to rethink Scotland’s drug strategy?

The sheer toll of drug-related deaths is a staggering weight carried by families and communities and the wider Scottish nation. Figures released on 3rd July 2018 show 934 people died from a fatal overdose in Scotland in 2017. This is from a population of just over 5 million people so per head of population our drug related death rate is one of, if not the highest, in Europe | IDPC blog, UK

I Had to Fight the British Government to Get Medical Cannabis for My Son

Charlotte Caldwell tells the story of how she took on the Home Office to save her son's life | VICE, UK

Most Australians support decriminalising cannabis, but our laws lag behind

Australians have a more progressive stance to cannabis reform than current laws reflect | Conversation, Australia

The Age editorial: More study needed on medical cannabis

The rational response to research suggesting medical cannabis fails to alleviate chronic pain is, well, to not use medical cannabis to alleviate chronic pain. Given some promising results in studies of the drug’s effectiveness at salving a number of ailments, it had been hoped it might prove a potent pain reliever – and a much safer one than synthetic opioids | Age editorial, Australia