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UK news

Growing up neglected: a multi-agency response to older children

This report examines the multi-agency response to older children who are living with neglect following 6 inspections of local authority areas | Ofsted, Care Quality Commission, Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service, and HM Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services, UK

Neglected older children going 'unseen' as authorities fail to recognise abuse and trauma, finds report

Teenagers from neglectful homes going missing and being drawn into criminal activity as police and social services fail to identify and meet their complex needs, finds Ofsted report | Independent, UK

Camborne girl's drug death prompts warning

Police have issued a fresh warning over the dangers of drugs after a 15-year-old girl died in Cornwall | BBC, UK

Smoking in pregnancy challenge group, Review of the Challenge 2018

This report shines light on the progress towards the Government’s ambition to reduce the smoking in pregnancy rate to less than 6% by 2022 and warns that unless more is done this ambition is unlikely to be met | Smoking in Pregnancy Challenge Group, UK

Labour invites members to help shape drugs policy for the 21st century

Politicians must catch up with public opinion and move towards decriminalisation and harm-reduction, the party argues | Observer, UK

Billy Caldwell 'may be allowed to take medicinal cannabis at home'

A 12-year old boy who is severely epileptic may be allowed to be treated with medicinal cannabis at home | BBC, UK

Inside the cannabis factory that gives hope for Alfie Dingley and Billy Caldwell

Unable to get a prescription for medication for their sick children in the UK, families are spending thousands of pounds moving to the Netherlands to buy medicinal cannabis legally. Mark Smith reports | The Times, UK

Cannabis: Medical Treatments

To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department, what progress has been made on the issuing of a licence to Billy Caldwell for medicinal cannabis | They work for you, UK

Music Festivals: Drug Safety Testing

I rise to speak about drug safety testing at music festivals. I start by letting all hon. and right hon. Members know that this is not a debate about legalising drugs. We could have that debate, but not today. This is about how we can put safety first, take dangerous substances out of circulation, save lives, make festivals safer and more pleasant places, and probably undermine drug dealers as well—and why would we not want to do that? | Hansard, UK

Call for 'public emergency' declaration over Scottish female drug deaths

Record numbers of women are dying of drug-related deaths, leading to calls from campaigners for the Scottish Government to declare a public health emergency | Herald, UK

WARNING. CBD Flowers, Buds, Weed, Hash Are NOT Legal In The UK

This is an extremely serious warning which people need to take seriously. People are being prosecuted for possession | Clear, UK

Family Drug and Alcohol Court: Finance

To ask the Secretary of State for Education, what plans he has to continue funding the National Unit for Family Drug and Alcohol Courts; and if he will make a statement | They work for you, UK

Ex-smokers often relapse to recapture their lost social identity

Ex-smokers may not be able to resist lighting up again in order to recover a sense of 'who they are'- according to new research from the University of East Anglia | MNT, UK

Change Grow Live and Gilead Sciences form partnership to help eliminate hepatitis C

National health and social care charity Change Grow Live is collaborating with Gilead to identify and treat people with Hepatitis C, as part of a wider NHS initiative to eliminate the virus by 2025 | CGL, UK

Congratulations to 2018’s Academic Fellow, and our new PhD students!

We are very pleased to announce the award of 2018's SSA Griffith Edwards Academic Fellowship to Dr Inge Kersbergen, who will move to the University of Sheffield to undertake her Fellowship, on alcohol-related health and social problems | SSA, UK

Lancaster men’s walk of a lifetime to help others

Two men who have overcome their demons take on the walk of their lives next month to help raise awareness of substance abuse | Lancaster Guardian, UK

Public Health in Focus Seminar - Creative Research Methods

Free. Wed 25 July 2018. Liverpool. four presentations with a focus on creative research and dissemination methods | PHI at LJMU, UK

War on drugs 'a failure' as convictions for cannabis in Bristol plummet

Convictions for cannabis possession around Bristol and Somerset have plummeted, as a drugs expert said the war on drugs had been a "failure" | Bristol Post, UK

Gang disguised £1m cocaine as coconut milk powder and coffee

Five people imported at least £1m worth of cocaine into the UK disguised as coconut milk powder, coffee and a soy drink | BBC, UK

Freeman Hospital radiographer struck off for drinking alcohol

A radiographer working at a hospital under the influence of alcohol put patients at "unwarranted risk of harm" a disciplinary board has concluded | BBC, UK

Love and Drugs on the street - Series 3

Episode 3. Kelly is trying to adjust to life back in Hastings and get housed | BBC iPlayer, UK

International news

Use of ‘smart drugs’ on the rise

European nations see biggest increases in use of stimulants such as Ritalin by people seeking brain-boosting effects | Nature, UK

Retired men are more likely to be binge-drinkers, says study by Royal College of Surgeons

More than half of men aged over 50 binge drink, while 22% of women over 50 engage in “heavy episodic drinking”, a study by the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland has found. Men who have retired are “significantly more likely” to binge drink, while both men and women with higher education levels are drinking more frequently | The Times, UK

Plain packaging cigarettes need updating with even more disgusting images after research shows smokers still aren't aware of the health risks of lighting up

There are calls for cigarettes to be given even more graphic images, amid research showing smokers are still unaware of the health risks associated with the habit | Mail Online, UK

How WhatsApp has helped heroin become Mozambique’s second biggest export

As many as 40 tonnes of heroin could be passing through Mozambique every year, making it the country's second biggest export, in a trade that is boosted by the use of mobile phone apps, writes Mozambique analyst Joseph Hanlon | BBC, UK

Mexico extradites Sinaloa cartel capo 'El Licenciado' to the US

Former lieutenant of Joaquín ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán faces charges of conspiring to distribute cocaine and commit money laundering | Guardian, UK

Drink-drive legislation passed after heated Dáil row

The Road Traffic (Amendment) Bill has passed in the Dáil with 75 TDs voting in favour and eight TDs voting against | RTe, Ireland

Drivers now face an automatic ban after drinking half a pint

Drivers who get behind the wheel after just half a pint will now face an automatic ban under strict new laws | Independent, Ireland

Drug services are 'patchy' and 'need to cater for teens'

Almost 130 adult steroid users presented to one clinic in the past six months - but a leading HSE psychiatrist has warned adolescent drug services are "patchy" and teens may have nowhere locally to turn | Independent, Ireland

Anabolic steroids and adolescents’ culture of invulnerability

Dr Muiris Houston: Risks associated with sex, dosage and duration of administration | Irish Times, Ireland

Social media generation needs to learn the risks far outweigh benefits of turning to steroids

The increase in steroid use among young people is frightening, but not surprising | Independent, Ireland

Former garda chief backs decriminalisation of drug use amid State review

A retired garda boss has said it is time to decriminalise the possession of drugs for personal use | Irish Examiner, Ireland

Data-Sharing Website May Speed Response to New Illegal Drugs

The ‘NPS Data Hub’ will help forensic chemists identify new types of fentanyl and other narcotics more quickly | NIST and BKA, USA and Germany

Methadone in Primary Care — One Small Step for Congress, One Giant Leap for Addiction Treatment

[Open access] Medications for opioid use disorder can facilitate recovery and prevent deaths. One of the oldest and most effective of such medications, methadone, is available for prescription in primary care clinics in Great Britain, Canada, and Australia, but it is not approved for the treatment of opioid use disorder in primary care settings in the United States | NEJM, USA

Opioid interventions overlook women’s needs

Current efforts to confront the growth of opioid addiction and overdose deaths need to do a better job of incorporating how women fit into the epidemic, health experts say | Futurity, USA

Secondhand smoking tied to snoring in kids

Exposing children to secondhand tobacco smoke increases their risk of developing habitual snoring, according to an analysis of existing research | Reuters, USA

Duterte is Assassinating Opponents Under the Cover of the Drug War, Philippine Rights Groups Say

The assassination of two provincial mayors in two days has raised fresh fears that law and order in the Philippines—already in a fragile state as the result of a bloody war on drugs—is deteriorating further | TIME, USA

Legal Marijuana Is Coming to Canada. Investors Catch the Buzz

Ontario — Inside garage-sized containers at one end of a cavernous warehouse in a former Nestlé factory south of Ottawa are rows of marijuana plants stacked atop each other, basking in the unearthly glow of grow lights | NYTimes, USA

Toronto police begin deploying naloxone to battle opioid overdoses

Uniformed police join paramedics, firefighters in carrying the potentially life-saving drug | CBC news, Canada

Illicit drugs behind almost 80% of Ontario’s fentanyl-related deaths: coroner

Black-market forms of the powerful opioid fentanyl were responsible for nearly 80 per cent of fentanyl-related deaths in Ontario last year, according to the Office of the Chief Coroner | Globe and Mail, Canada

Sex, drugs and research—review probes the world of 'chemsex'

'Chemsex' or 'party and play', the practice of sexualised drug use by men who have sex with men, is a phenomenon raising concerns among health professionals about the associated transmission of sexually transmissible infection (STI), as well as the risks and social problems involved with drug use | Medical Xpress, Australia

'12 lives saved' in Richmond safe drug injecting room's first week

Melbourne’s new safe injecting room has saved 12 drug users' lives and received 400 visits since it opened on Saturday, its director says | Age, Australia

Let us have one relief': TGA moves to restrict sale of poppers 

The Therapeutic Goods Administration is considering changing the scheduling of alkyl nitrites, commonly known as poppers, in a move opposed by gay activists | Age, Australia

Groovin the Moo promoter wanted pill testing tried at small event first

Cattleyard was supportive of the concept but was wary of police and the ACT government's hands-off approach | Age, Australia

Steroid users who also take cocaine are younger and less educated: study

We have a picture of people who use image enhancing drugs, as “hulking meat-heads” — a new study has proved that stereotype is wrong | News.com.au, Australia

Smoking warning labels could need a refresh to inform public of new health risk discoveries

When it comes to the health risks associated with smoking, most people know about lung cancer and heart disease | abc.net.au, Australia

NDARC 2017 Annual Report

The National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (NDARC) Annual Report provides a comprehensive overview of the research undertaken at the Centre in 2017 | NDARC, Australia


Blogs, comment and opinion

Marking its own homework: why alcohol marketing regulation needs to change

As it stands, regulation of alcohol marketing in the UK is done by three main bodies: the Advertising Standards Authority, Ofcom, and the Portman Group. The Portman Group is funded by the eight biggest alcohol companies in the UK – their sales together make up half the UK alcohol market – and is responsible for regulating several aspects of alcohol marketing, most notably packaging | Alcohol Concern blog, UK

An ‘Expert Panel’ On Medicinal Cannabis Without A Single Expert On It?

To be fair, the members of the expert panel are hardly a surprise. It’s the medical establishment writ large | Clear, UK

The long fight for safe injecting rooms

Last Saturday, the second medically supervised injecting centre (MSIC) in Australia opened its doors in Melbourne’s North Richmond. It was a long time coming | The Saturday Paper, Australia

A tale of two stories on Melbourne’s injecting room

It’s hard to know where to start with this week’s safe injecting room story in the Herald Sun on 6 July, 2018 | AOD Mediawatch, Australia

Addicted? review: Matt Noffs' & Kieran Palmer's brave approach to the problems

When the Australian Greens recently called for the legalisation and regulation of cannabis, following moves in countless US states, Uruguay and Canada, the response from the federal government was immediate. Health Minister Greg Hunt dismissed the idea as "dangerous" and argued marijuana was a "gateway drug" to harder substances such as ice and heroin | The Age book review, Australia



And finally...

Drunk gulls found 'stinking of alcohol'

"Disoriented and confused" birds have been found in Devon and Dorset after apparently devouring brewery waste. Officials from an RSPCA centre in West Hatch, Taunton, Somerset, said the birds struggled to stand, but seemed to recover after vomiting | BBC, UK