Daily news - 12th June 2018

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UK news

Mother of epileptic boy will not get confiscated cannabis oil back

The mother of a boy who has up to 100 epileptic fits a day has been told by a government minister that potentially life-saving cannabis oil confiscated from her at Heathrow will not be returned | Guardian, UK

Families 4 access

New website. Families 4 Access is the campaign for access to cannabis medicines led by the parents of UK children | Familes4access, UK

Awareness of alcohol as a risk factor for cancer is associated with public support for alcohol policies

The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between awareness of the alcohol-cancer link and support for a range of alcohol policies in an English sample and policy context | BMC Public Health, UK

Most students think taking illegal drugs causes problems for users as well as society and want their universities to take a tougher stance

The Higher Education Policy Institute and the University of Buckingham have worked with YouthSight on a survey of attitudes towards drugs among full-time undergraduate students | Hepi, UK

Drug use less prevalent among students than thought, poll suggests

Almost three-quarters of respondents claim to have not used drugs at university | Guardan, UK

Modern students 'prefer work to drugs'

The study, which surveyed more than a thousand undergraduate students, rejects the image of students being sympathetic to drug use, and suggests a more clean-living generation | BBC, UK

Desperate for a Fix: Using shop theft and a Second Chance Programme to get tough on the causes of prolific drug-addicted offending

Police recorded shop theft topped 385,000 offences last year, but the true figure, based on Home Office assumptions, is closer to 38 million offences | Centre for Social Justice, UK

Alcohol Screening and Brief Intervention in Police Custody Suites: Pilot Cluster Randomised Controlled Trial (AcCePT)

[Open access] There is a clear association between alcohol use and offending behaviour and significant police time is spent on alcohol-related incidents. This study aimed to test the feasibility of a trial of screening and brief intervention in police custody suites to reduce heavy drinking and re-offending behaviour | Alcohol and Alcohlism, UK

Humankind - formerly DISC launch new website

DISC (Developing Initiatives Supporting Communities), is now known as Humankind. Chief Executive Officer of Humankind, Paul Townsley, said the organisation, which has helped people improve their lives since 1984, is positioning itself for the future | Humankind, UK

North Wales Police bosses in festival drug safety push

A Welsh police force is spearheading a campaign to allow drug takers to have the quality and purity of their drugs tested | BBC, UK

Loyalty towards online games, gaming addiction, and purchase intention towards online mobile in-game features

[Open access] The most important stream of game developers' revenue is arguably via gamer's in-game purchases. Previous literature has identified a number of strong determinants of online purchase intention including values, consumer experience, lifestyle, security, perceived risk, information, and subjective norms and behavioural control | Computers in Human Behaviour, UK

Middle-classes care more about where their coffee comes from than their cocaine, says Tory peer

Middle class drug-users care more about where their coffee comes from than the origin of their cocaine, a Tory peer said yesterday | Mail Online, UK

Walk In The Sun tested positive for cocaine after Lingfield win in February

A metabolite of cocaine was the substance found in a test taken from the unbeaten $1.4m horse Walk In The Sun after he won at Lingfield in February | Guardian, UK


International news

Is abandoning the war on drugs the way to win it? How Portugal's pioneering approach delivered results

For ITV's On Assignment, Geraint Vincent travelled to Lisbon to find out if the way to win the war on drugs is to stop fighting it | ITV, UK

Uber developing technology that would tell if you're drunk

New system could examine a user’s walking speed, unusual typos and whether a phone is swaying | Guardian, UK

The hemp revival: why marijuana's cousin could soon be big business

The useful crop has seen renewed interest alongside legalized weed – and there are signs that US officials are warming to it | Guardian, UK

US drug lord 'La Barbie' sentenced to 49 years

A former US high school athlete who became a Mexican crime lord has been sentenced to 49 years in prison on drug and money-laundering charges | BBC, UK

Toxic and untaxed: perils of global trade in bootleg liquor exposed

Up to half of all alcoholic drinks consumed in Africa and Latin America are illicit, often with fatal consequences | Guardian, UK

Australia's secret 'bush' drug craze uncovered: Wildlife expert proves that money doesn't grow on trees, but trippy substances do if you know where to look

A wildlife expert has revealed how psychoactive substances used to make drugs exist in the Australian outback | Mail Online, UK

Public support only moderate for opioid harm reduction strategies 

Stigmatizing attitudes toward those who use opioids are associated with lower support for two evidence-based opioid harm reduction strategies, according to a study published in the June issue of Preventive Medicine | Medical Xpress, USA

Nan Goldin Survived an Overdose to Fight the Opioid Epidemic

The photographer is known for her gritty images of New York City life. Now she’s become a leading activist in the struggle against addiction | NYTimes, USA

FDA warns websites marketing unapproved opioids

As part of the effort to crack down on sales of illegal narcotics over the internet, a summit will be hosted with stakeholders to find new ways to collaborate and address these issues | Medical Xpress, USA

Brewers see future in high tech, weak beer, cannabis brews

A ‘smart’ bottle opener, weak and alcohol-free ales and lagers and cannabis brews - all visions of the future of beer offered at a brewing convention in Brussels this week | Reuters, USA

He started vaping as a teen and now says habit is “impossible to let go”

A 2015 survey found nearly half of Colorado high schoolers reported that they’ve vaped | Salon, USA

Court-Mandated Substance Abuse Treatment: Exploring the Ethics and Efficacy

Mandatory treatment is defined as “treatment ordered, motivated, or supervised under the criminal justice system.”1 Going beyond the more common drug court approaches that offer a person charged with a crime the choice of treatment instead of incarceration, several US states mandate that people with addiction enter treatment against their will, and that trend is expanding | Psychiatry Advisor, USA

School Nurses Can Now Give Kids Medical Marijuana in Colorado

All they need is a note from the parents and principal | VICE, USA

Fog of war: is vaping good for smokers or only for Big Tobacco?

Karen Counter isn't quite sure what side of the law she's on, but she's 100 per cent sure she is right. The GP from the NSW north coast is signing up to proliferate electronic cigarettes - a product that has sparked outright war within her profession and disagreements within the government | SMH, Australia

Alarm over high rates of pain drug use in western Victoria

Illicit use might be a cause of the region's high use of pain drug oxycodone | Courier, Australia

Above & Beyond: Festivalgoer barred for six months despite testing negative for drugs

When a festival-goer was stripsearched after a sniffer dog approached him at a music festival this weekend, he was stunned to find out he was being kicked out despite having no drugs on him | news.com.au, Australia

NSW drug dog saga set for court sequel

Drug detection dog opponents have cited fresh legal action after NSW Police followed through with a threat to deny entry to a Sydney music festival based on the canines' reactions | news.com.au, Australia


Blogs, comment and opinion

Alcohol Clinical Trial Continues to Crumble: Anheuser-Busch Pulls Its Funding

 In another setback for the NIAAA's and alcohol industry's study of the "health benefits" of encouraging people to drink, Anheuser-Busch has pulled its funding from the clinical trial because recent controversy over how the research funding was solicited has undermined the study's credibility | IAS blog, UK

A visual picture of drug use in Europe 2018

A series of striking infographics show the latest drug trends in Europe and the surprising level of difference between countries | Russell Webster, UK

High time India, the land of bhang, legalises marijuana: Shashi Tharoor

Regulation allows cannabis buyers to know what they’re consuming and moderate their intake, in the same way that a drinker can distinguish and choose between a whiskey and a beer | The Print, India