Daily news - 19th June 2018

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UK news

New expert panel to give swift advice on cannabis-based medicines

A new expert panel of clinicians is to be established to give swift advice on the prescription of cannabis-based medicines to individual patients, the Government has said | ITV, UK

Urgent question on medical cannabis - video

Question from Tonia Antoniazzi MP to the Home Secretary, Nick Hurd MP, on the granting of medical licences for cannabis. Watch from 15.35 | Parliament TV, UK

Cannabis war 'comprehensively lost', says William Hague

Former Conservative leader Lord Hague has called for a "decisive change" in the law on cannabis - suggesting that the Tories should consider legalising recreational use of the drug | BBC, UK

Dad's appeal to legalise medicinal cannabis

A Northern Ireland father has urged the Democratic Unionist Party leader, Arlene Foster, to intervene in the case of his daughter who has up to 30 seizures a day | BBC, UK

Tackling alcohol-related anti-social behaviour through Civil Injunctions and Criminal Behaviour Orders: A missed opportunity? (PDF)

A new report released explores the current use and issues over legal powers available to address alcohol-related Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) | Alcohol Concern/Alcohol Research UK, UK

An end to cheap booze? Minimum alcohol price law set to pass

Being able to buy a bargain-priced bottle of wine or cider could soon be a thing of the past in Wales if a new law is passed later | BBC, UK

Weymouth £620k drink and drug rehab centre funding 'to be withdrawn'

A grant of £620,000 earmarked to tackle drug and alcohol abuse in Weymouth could be withdrawn after failed efforts to open a rehabilitation facility | BBC, UK

How does gaming affect your brain?

[Video] Gaming addiction has been listed as a mental health condition for the first time by the World Health Organisation. Here are some tips for staying healthy and enjoying gaming | BBC, UK

Deaths of mentally ill rough sleepers in London rise sharply

Research finds 80% of rough sleepers who died in capital in 2017 had mental health needs compared with 29% in 2010 | Guardian, UK


International news

Alcohol aisles in World Cup host city supermarkets blocked off

Booze aisles in supermarkets in World Cup host city Volgograd have been blocked off as England fans descended on the centre in large numbers | ITV, UK

Ryanair calls for restricted airport alcohol sales

The airline proposed a two-drink limit for passengers and a ban on alcohol sales in airports before 10:00 | BBC, UK

Canada's House of Commons votes to legalise recreational cannabis

Legalisation measure now moves back to the Senate | Independent, UK

Youth Smoking in Ireland: A special analysis of the Health Behaviour in School-aged Children (HBSC) study

Although significant progress has been made in Ireland in the last decade in terms of reducing the prevalence of smoking (from 29% in 2006 to 22% in 2017), tobacco still remains the leading cause of preventable death with over 100 people dying each week in Ireland from smoking related diseases | Lenus, Ireland

ICD 11 is here

A version of ICD-11 was released on 18 June 2018 to allow Member States to prepare for implementation, including translating ICD into their national languages. ICD-11 will be submitted to the 144th Executive Board Meeting in January 2019 and the Seventy-second World Health Assembly in May 2019 and, following endorsement, Member States will start reporting using ICD-11 on 1 January 2022 | WHO, Switzerland

WHO: Revision of ICD-11 (mental health) – questions and answers (Q&A) - video

Dr Shekhar Saxena, Director, Department of mental health and substance abuse at the World Health Organization discusses the mental health section in the new ICD-11 | WHO, Switzerland

The Psychology of Gaming Disorder

On June 18th 2018, the International Classification of Diseases 11 (ICD-11) was published by the World Health Organisation. This diagnostic manual, currently only available to stakeholders for adaptation, has legitimised ‘Gaming Disorder’ as a mental health disorder | Platinum Paragon, USA

FDA approves first generic under-the-tongue suboxone

The generic version of Suboxone (buprenorphine and naloxone) film from Mylan Technologies Inc. and Dr. Reddy's Laboratories SA will be available in different strengths | Medical Xpress, USA

Risky opioid prescriptions linked to higher chance of death

When patients are prescribed opioids in risky ways, their chance of dying increases and their odds of death go higher as the number of risky opioid prescriptions increase, according to a new RAND Corporation study | Medical Xpress, USA

Survey of oncologists finds knowledge gap on medical marijuana

As more states legalize medical marijuana, two key groups—researchers whose job is it to understand its benefits and drawbacks, and physicians charged with advising potential users—are struggling to catch up with policymakers | Medical Xpress, USA

Revolving door of despair: Drugs land more women behind bars

On opposite sides of the county jail, a mother and her son chat about school, girls, birthday gifts - and their future together. They aren’t allowed to see each other face-to-face, so the inmate and the fifth-grader connect by video | Washington Times, USA

New York’s Health Department Plans to Recommend Legalizing Marijuana

A study commissioned by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo will recommend that “a regulated, legal marijuana program be available to adults in the state,” the New York State health commissioner said on Monday | NYTimes, USA

Getting sober

Today's op-ed comes from a woman who describes her experiences with addiction, trauma, coming out, and a supportive same-sex relationship | BASIS, USA

More than 150 people without drugs were kicked out of a Sydney festival

About 30 of those punters have joined the legal action so far saying they were kicked out of Sydney's Midnight Mafia trance festival in May where a tough new drug dog strategy was conducted | abc.net.au, Australia


Blogs, comment and opinion

Britain’s drug laws are in the dark ages. Billy Caldwell’s case proves it

How can Sajid Javid deny long-term access to the cannabis oil that would control this boy’s epilepsy? This cruelty must end | Guardian opinion, UK

Theresa May and Sajid Javid clash over Billy Caldwell case at Cabinet

At Cabinet this morning, Sajid Javid tried to raise the Billy Caldwell case and the issue of medicinal cannabis. Theresa May replied that now was not the time to discuss this question. But Javid came back several times, pointing out that this was a fast-moving situation and that the Cabinet needed to discuss it | Spectator blog, UK

The secret information hidden in your hair

Your hair can say a lot about you. It doesn’t just give people clues about your personality or your taste in music. It can also record evidence of how much you drink, whether you smoke or take drugs, and perhaps even how stressed you are | Conversation, UK