Daily news -23rd March 2018

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UK news

Changing Lives: using peer support to promote access to services for family members affected by someone else’s drug or alcohol use

Over the last five years, we have worked with families affected by drugs and alcohol in Greenwich to provide them with the training, resources and support to understand the impact of drugs and alcohol on their lives, and to build sustainable relationships and positive futures | Adfam, UK

First Minister believes ‘new and bold thinking’ required to tackle drug-related deaths

The First Minister believes that there should be cross-party collaboration to implement ‘bold and new’ initiatives to tackle drug-related deaths in Scotland | SDF, UK

This Is What Five Generations of Benzo Addiction Looks Like

From Xanax to valium, people of different ages talk about how they became reliant on a benzodiazepine | VICE, UK

Teens Describe Kicking Their Xanax Habit

Young former addicts from across the UK relay their experiences of trying to get off counterfeit Xanax | VICE, UK

This Is Your Body On Xanax

What's going on in your body and brain 24 hours after taking the drug? What about two weeks? | VICE, UK

The Withdrawal Diary of a Xanax Addict

One young man records his struggle to break free from his addiction to counterfeit Xanax | VICE, UK

Thousands of Scottish cancer cases 'avoidable' by lifestyle change

Quitting bad lifestyle habits could cut cancer rates in Scotland by more than 40%, according to a charity | BBC, UK

Prescription Drugs: Misuse

To ask Her Majesty's Government how many withdrawal centres and aftercare facilities for prescribed drugs dependency to benzodiazepines, Z-drugs, SSRIs and opiate painkillers have been opened within the last ten years | They work for you, UK

Smoking: Armed Forces

To ask the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, what steps he is taking to reduce smoking prevalence rates amongst (a) serving armed forces personnel and (b) veterans; and if he will make a statement | They work for you, UK

The end of zero-tolerance approach to drugs in licensed premises?

Many licensed premises are required, as a condition of their licence or operating schedule, to adopt a zero tolerance policy on drugs | Cornerston Barristers, UK

Moving video shows 'beautiful soul' Jake's battle with drugs and eventual death as partner demands change

His partner believes if his drug use could have been treated as a medical issue rather than criminal, he would still be alive today | Bristol Post, UK

Warwickshire’s first drug and alcohol community rehab centre opens near Southam

Warwickshire’s first drug and alcohol community rehabilitation centre has now officially opened | Leamington Courier, UK

‘Protect yourself first’ – How to help a family member who’s suffering from addiction

Homeless people are often branded as good-for-nothing junkies whilst functioning alcoholics are downplayed as ‘party animals’ who just don’t know when to stop | Metro, UK

The five most addictive substances on Earth – and what they do to your brain

From the points of view of different researchers, the potential for a drug to be addictive can be judged in terms of the harm it causes, the street value of the drug, the extent to which the drug activates the brain’s dopamine system, how pleasurable people report the drug to be, the degree to which the drug causes withdrawal symptoms, and how easily a person trying the drug will become hooked | Independent, UK


International news

E-cigarettes tied to less smoking cessation

Smokers who also use e-cigarettes may be half as likely to give up tobacco as smokers who never vape at all, a European study suggests | Reuters, UK

Austrian MPs vote to scrap impending smoking ban

More than half a million people sign official petition calling for new law | Independent, UK

Philippines police kill 13 suspects in one day during drug raids

Rodrigo Duterte’s bloody drug war continues with more than a dozen deaths on Wednesday after officers fire ‘in self defence’ | Guardian, UK

Jamaican airline's flight crew member caught with four packages of cocaine taped to legs

A Fly Jamaica Airways crew member was arrested with four packages of cocaine taped to his legs, after arriving at New York's John F Kennedy International Airport | Independent, UK

US opioid crisis bites for Tasmania’s poppy farmers

Australian island state grows almost half world’s supply of raw material in painkillers | FT, USA

Battle with the bottle looms for Brussels

After more than three decades of struggle, the European Commission is inching closer to alcohol labels | Politico, Belgium

Boxing and substance use rehabilitation: building skills and capacities in disadvantaged communities

[Ireland] This paper considers the role of the boxing training and mentoring in the context of the change processes for participants engaging in a twenty-week community based integrated fitness and education substance use rehabilitation programme | Community Development Journal, USA

How Many Opioid Overdoses Are Suicides?

Mady Ohlman was 22 on the evening some years ago when she stood in a friend's bathroom looking down at the sink | npr, USA

Women, Economic Opportunity and Opioid Addiction

In 1999, opioid overdose deaths totaled 8,050 in the U.S., of which nearly 26 percent were women. In 17 years, the share of women in opioid overdose deaths has risen to 33 percent, while the total number of deaths has increased to 42,249 | Forbes, USA

College education linked to opioid misuse among baby boomers

The more educated a member of the baby boomer generation, the more likely they are to misuse prescription opioids, according to new research from the University at Buffalo | Medical Xpress, USA

Study reveals new findings on marijuana use among young men

The social fabrics of their neighborhoods, including friendships and ideas about masculinity, have a powerful impact on marijuana use among young minority men, a new Yale School of Public Health study finds | Medical Xpress, USA

Secondhand smoke more dangerous from marijuana than from cigarettes: Study

One minute of exposure to secondhand marijuana smoke can impair blood flow in the body for about 90 minutes, worse than a half-hour of restricted blood flow caused by secondhand tobacco smoke, according to a new study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association | Washington Times, USA

The Withdrawal Project

Recently launched website on the withdrawal of  psychiatric medication | Inner Compass project, USA

Fact check: Will the move to make codeine prescription-only save 100 lives a year?

Australians now need to visit a doctor to obtain codeine after the drug was taken off pharmacy shelves and made available only with a prescription | abc news, Australia

A Dad Who Was Arrested For Growing Cannabis For His Sick Daughters Has Pleaded Not Guilty

An Australian father who was arrested for growing cannabis he says was for his sick daughters has pleaded not guilty in court today on grounds of medical necessity | BuzzFeed, Australia


Blogs, comment and opinion

We drink less than men, so why is the media so obsessed with women and alcohol?

We live in an age and society, where women – their behaviours, their bodies, and their femininity – are at the centre of constant public attention and debate. Women’s drinking behaviours are no exception | i news, UK

It’ll kill you – so what is the eternal allure of the on-screen cigarette?

Netflix has been told off over depictions of smoking. But it’s a habit that’s hard for broadcasters and film-makers to kick | Guardian, UK

Shattering The Myth Of The ‘Addicted Baby’

The other day I caught the headline about a class-action against 20 pharmaceutical companies. Nothing earth shaking there. These lawsuits are well-publicized. What caught my eye was the first nine words of the story | Above the law, USA