Daily news - 14th November 2018

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UK news

Study links tobacco availability to smoking in pregnancy

Edinburgh University researchers looked at maternity records in tandem with information on all Scottish tobacco outlets | BBC, UK

Smokers who spend time with vapers more likely to attempt to quit – study

A study by University College London (UCL) found that smokers who have frequently spent time with vapers, who smoke e-cigarettes, were around 20% more likely to have made a recent attempt to quit, and reported feeling motivated to stop smoking | ITV, UK

Alfie Dingley: Mum's fresh medicinal cannabis campaign

A mother of a seven-year-old epileptic boy receiving medicinal cannabis oil treatment has launched a fresh campaign after new guidelines restricted the use of the product | BBC, UK

Alcohol poisoning in children on the rise

More than 300 children have been admitted to hospital in Northern Ireland for alcohol poisoning in the last six years, the BBC has learned | BBC, UK

Surge in Buckfast sales blamed on minimum pricing 'trade off' from ciders

An overall surge in alcohol revenues from off-sales in the months immediately after the pricing policy also triggered criticism that the intervention has done nothing to stem the nation's thirst for the 'demon drink' | Herald, UK

Government rules "no change" to descriptors for low and no alcohol products

The Department of Health has ruled there will be no changes to the descriptors for low and no alcohol products | Drinks Retailing News, UK

Stop and Search

To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department to make a statement on proposed changes to police stop-and-search powers | They work for you, UK

More UK Universities Should Follow Sheffield’s Harm Reduction Approach

Universities across the UK should provide harm reduction advice for students who may use drugs, as currently takes place at the University of Sheffield | Talking Drugs, UK

Fighting heroin addiction: Bobby's story

Video. At the height of his addiction, Bobby, from Barrow-in-Furness, was injecting heroin and crack cocaine up to six times a day | BBC, UK

Welsh city and town centre smoking ban proposed by Mark Drakeford

Smoking could be banned in town and city centres if Mark Drakeford succeeds in becoming the next first minister | BBC, UK

Narco Farm: reimagining rehab

Free event. Wednesday, November 21, 2018 - 14:00 to 21:00. Science Gallery London. Science Gallery London. Narco Farm is an afternoon of talks, discussions and sound recordings, followed by an evening of live music and film.  It is open to anyone with an interest in drugs and music | KCL, UK

Naloxone training

New dates for free training | BDP, UK

Call for trustees

Alcohol & Drugs Action (ADA) provides specialist alcohol and drugs services to people affected by substance use; including families, friends, children and young people; in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.  The charity seeks additional voluntary Board members to oversee and govern the strategic direction and probity of the organisation.  Applicants are asked to submit a covering letter and CV to HR@alcoholanddrugsaction.org.uk | ADA, UK

Manchester's old ravers are in demand - a university wants to know what the acid house generation thinks

Clubbers who were part of Manchester's iconic dance scene between 1985 and 1995 are being asked to share their memories as part of the Rave On! event | Manchester Evening News, UK

Mutiny Festival drug deaths: Georgia Jones 'unwitting victim'

A teenager who died from taking double-strength MDMA tablets at a festival was "an unwitting victim of unscrupulous people", an inquest has heard | BBC, UK

Royal Artillery soldiers face dismissal after positive drugs test as army reinforces 'zero tolerance' policy

Four soldiers from the same unit face dismissal after failing drugs tests in the same week | Telegraph, UK

'County lines' drugs conspirator Peter Kenney jailed

A grandfather involved in a so-called "county lines" drugs supply plot has been jailed for seven years | BBC, UK

Police drugs lead 'impressed' by cannabis clubs

A police boss with responsibility for drug abuse has said he is "impressed" by cannabis clubs | BBC, UK

Cannabis farm 'worth £300,000' found in Loftus

A cannabis farm consisting of more than 500 plants with a street value of £300,000 has been found | BBC, UK

Brothers jailed after 'flooding' Blackpool with drugs

Two drug-dealing brothers who "flooded" Blackpool with drugs worth millions of pounds have been jailed | BBC, UK

Border officer caught smuggling drugs and guns

A corrupt UK border officer has been found guilty of attempting to smuggle firearms and drugs into the country | BBC, UK


International news

Facebook and Instagram to use AI to spot drug dealers 

Facebook and Instagram are using AI to spot drug dealers using their sites | Telegraph, UK

What It's Like to Run the Biggest Drug Encyclopaedia in the World

PsychonautWiki is an online drugs encyclopaedia that aims to document in a clear, academic tone every known hallucinogenic substance and its effects. The website features product summaries on obscure drugs like 5-MeO-DiBF or 25B-NBOMe, which are then often used by dark web dealers as descriptions across different online black markets | VICE, UK

Anthony Bourdain explores places he used to buy heroin in final episode of Parts Unknown

Anthony Bourdain recalled his years of being addicted to heroin in the final episode of his much-loved series Parts Unknown | Metro, UK

Juul to pull popular fruity e-cigarette flavors in bid to curb teen use

Company will remove mango, cucumber and other fruit flavors from retail shelves as makers face heightened scrutiny from FDA | Guardian, UK

El Chapo Trial: The Extraordinary Measures In Place As 'Godfather Of The Drug World' Stands Trial

He is in front of a jury in the US for the first time | Huffington Post, UK

Family charged with murders of eight people on marijuana farm

'The suspects studied the victims’ habits and routines — and they knew where they slept,' says attorney general | Independent, UK

Mexico's tequila council pumps the brakes on Elon Musk's 'Teslaquila'

Tesla CEO tweeted in October that the spirit would be ‘coming soon’ but the regulatory council says tequila is a protected word | Guardian, UK

Govt could introduce minimum alcohol pricing before Christmas

The government could bring in minimum unit pricing for alcohol before Christmas as supermarkets prepare to slash their prices | Irish Examiner, Ireland

USI Targets Alcohol and Sleeping Habits in New Mental Health Campaign

USI launched a national mental health campaign focusing on the issues of sleep hygiene, exam stress and alcohol consumption among students | University Times, Ireland

EMCDDA International Cooperation Framework

This document is an update of the International Cooperation Strategy adopted in 2007. It sets priorities in the area of the international cooperation aligned with the Centre’s Strategy 2025 | EMCDDA, Portugal

My Relationships With Drugs Vary Wildly: We Must Recognize Spectrums

For the last 14 years I have bounced around nearly every part of the drug-use spectrum, though I’ve rarely stayed at the extreme of total abstinence for long | Filter Magazine, USA

Some states add more methadone clinics to fight opioid epidemic

Such treatment has grown more in the past four years than it has in the past two decades, observers say | Washington Post, USA

Many drugstores won't dispense opioid antidote as required

People who overdose on opioids have one lifeline, the drug naloxone, but two new studies find that many pharmacies won't offer this lifesaving antidote without a doctor's blessing | Medical Xpress, USA

All adults should be screened for unhealthy alcohol use, new guidelines say

You can expect a "drinking checkup" when you visit the doctor. All adults, including pregnant women, should be screened for unhealthy alcohol use by their primary care physicians, the United States Preventive Services Task Force advises | CNN, USA

Always an alcoholic? Drinking identity transitions in self-directed alcohol recovery

Drinking identity, the extent to which someone views himself or herself as a drinker, might play an important role in recovery from drinking problems | BASIS, USA

Prenatal food insecurity associated with severity of neonatal abstinence syndrome

A new study shows that food insecurity in pregnant women being treated for opioid use disorder may be associated with increased risk for their infants receiving pharmacologic treatment for neonatal abstinence syndrome | Medical Xpress, USA

Novel mechanism of immune activation in HIV-exposed, seronegative people who inject drugs

According to new research from The Wistar Institute, the S100A14 protein is expressed at higher levels in people who inject drugs and remain uninfected despite many years of high-risk, needle sharing behavior in areas with high HIV prevalence | Medical Xpress, USA

Juul halts retail sales for most flavored e-cigarettes amid federal pressure

E-cigarette manufacturer Juul announced Tuesday that it would stop selling its flavor pods in all retail locations amid pressure from the federal government | The Hill, USA

Breaking the smoking-drinking connection

Researchers have found that nicotine in cigarettes cancels out the sleepiness caused by alcohol, basically allowing people to keep drinking … and smoking. The two vices feed off of each other | Medical Xpress, USA

10 people die from illicit drug overdoses every day in Canada, study suggests

Majority of those who overdosed didn't have any contact with police in their last 2 years of life | CBC News, Canada

Increasingly, young Queensland men don't give a XXXX about drinking

Queensland’s young men are less likely to binge drink than their parents and grandparents, according to new government health statistics | Age, Australia

Privately-run rehab centres to face greater scrutiny in Australia

Currently there is no overarching regulation of the private rehab industry, which has grown substantially as drug use continues to rise and publicly-funded treatment options remain scarce | Eastern Reporter, Australia


Blogs, comment and opinion

Paramilitaries still cast shadows over lives of young people in Northern Ireland

It’s been more than 20 years since the Good Friday Agreement paved the way for peace in Northern Ireland. But violence and paramilitarism continue to have a damaging impact on the lives of many young people growing up in Northern Ireland today | Conversation, UK

What Is The Matter With Doctors About The Use Of Cannabis As Medicine?

These doctors are failing in their professional duty. For too long they have enjoyed being regarded with ultimate respect, rarely being questioned or challenged by their patients but those days are gone. They have to come down from their ivory towers and start delivering truly patient-centred medicine | Clear, UK