Daily news - 22nd November 2018

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UK news

Smoking in the home: New solutions for a Smokefree Generation

This report considers the impact of smoking in the home and what policy measures could be taken across all housing tenures reduce its prevalence, with the aim of protecting children and adults and supporting healthy communities | ASH, UK

Council tenants could be banned from smoking in own homes and be given vaping kits

The report states how smoking is now highly concentrated in some communities, particularly the rented sector | Evening Times, UK

Alcohol Related Hospital Statistics Scotland

Alcohol-related hospital statistics (ARHS) provide an annual update to figures on the alcohol-related inpatient and day case activity taking place within general acute hospitals and psychiatric hospitals in Scotland | ISD Scotalnd, UK

Supplementary information on cannabis-based products for medicinal use (PDF)

Following the letter issued on the 31st of October 2018, this supplementary letter provides further guidance to clinicians and organisations following the re-scheduling of cannabis-based products for medicinal use on November 1st 2018. | DHSS et al, UK

Cannabis: Medical Treatments

To ask the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, what plans he has to increase the (a) knowledge and (b) awareness among GPs of the benefits of medicinal cannabis | They work for you, UK

Addiction journal podcast 

Suzi Gage presents highlights from the December issue of Addiction | Addiction, UK

Interview with Jade Boyd podcast

Suzi Gage interviews Jade Boyd about her article "Gendered violence and overdose prevention sites: a rapid ethnographic study during an overdose epidemic in Vancouver, Canada" in the December 2018 issue of Addiction | Addiction, UK

Spotlight on Police and Crime Commissionere - podcast

Since 2012, Revolving Doors has been working with the Police and Crime Commissioners across the country to improve the experience of young adults and those in the revolving door of personal crisis and crime. We’ll be hearing from five PCCs from across the country who are demonstrating what can be achieved when agencies and individuals with relevant skills work together | Revolving Doors, UK

Little-known banned drug is becoming worryingly popular in Liverpool

It can have serious side effects, including liver damage and make mental health problems more severe | Liverpool Echo, UK

Former Oxford drug addicts help clean up needles

Video.During a 30-minute search more than 20 needles were found by a team of former drug addicts in Oxford | BBC, UK

Manx drug treatment waiting times 'must be reduced'

Waiting times for Isle of Man residents in need of drug and alcohol support must be reduced, a coroner has said | BBC, UK

Young Scots say not drinking alcohol holds back their career

st over a quarter of Scottish workers aged 25-34 said they thought abstaining from booze dented their hopes of promotion | Glasgow Live, UK

I gave up drugs to get out of the ‘managed’ red light zone – it was too dangerous

It was a cool summer evening when Jenni* took her first step into prostitution on the bleak Leeds industrial estate that has become Britain’s only official red light district | Telegraph, UK

Plantwatch: mind-bending mushrooms have had a good autumn

Bright red fly agaric produce feelings of euphoria – and can cause muscle spasms and comas | Guardian, UK

Gambling Commission publishes new report on children and gambling trends

The Gambling Commission has said stronger partnerships are needed to protect children following a new report. The gambling regulator has called for regulators and businesses across industries to work together, but the research also shows the important influence parents can have on children’s gambling behaviour | Gambling Commission, UK

Richard Hardy death: Four jailed after drug debt murder

Four men who ambushed and fatally stabbed a 25-year-old over a £40 drug debt have been jailed for his murder | BBC, UK


International news

Renae Lawrence: 'Bali Nine' drug smuggler released from jail

An Australian woman has become the first member of the "Bali Nine" drug smuggling ring to be released from jail in Indonesia | BBC, UK

Patients who expect the best are more likely to get it

Review commissioned by the American Psychological Association suggests patients who expect the best from psychotherapy are more likely to get it. Therapists should regularly assess expectations and take steps to enhance them if needed | Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK

Fact sheet on alcohol consumption, alcohol-attributable harm and alcohol policy responses in European Union Member States, Norway and Switzerland 

Europe continues to have the highest levels of alcohol consumption in the world, resulting in the highest share of all deaths attributable to alcohol consumption. These indicators and alcohol policy responses in the 28 European Union (EU) Member States, Norway and Switzerland in 2016 were analysed and compared with the situation in 2010 | WHO, Denmark

Smokers at greater risk of schizophrenia and psychotic disorders

A team of researchers from University of Queensland have found that tobacco use is associated with an increased risk of psychotic disorders including schizophrenia | News Medical, USA

FDA tobacco crackdown draws fire from right

The Trump administration is under fire from GOP lawmakers and conservative groups over its proposed crackdown on e-cigarettes and menthol tobacco products | The Hill, USA

As vaping became popular among young, smoking rates fell

The advent of the e-cigarette appears to have spurred a huge drop in tobacco smoking rates among teenagers and young adults, a new study claims | News Medical, USA

That big claim that vaping leads to smoking may be based on insubstantial evidence

For the past few months, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been waging a battle on e-cigarettes | Quartz, USA

Stigma and Strip Searches: We Still Treat People on Methadone as Less Than Human

Have you ever noticed how quiet a cold morning feels? Something about the coldness works its way into the sound of things. Birds get scarce, critters act cautious, cars drive slower—like there’s an unspoken agreement not to rupture the silence | Filter Magazine, USA

Safer Consumption Spaces: Three Underground Models

“For years, the idea of a safe consumption space captivated the imagination of drug users everywhere,” says Isaac Jackson, president of the San Francisco chapter of the Urban Survivors Union. “It was like the promised land | Filter Magazine, USA


Blogs, comment and opinion

Drugs and alcohol complicate sexual consent, but context can make things clearer

Sexual consent is an important, complex and often awkward topic to talk about. And when people have been consuming alcohol or other drugs, it makes negotiating sexual consent even more complicated. Indeed, drawing the line between consensual sex and assault when a complainant is heavily intoxicated is a particularly difficult area of law | Conversation, UK

Medical cannabis in the UK

I agree with Stevens regarding the position that people wanting to use cannabis for their health now find themselves in, essentially forced to break the law as the new access to cannabis products process is overly cautious | BMJ Rapid Response, UK

NICE Rejects Professor Mike Barnes’ Expertise in Cannabis as Medicine for a Second Time

If there is anyone else in the UK with Mike Barnes' clinical qualifications, knowledge, experience and expertise, no one at CLEAR has heard of them | Clear, UK

No, Narcos, those who’ve had the odd puff and cheeky line aren’t to blame for the drug wars

Narcos is back on Netflix, set in Mexico this time, with a cool, world-weary, manly voiceover swearily lecturing us at the beginning that if we smoked sensemilla in the 1970s, then we were partly responsible for the bloody, endless drug wars that went on to kill more than half a million people | Spectator, UK

Hope for cannabis as treatment for opioid addiction

Canada currently finds itself at the intersection of two historic social phenomena with massive implications for public health | Conversation, Canada