Daily news - 29th November 2018

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UK news

Rights, Respect and Recovery (PDF)

Scotland’s strategy to improve health by preventing and reducing alcohol and drug use, harm and related deaths | Scottish Government, UK

Public health approach at heart of new drug and alcohol strategy

Scotland's first drugs strategy for a decade focuses on treating the issue as a public health concern rather than a criminal justice issue | BBC, UK

Scottish drug users diverted out of justice system to tackle growing crisis

Drugs users will be diverted out of the criminal justice system as part of a new strategy to tackle the increasing number of people dying from taking illegal substances | Scotsman, UK

Dundee street valium crisis: The highest rate of drug deaths in Europe

In Dundee, a person dies from taking drugs every single week. Fake valium pills, also called "street valium", are contributing to the crisis | BBC, UK

How we drink, what we think – 2018

Alcohol continues to be an accepted part of everyday life in the UK, despite being one of the three biggest lifestyle risk factors for disease and death. This report, which is based on a survey carried out by the AHA, gives some insights into what people think about alcohol, how aware they are about the risks associated with alcohol, and what they would like to be done to address the harms caused by alcohol | AHA UK, UK

Drinking behaviour and moderation among UK adults: Findings from Drinkaware Monitor 2018 (PDF)

This report sets out findings from research conducted by YouGov in spring 2018 into UK adults’ behaviour and attitudes in relation to alcohol and drinking moderation. It also explores the issue of drinking within the wider context of healthy lifestyles | DrinkAware, UK

HIV in the United Kingdom

Reports by Public Health England about testing, diagnosis and care HIV in the UK | PHE, UK

UK meets global HIV targets as diagnoses keep falling

HIV diagnoses are continuing to fall in the UK as it meets UN targets on diagnosis, treatment and transmission for the first time, according to a report from Public Health England | BBC, UK

Hepatitis C: patient re-engagement exercise

Information for GPs about the NHS England and Public Health England initiative to support finding and treating diagnosed patients | PHE, UK

How has Glasgow responded to an outbreak of HIV among people who inject drugs?

Intensive efforts to reach people who inject drugs who have acquired HIV in a recent transmission outbreak in the city have resulted in high levels of antiretroviral treatment and viral suppression in a predominantly homeless population | AIDS Map, UK

Vapers can avoid relapsing to smoking, even after the odd cigarette

Smokers who switch to vaping don't lapse for long—according to new research from the University of East Anglia | Medical Xpress, UK

A pop-up recreational drug testing service will be in Stokes Croft this weekend

Around one in five people are completely mis-sold recreational drugs | Bristol Post, UK

Adrian McDonald: Police custody death 'due to drugs'

A man who died in police custody after being Tasered was killed by cocaine toxicity and the stress of the incident, an inquest has found | BBC, UK

Ancient drink of mead revived by new fanbase of younger drinkers

English Heritage among outlets serving up honey fermented ‘nectar of the gods’ in wake of craft beer boom | Guardian UK


International news

TalkingDrugs Updates from Eastern Europe & Central Asia 

The Developing Country NGO Delegation raised key issues at the 40th Board Meeting of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria held in Geneva, Switzerland (14-15th November) | Talking Drugs, UK

Will tourists take the high road to Canada?

Newly legal marijuana is a powerful draw but strict state regulation may put off the potheads | Spectator, UK

Philippines drug war: Police guilty of murdering Kian Delos Santos

Three Philippine police officers have been found guilty of the high-profile murder of a teenager, the first such convictions since President Rodrigo Duterte's "war on drugs" began | BBC, UK

Federal Judge Issues Groundbreaking Order to a Jail to Allow Methadone Access

Afederal court judge has stated that denying medication-assisted treatment (MAT) to an incarcerated person would “likely” be found unconstitutional. The judge ordered that a plaintiff should have continued access to MAT while he is held in jail for the duration of the case | Filter Magazine, USA

Juul’s New Product: Less Nicotine, More Intense Vapor

Juul Labs has soared to the top of the United States e-cigarette market in just three years with its high-nicotine products that give off just a wisp of vapor | NYTimes, USA

Nothing Like a Movie: It Matters That We Know the Reality of an Overdose Scene

We get a lot of ideas about drug overdoses from the movies. Raves gone wrong, party girls with bloody noses convulsing on the linoleum | Filter Magazine, USA

Online gaming addiction in men affects brain's impulse control

Researchers using functional MRI (fMRI) have found differences in the brains of men and women who are addicted to online gaming, according to a new study | Science Daily, USA

Police concerned cannabis bill doesn't mention drug driving

Police have concerns that a bill to legalise cannabis in the ACT does not adequately address existing laws relating to driving while on drugs | SMH, Australia

Medicinal cannabis to be extended to all those in palliative care

Health Minister David Clark has proposed changes to the medicinal cannabis legislation that will extend its use to all people needing palliative relief, rather than just those with a year or less to live | NZ Herald, New Zealand


Blogs, comment and opinion

Scotland gets a new drug and alcohol strategy

The Scottish Government launched a new drug and alcohol strategy today (28 November 2018) - the country's first in 10 years | Addaction, UK

Transforming the response to drug and alcohol dependent perpetrators of domestic abuse

The government is considering introducing court orders that will require domestic abuse perpetrators to abstain from consuming alcohol and drugs or receive treatment | Manchester Policy Blogs, UK