Daily news - 16th October 2018

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UK news

Pregabalin and gabapentin to be controlled as class C drugs

Prescription drugs pregabalin and gabapentin are to be reclassified as class C controlled substances from next April, the government announced today (15 October) | Home Office and Victoria Atkins MP, UK

Crackdown on painkillers amid addiction fears

Two painkillers are to be reclassified as class C controlled substances amid concerns people are becoming addicted to them and misusing them | BBC, UK

Increased levies on alcohol prices needed to limit damage to society – report

A new “treatment levy” should be imposed on alcohol duties to help deal with the harm caused by heavy drinking, MPs and health groups have said | ITV, UK

PHI Annual Report (PDF)

This report provides examples of local, national and international research projects in addition to news about our education programmes [inlcuidng those relating to drug use such as, Drug Related Deaths Monitoring across Merseyside Building family health and Drink Less Enjoy More: a multi-component approach to addressing the sale of alcohol to drunks] | PHI, UK

Alcohol - BBC radio iPlayer

In what's been dubbed 'Sober October', Roy Jenkins and guests examine our changing relationship with alcohol, as young people across the UK are drinking less than ever before | BBC Radio Wales, UK

Cannabis health products are everywhere – but do they live up to the hype?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is now available in the UK in everything from skin creams to beers. But don’t set your hopes too high | Guardian, UK

Easy IPA

Decision regrading public complaint | Portman Group, UK

Roger Daltrey says Keith Moon attacked him with tambourine after flushing The Who drummer's pills down toilet

The frontman claims he was thought of as 'the enemy' due to his clean-living behaviour | Independent, UK

Smuggler had £1.4m cocaine hidden in fuel tank

A Latvian man has been jailed for ten years for smuggling 14 kilos of cocaine with a street value of £1.4 million into the UK following a National Crime Agency investigation | NCA, UK

Graduate who supplied friend with the ecstasy that killed her is jailed

A graduate has been jailed for supplying the ecstasy that killed her friend as they celebrated the end of their time at university | Metro, UK

Dylan Tiffin-Brown: Drugs found in toddler's system

Hair samples showed that Dylan Tiffin-Brown also ingested crack cocaine and ecstasy before his death in Northampton on 15 December | BBC, UK


International news

Canada about to become largest country in the world to completely legalise recreational marijuana

Uruguay legalised its recreational use last year | Independent, UK

Trouble brewing: climate change to cause 'dramatic' beer shortages

Extreme weather damage to the global barley crop will mean price spikes and supply problems, according to new research | Guardian, UK

HIP-HOP BUST UP - Rap music videos 'glamourise' drug use, warns study

Cannabis and tobacco are frequently featured in videos by top rappers such as
Snoop Dogg and A$AP Rocky – increasing the risk of teenagers picking up the habit, say researchers | TLE, UK

Former PA governor calls out Trump administration on safe injection sites: “come and arrest me”

Trump’s Justice Department has threatened a crackdown. But Philadelphia advocates seem undeterred | Vox, USA

Women Imprisoned: When Substance Use and Treatment Become Means of Control

Are you sure he’s not cheating on you?” I asked the woman next to me in rehab | Filter Magazine, USA

Ketamine is a safe, effective alternative to opioids in treating acute pain in the ED

ntravenous, low-dose ketamine (LDK) is as effective as intravenous morphine in the control of acute pain in adults in the emergency department (ED) | EurekAlert, USA

Lung cancer will remain major health issue, despite falling rates

Smoking-related lung cancer rates are expected to drop dramatically over the next 50 years, but lung cancer will continue to be a significant health problem in the United States, says a University of Michigan researcher | Medical Xpress, USA

Study suggests vaping does not stain teeth

A study by scientists at British American Tobacco has shown that e-cigarettes and tobacco heating products cause significantly less staining to teeth than conventional cigarettes | EurekAlert, USA

The Language of Addiction: New York Times Insists on Perpetuating Stigma

The debate over journalists’ language on drug use was reignited by a recent email from New York Times standards editor Phillip B. Corbett. It defends the preference for descriptors like “addict” over “person-first” language that avoids reducing people to their drug use | Filter Magazine, USA

In Canada, pot legalization poses health and safety challenges

Canada will end its pot prohibition Wednesday with the goals of curbing the black market and use by youth, amid concerns around the public health and safety merits of legalization | Medical Xpress, USA

Young drivers who use cannabis at higher risk of collisions 5 hours later, McGill finds

Peer-reviewed study finds 'significant impairment' on complex, driving-related tasks | CBC News, Canada

NT alcohol regulation questioned after empty vanilla essence, mouthwash bottles found

Common household products containing ethanol found dumped in a popular Palmerston walkway have raised questions about the retail sector's approach to the regulation of alcohol sales in the NT | abc.net.au, Australia

2018 NDARC Annual Research Symposium

Presentations now online | NDARC, Australia

Drug and alcohol research connections

Latest edition of the research newsletter outlining new projects and policy developments | NDARC, Australia

Medicinal Marijuana Still Nearly Two Years Away for Kiwis in Chronic Pain

The Government’s “go-live date” is actually closer to mid-2020, not March next year | VICE, New Zealand


Blogs, comment and opinion

“I do feel out of place”: why young people are risking their social lives to go teetotal

16- 24-year-olds are boozing less, but is the UK’s drinking culture really changing? | New Statesman, UK

Comment: No need to fear proposals to decriminalise people who use drugs

At a cursory glance, criminalising possession of drugs for personal use seems to make sense – after all, surely drugs are dangerous and ruin lives, and the prospect of receiving criminal sanctions for having them can act as a stern deterrent | Independent opinion, Ireland

Dispatches from the morgue: Toxicology tests don’t tell the whole story of the opioid epidemic

“Drug overdoses killed more Tennesseans than ever last year, fentanyl deaths up 70 percent,” a recent headline from my hometown newspaper, The Tennessean, proclaimed | Conversation, USA

As cannabis is legalized, let’s remember amnesty

Weed, spliff, cannabis, joint, blunt, Mary Jane, ganja, reefer, marijuana, pot: no matter what you call it, it is almost legal in Canada. Many will benefit from the new right to grow, sell or smoke legally and freely | Conversation, Canada