Daily news - 11th September 2018

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UK news

DDN September 2018

Owen’s story gives valuable insight into gambling. The call for support has to be heard and incorporated more widely into our treatment system so we can offer help at the first sign of struggle. The theme of peer-to-peer expertise runs deep through this month’s issue. Local user groups are networking with naloxone initiatives, while EuroNPUD are rolling out a far-reaching overdose prevention project. Also, three minutes isn’t long to tell your story, particularly when you need to convey the significance of the ‘lightbulb moment’ when you decided to do things differently. But that’s exactly what entrants to this year’s Recovery Street Film Festival achieved | DDN, UK

Top health advisor quits role accusing British government of working too closely to the alcohol industry with new multi-million pound campaign paid for by drink companies

Sir Ian Gilmore, a senior adviser at Public Health England (PHE), accused his former agency of developing a cosy relationship with big business. He said ever closer ties would allow the drinks industry to ‘water down’ tougher laws on alcohol sales and consumption, the Times [behind paywall] reported | Mail Online, UK

PHE partner with Drinkaware for 'Drink Free Days' campaign

Public Health England (PHE) has jointly launched a new campaign with the industry funded alcohol education charity Drinkaware to promote 'Drink Free Days' | Alcohol Policy UK, UK

Sharp rise in young people overdosing on painkillers and antidepressants

Study finds the number who poisoned themselves increased fivefold during a 16-year period | Guardian, UK

My Brain, Me and FASD

To mark the 2018 International FASD Awareness Day, NOFAS-UK is pleased to launch an innovative booklet designed to promote wellbeing among children with Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD). It provides information in a fun and visual format, emphasising the strengths of those with FASD and highlighting strategies that can help | NOFAS-UK, UK

From England, signs that tighter licensing policies have reduced serious alcohol-related harm

Compared to 86 local areas with unchanged policies, five areas taking a hands-on approach to enforcement saw reductions in violent and sexual crimes and alcohol-related hospital admissions. Are these changes indicative of a meaningful change in the drinking environment brought about by tighter licensing regimens? | Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK

England facing 'changing health needs'

England is facing changing health demands due to an ageing population and the NHS must quickly adapt, says Public Health England | BBC, UK

A report finds the poorest may spend a third of their lives in ill health, compared to a sixth for those in less deprived areas | Sky News, UK

Edinburgh vaping firm will supply prisoners with e-cigarettes

An Edinburgh company has won a contract to supply prisoners with e-cigarettes and e-liquid PODs – pre-filled tanks – as the Scottish Prison Service (SPS) prepares to ban smoking in jail | National, UK

Naloxone Training | Sept 14

We can provide free naloxone training to professionals living in Bristol who are able to respond to an opioid overdose. If you work at a location in Bristol where you could respond to opioid overdose, please sign up below and provide as much information as possible about your place of work or location | BDP, UK

Police force teaches officers 'youth language' in 'popo engagement' classes

If the “popo” want the kids on the street to “swear down” they should take careful note | Telegraph, UK

HMP Whitemoor prison worker smuggled items for murderer

A prison worker who smuggled contraband for a convicted murderer she was having a relationship with has been jailed | BBC, UK


International news

OxyContin creator being sued for 'significant role in causing opioid epidemic'

In 2007, three top current and former employees for Purdue admitted that they had misled doctors and their patients | Independent, UK

Olivia Newton-John reveals she is using cannabis oil to treat pain as she battles cancer for third time 

Olivia Newton-John has revealed she has been diagnosed with cancer for the third time in three decades, saying "I believe I will win over it" | Telegraph, UK

Pregnant women urged to go alcohol free

The HSE is calling on pregnant women, and those trying to get pregnant, to have an alcohol-free pregnancy | Irish Health, Ireland

Cancer warnings on labels: the latest battle in alcohol regulation

Ireland might be the first country to put cancer warnings on all alcohol products | Irish Times, Ireland

'People tend to start doing cocaine because it's so much more socially acceptable'

Dominic McGrath reports on Dublin’s midnight scene | Journal, Ireland

Steep increase in Limerick steroid-users seeking needle exchange

An addiction and outreach service says there’s been a rise in younger steroid-users coming forward | Journal, Ireland

Call for bereavement support for drug-death families

Specialised bereavement support programmes are urgently needed for families who have lost a loved one through substance misuse, according to a new report | Irish Examiner, Ireland

Considerable amounts of cancer-causing chemicals gets absorbed by lungs during vaping

E-cigarettes have become increasingly popular as a smoke-free alternative to conventional tobacco cigarettes, but the health effects of "vaping" on humans have been debated in the scientific and tobacco manufacturing communities | News Medical, USA

Binge drinking affects male and female brains differently

Repeated binge drinking activates genes in an area of the brain linked to addiction differently in males and females | Science Daily, USA

Medical cannabis provides relief across dozens of health symptoms, study shows

Utilizing new mobile application technology, researchers at The University of New Mexico found that medical cannabis provides immediate symptom relief across dozens of health symptoms with relatively minimal negative side effects | News Medical, USA

Medical marijuana users are being shut out of public housing

Cancer patients and other people with debilitating conditions are being forced to choose between medical marijuana and federal public housing assistance | VICE, USA

One in four older adults prescribed a benzodiazepine goes on to risky long-term use

They may start as well-intentioned efforts to calm anxiety, improve sleep or ease depression. But prescriptions for sedatives known as benzodiazepines may lead to long-term use among one in four older adults who receive them, according to new research | Medical Xpress, USA

Clinical need absent, unclear in nearly 30 percent of outpatient opioid prescriptions

Nearly 30 percent of outpatient opioid prescriptions in the United States lack documented clinical reasons that justify the use of these potent drugs, according to a national analysis of physician visit records conducted by researchers at Harvard Medical School and the RAND Corporation | Medical Xpress, USA

Collaboration key to solving China-fuelled opioid epidemic, US officials say

Testifying at House hearing about ways to reduce imports of fentanyl, law enforcement officials avoid the tough talk used by Donald Trump | South China Morning Post, China

Getting high in the drug-riddled mountains of Laos

UN drug agency is leading a coffee cultivation programme across 10 former opium growing villages in Houaphan province, which borders Vietnam | South China Morning Post, China

World first trial to address hidden epidemic of young people medicating trauma with drugs and alcohol

Around one in ten adolescents in Australia are believed to be living with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) triggered by a traumatic event occurring before the age of 18 | NDARC, Australia

Should we pay people to quit smoking?

A Tasmanian program has 50% success rate paying smokers to quit | Abc.net.au, Australia

NT alcohol ban laws under scrutiny

A 19 per cent jump in alcohol-related assaults in the NT and 9 per cent increase in hospital admissions have sparked questions about whether the BDR is working | SBS news, Australia


Blogs, comment and opinion

AHA comment on launch of PHE/Drinkaware alcohol campaign

“While people have a right to know about the harms caused by alcohol, we have serious concerns about this campaign itself and the fact that it represents the beginning of a relationship between the alcohol industry and Public Health England..." | AHA, UK

Alcohol-free days are a great idea … but I’m not starting today

Middle-aged drinking creeps up on you. Good on Public Health England for making us think about curbing consumption | Guardian CIF, UK

Nick Hurd MP, The Home Office And Their Massive Broken Promise On Medicinal Cannabis

So ‘GPs’ has now become ‘senior clinicians’ and ‘all illnesses where such treatment is identified to benefit them.’ has become ‘exceptional clinical need’. These are dramatic and far reaching changes which wholly change the nature of the promise made by Nick Hurd and will result in a highly restricted and limited regime making it very difficult for anyone to access cannabis as medicine | Clear, UK

The Most Essential Books for Wrapping Your Head Around the Opioid Crisis

Last month, two books that each shed light on America’s ever-widening opioid epidemic were published... | NYMag, USA