Daily news - 25th September 2018

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UK news

Health matters: Stopping smoking - what works?

Smoking quitting routes and the evidence for their effectiveness, including the evidence on e-cigarettes | PHE, UK

Essex County Council delivers stop smoking support via vape shops

Using selected e-cigarette stores in Essex, training staff to deliver stop smoking support to their customers wishing to quit smoking by using an e-cigarette | PHE, UK

When could overweight and obesity overtake smoking as the biggest cause of cancer? (PDF)

While smoking rates have been falling, the proportion of the UK population who are overweight or obese has risen. And if these trends continue, obesity looks set to overtake smoking as the biggest preventable cause of cancer at some point in the future. But when? | Cancer Research UK, UK

Obesity 'to be linked to more female cancers' than smoking

Obesity is set to overtake smoking as the biggest preventable cause of cancer in UK women by 2043, a Cancer Research UK report predicts | BBC, UK

Labour pledge to fund alcohol care team in every NHS England hospital

There would be an alcohol care team in every NHS hospital in England under a Labour government, shadow health secretary Jonathan Ashworth has announced | Metro, UK

Harm reduction special issue (part one)

Despite having been put on the ‘back burner’ in policy terms, harm reduction is still very much on practitioners’ minds | Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK

Sober students look for alcohol-free halls at university

For many students, drinking and parties are a big part of the freshers' experience. But with more than one in five students saying they are teetotal, the demand for alcohol-free accommodation is on the rise | BBC, UK

Labour peer Charles Falconer apologises over war on drugs

Ex-lord chancellor backs group of leading politicians in call for legalisation of drugs trade | Guardian, UK

Addiction genes inserted into humans’ ‘dark DNA’ by ancient viruses, study finds

Researchers from Oxford University and the University of Athens found changes in parts of the DNA which are thought to have little impact on human functions, could actually affect a suite of addiction-related behaviours | Independent, UK

SFA and Diageo launch alcohol awareness campaign for football fans

The Scottish Football Association and drinks company Diageo have launched a campaign to promote responsible drinking | Scotsman, UK

Change Grow Live highly commended for helping to avert a public health crisis

Health and social care charity Change Grow Live has been recognised at one of the charity sector’s most prestigious awards, The Third Sector Awards, for the speed and effectiveness with which it took on staff and services from stricken provider Lifeline last year | Change Grow Live, UK

PIED research

New research supporting the development of an e-learning module to enhance health care providers' knowledge of Performance and Image Enhancing Drugs (PIEDs) | SMMGP, UK

Pioneering research at Aspire

A Doncaster service which supports the recovery of people from drug and alcohol addiction is taking part in pioneering research into the treatment of mental health problems and substance dependence | Aspire, UK

Blenheim Launches New Service User Involvement Strategy 2018-2020

Today Blenheim launches a new service user involvement strategy to improve and expand opportunities for involvement throughout the organisation for those who use our services | Blenheim, UK

Hooked: When want becomes need

Free exhibition. Delve into the complex world of addiction and recovery through this free exhibition and events programme, drawing on world-leading research from King's College London | King's College London, UK

TalkingDrugs Survey & Competition

Please help TalkingDrugs improve our content to suit you by completing this 5-minute survey. By doing so, you'll be entered into a prize draw to win a Nice People Take Drugs t-shirt of your choice from Release | Talking Drugs, UK

Sikh guardsman ‘among soldiers under investigation for alleged drugs misuse’

A Coldstream Guardsman who was the first to wear a turban during Trooping the Colour is reportedly among a number of soldiers under investigation for alleged drugs misuse | ITV, UK

Briton Laura Plummer jailed in Egypt over illegal painkillers 'loses appeal'

A British woman jailed in Egypt for taking hundreds of painkillers into the country has lost an appeal against her conviction, it has been reported | ITV, UK

William Corrigan death: Hit-and-run driver 'had taken drugs'

A talented Irish banjo player was killed by a hit-and-run driver who had taken drugs, a court has been told | BBC, UK


International news

Some 129 countries sign up to Trump's pledge at U.N. to fight drugs

Some 129 countries at the United Nations signed on to a U.S.-drafted pledge to fight the global drug problem on Monday that U.S. President Donald Trump warned presented a public health and national security threat | Reuters, UK

Resistance Builds as Trump Attempts to Perpetuate Global Drug War

In recent days, President Trump’s administration has successfully pressured many countries into endorsing a controversial document on drug policy, but resistance is growing among civil society| Talking Drugs, UK

Special Report: Juul copycats flood e-cig market, despite FDA rule

The sleek Juul electronic cigarettes have become a phenomenon at U.S. high schools, vexing educators and drawing regulatory scrutiny over their sweet flavors and high nicotine content | Reuters, UK

Irish Cancer Society urges minister not to drop proposed cancer warning labels on alcohol products

Political parties are under pressure to weaken some aspects of the legislation | Journal, Ireland

Gardaí release number of drink driving arrests - 15,000 more than previously published

Currently all crime data released by the gardaí is considered to be ‘under reservation’, ie of insufficient quality, by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) | Journal, Ireland

Sláinte! Ireland's battle over booze

Drinks brands have fought an intense lobbying battle to stop plans for cancer warnings on bottles. Is alcohol now being pushed to the margins of respectability, like tobacco, with strict new laws? | Independent, Ireland

Medical cannabis licences issued for nine patients

Ministerial licences for medical cannabis have been issued for treatment of nine individual patients “upon receipt of valid licence applications from their clinicians”, the Department of Health has informed the Medical Independent (MI) | Medical Independent, Ireland

'Life is so much more chaotic': A day on addiction outreach in Limerick city

Crack-cocaine is on the increase, and the housing crisis means people are spending prolonged periods in precarious living situations | Journal, Ireland

Regulation: The Responsible Control of Drugs (PDF)

This report examines in detail how governments can take control of currently illegal drug markets through responsible regulation, thereby weakening criminal organizations that now profit from them | GCDP, Switzerland

European evidence-based guidance on prevention and control of HCV in prison settings (poster)

In the 31 EU/EEA countries, more than 590 000 persons are held in a custodial facility on any given day. According to recent reviews of prison studies from EU countries, prison prevalence estimates for HCV ranged from 4.3 % to 86.3 % | EMCDDA, Portugal

Foundation for a Smoke-Free World calls for proposals to implement Smoke-Free Index

The Foundation for a Smoke-Free World today announced at the Global Tobacco and Nicotine Forum that it is calling for proposals to develop and implement the Smoke-Free Index | News Medical, USA

Acceptability of prison-based take-home naloxone programmes among a cohort of incarcerated men with a history of regular injecting drug use

Take-home naloxone (THN) programmes are an evidence-based opioid overdose prevention initiative. Elevated opioid overdose risk following prison release means release from custody provides an ideal opportunity for THN initiatives | Harm Rediction Journal, Australia

Minister would back a program to drug test Northern Territory parliamentarians

A Northern Territory minister says she would support alcohol and drug testing for parliamentarians as well as other parts of the public service | abc.net.au, Australia


Blogs, comment and opinion

How we estimated when obesity might catch smoking as the top cause of cancer

Smoking has topped the list of preventable causes of cancer for decades. But it might not be there forever | Cancer Research UK, UK

What can genetics tell us about the link between cannabis and schizophrenia? #MHQT

We have known for a long time that cannabis use is somewhat heritable: twin studies estimate this to be around 45%. However, we don’t yet know what genetic variants predict cannabis use | Mental Elf blog, UK

RIP smoking, a lethal pastime. But strangely, some of us will mourn it

Public Health England believes smoking will be ‘eradicated’ by 2030. Not everybody will be celebrating | Guardian opinion, UK

Britain's booziest sport? My money's on horseracing

You may recall me mentioning that I love beer. I also love horses. All sorts of horses, but mostly massive, impressive thoroughbreds – half a tonne of muscle, running at 40 miles an hour while thousands of overexcited people shout their lungs out | Alcohol Concern blog, UK

How many Americans really misuse opioids? Why scientists still aren’t sure

With rates of prescription opioid use disorder and opioid-involved overdose deaths on the rise, the U.S. opioid crisis appears to be continuing unabated | Conversation, USA