Daily news - 5th September 2018

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UK news

Local Alcohol Profiles for England: September 2018 update

Update of one indicator in the Local Alcohol Profiles for England (LAPE) interactive tool on the number of licensed premises per square kilometre | PHE, UK

Home Office launches campaign to help letting agents avoid letting properties to criminal ‘County Lines’ gangs

Urban drug dealing gangs are moving into rural towns and coastal communities, where they rent properties and establish a base. The National Crime Agency’s County Lines report shows that these gangs are even moving into towns in affluent areas where they rent properties and establish a base | UKALA, UK

Welcome to our new MHRA website

The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) website is now on GOV.UK | MHRA, UK

Scottish Gin Society rapped over Facebook adverts

A gin appreciation society has been left with a sour taste in its mouth after falling foul of advertising regulators | BBC, UK

MUP videos

Frontline workers and affected people tell their stories why they support minimum unit pricing for alcohol and why they think the government needs to act to address alcohol harm | AHA, UK

NI doctor calls for tax increases on sale of alcohol

The Alcohol Health Alliance UK (AHA) coalition has launched a campaign calling on MPs to end what it terms alcohol tax breaks in the Chancellor’s upcoming autumn Budget, to ease pressure on the NHS and other public services | ITV, UK

The truth about Britain's beggars

Being stopped by beggars on the street and asked for money makes most people feel uncomfortable. We may divert our eyes or make excuses about why we didn't stop. "They'd only spend it on drugs..." wetell ourselves. We worry they might not really need the money or that they might trying to con us | BBC radio iPlayer, UK

Drugs seized in searches linked to South East Antrim UDA

Police have seized "a large quantity" of drugs in searches targeting the South-East Antrim Ulster Defence Association (UDA) | BBC, UK



International news

Ireland passes craft brewery legislation

Politicians have long been associated - fairly or unfairly - with a certain alcohol-related activity in a brewery | BBC, UK

Understanding recent developments in North American cannabis policy

Free event. Mon 8 October 2018. 18:30 – 20:00 BST. London.Since 1961 cannabis has been classified (along with the opiates and cocaine) as a drug that presents such a serious danger to health that its use by adults should be prohibited except for medical or scientific purposes | LSE, UK

Patients’ Perspectives of Medical Cannabis in Malta

As of July 2018, herbal medical cannabis products have been legally available to Maltese patients who have been prescribed it, and come with a price tag of 17 EUR per gram | Talking Drugs, UK

Death Sentence for Malaysia Man Who Gave Patients Free Cannabis Oil

A man has been sentenced to death in Malaysia for processing cannabis oil and distributing it to patients in need | Talking Drugs, UK

'Pregnant women don't know they're harming their babies by drinking'

Real Life: Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders are the greatest cause of developmental delay in children - and Dublin foster mother Michelle Savage has seen the heartbreak first-hand, she tells our reporter | Independent, Ireland

Sick River: Can These California Tribes Beat Heroin and History?

As salmon runs decline and opioid addiction grips the region, the Yurok, Karuk and Hoopa tribes see a connection between the river’s struggles and their own | NYTimes, USA

Contributions of prescribed and non-prescribed opioids to opioid related deaths: population based cohort study in Ontario, Canada

To describe the contributions of prescribed and non-prescribed opioids to opioid related deaths | BMJ, Canada

Cities cannot restrict medical-marijuana sales, B.C. dispensaries argue in court

Canadian cities have no right to limit where medical cannabis can be sold because the storefront sale of the drug is a federal – not a municipal – matter, say lawyers for two dozen illegal marijuana dispensaries that are fighting a City of Vancouver injunction to shut them down | Globe and Mail, Canada

Tobacco tax rise exploits and punishes addicted smokers

Cigarette prices rise yet again today and some argue that despite the attitude towards smoking, we’re still being exploited | News.com.au, Australia

Study warns Aussie consumers to beware of alcohol marketed as 'healthy'

Companies in Australia are labelling their booze as ‘pure’, ‘fresh’, ‘natural’ and ‘sugar-free’ to make them more appealing to a health-conscious demograph | Techly, Australia

Does New Zealand need a safe injection centre?

Health professions say safe injection sites encourage responsible drug rehabilitation but others would argue it's a how-to guide on shooting up | Newshub, New Zealand



Blogs, comment and opinion

Agenda: We must be be brave with our new drugs strategy

Scotland's drug strategy The Road to Recovery is 10 years old and a new plan will shortly be published by the government. Strategy documents rarely capture the public imagination but lives will be saved or lost based on whether we get it right | Herald, UK

Don’t demonise beggars. It won’t solve the problem of homelessness

Homelessness has increased 170% since 2010 and more people are on the streets. And we are using a 200-year-old law to lock up homeless addicts for begging, in some cases sending them to already overcrowded prisons | Guardian opinion, UK